Silkscreen Wallpaper: Finishing with Сenturies-old History

Silkscreen printing is the latest and greatest trend in the world of wall decoration. This way of decorating the surface gives any room an exquisite chic look, completing the glamorous design. So, when you are trying to create a luxurious style in your living spaces, consider silk wallpaper as you surely will not be disappointed.


Dark blue silkscreen wallpaper in the open layout contemporary living room Pink accent at the headboard of the bed in Classic styled bedroomYellow and green silkscreened wallpaper motif in the bedroom with gray ottomanCasual setting of the living room with an armchair and Swedish coffee tableLight decorated room with secluded sleeper Golden color theme in the Classic styled apartment Floral motifs of the wallpaper

Silkscreen Wallpaper: Past and Present

Silkscreening dates back hundreds of years, but living in those distant times, people knew nothing about it unless being recognized to the top of society. From China to France, the nobility decorated their interiors with silk wall coverings, which symbolized their domination and prestige. It was a sign of luxury, which became the standard of elegant life. The wallpaper, which depicted flowers, birds, and butterflies, began to attract the rich European commercial class of the 18th and 19th centuries by emphasizing their luxurious style. Fortunately, today you do not need to own estates and have a noble birth to decorate the house with silkscreen wallpaper. It can simply be ordered online or purchased at a specialized store. Consequently, it’s easy to get an outstanding look of the wall trimmed with silk, especially since you currently do not need to pay as much as the royal families hundreds of years ago.

The close-up of the silkscreened wallpaper Golden tint wallpaper for Classic room Pronounced structure of the silk on white wallpaper Chocolate heaboard trimmed with wallpapaer in the Modern bedroom

What do You Need to Know?

Silk-screen printing is attractive, but, like any fabric surface, it requires special care and attention. It is a little more difficult to maintain than a regular product. However, it is much superior to any other version with its striking beauty. The type of wall decoration is popular for countless reasons. Homeowners love how silk reflects light and delicately refreshes the room. No other wall materials can compete with it! Additionally, you do not need to be content with a limited choice, because according to the style of the room there is a number of designs and patterns of wallpaper with silkscreen.

Casual designed room with silk woven wall decoration Black and white Classic living room with the fireplace White and turquoise bedroom design Nice two-colored blue and light wooden kitchen Gorgeous design idea with backlight in bedroom Coffered ceiling and striking headboard for the Rustic bedroom

Where to Apply Wallpaper with Silk-Screen Printing?

If you bought the fabric-based wallpaper, make sure that it will not be near the sources of moisture. Silk wallpaper looks great on the wall with an accent in the bedroom or in the pompous dining room, but not in the bathroom and kitchen. If you need a soft, satiny look in other living spaces, you can achieve this thanks to the vinyl products. You can easily wipe such structure, and the material will be much better able to withstand moisture.

Burgundy wall trimming in the Classic room Bedroom design in Classic styled room with quilted classic headboard Dark wallpaper with silk glance Peculiar pattern on the wallpaper of the bedroom Impressionistic pattern of the golden wallpaper

Silkscreen Wallpaper: Handmade Finishing Photos

There are a lot of companies that have been offering hand-made silk-screen wallpaper in traditional Chinese technology for many years. To master art, traditions that reach antiquity require at least three years of preparation. The process requires high artistic skills and takes a lot of time. The very creation of wallpaper based on silk we can safely attribute to the world of fashion with individually ordered drawings.

Pink accent wall for girl's bedroom Darl blue pattern on the wall for the home office Greenish pattern at the silk screened wallpaper at the comfortable living room Dark wallpaper in the bathroom with round mirror Bathtub of artificial stone and the large mirror in the Classic bathroom Pinky tint in the Classic bathroom with candlestick fixtures Royal looking Classic styled bathroom with carved vanity Turquoise and peach colored wallpaper

Most Popular Drawings and Patterns

First of all, wallpaper with silk-screen printing – it’s plant and animal themes that cause the former magnificence of the Imperial Forbidden City. A lot of inspiration, taken from the world of nature, is decorated with wallpaper from the collection of Asia. Such types of decoration embody Japanese aesthetics, which is known to be the most complex of the Far Eastern styles. Currently, Western interior designers re-opened the whole attraction of wallpaper with silkscreen printing. Vogue, Elle Decor, House – beautiful and traditional magazines are full of silk wallpaper in a number of designer interiors. And now, these projects are decorated with a large number of 5-star restaurants, boutique hotels and private residences in Britain, France, and the US.

Peach interior color theme in the large living room Classic forged chandelier in the bedroom with silkscreened wall at the headboard Nice classic bedroom design with floral motif of the wall decoration Intimately highlighted silk structure of the wallpaper in the bedroom

Silk Screening Wallpaper: Catalog Photo of Beautiful Interiors

The interiors decorated with wallpaper with silkscreen have a special charm. Also, they give the room not only stylized floral and animal motifs in retro design. Silk fabric with a characteristic luster also delicately and elegantly illuminates the interior. It evokes an atmosphere of old elegance. Silk reveals the exact details of the drawings depicted on it. Therefore, even delicate patterns are clearly visible, characterized by an amazing effect. Modern silk-screened wallpaper emphasizes the characteristic mixture of traditions and innovations, the collision of oriental patterns, motifs of European taste, and a sense of style.

Neat light color theme for the Classic bedroom Unusual royal pattern for the wall decoration in the bedroom Soft milky shades of white in the large Classic bedroom Dark gray silkscreen wall decoration Contrasting wall decoration in the Classic oriental home office Dark green scheme for the bedroom

Wallpaper with silk-screen printing is an easy way to quickly and impressively transform the interior. It can be a low-key background or a dominant decoration. The second option is to cover only one wall, so as not to overdo it. Check the effect of well-selected silk-screened wallpaper thanks to the photos provided. Meanwhile, there is no need to convince anyone of the advantages of silk-based wallpaper, as they gorgeously decorate the walls, ennobling the entire interior and giving it a special style.

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