Futuristic House Exterior Review. What will be Actual Tomorrow?

Futurism style has always lured romantic natures and adventurous people. However, the percentage of innovators is rather small in any country. That’s why many of us try out already checked and proven methods of building and arranging the dwelling. This is also the reason why it is so small a number of really bold design projects of houses out there. Nevertheless, the future is becoming present and many more recently peculiar, incredible things become usual. We will not hide the fact that erecting the house in futuristic motifs and forms will be more complex and expensive. But it is the true way to achieve the purpose of being genuinely unique and authentic. So, if it is one of your main goals, dive deeper into trends with our small futuristic house exterior review. What will be Actual Tomorrow? What methods can be used to achieve the maximum effect? Answers are here.


Play with Form

Speaking about unusual houses, we could notice that many of them have an unorthodox form of construction. Indeed, many futuristic design projects come with a smooth streamlined appearance. But is it enough just to have flowing curvy lines in the concept? No, it is not. As a follower of Modern style, Futurism should contain cutting-edge materials, their combinations, have a resemblance to modern appliances.

Futuristic House Exterior Review. What will be Actual Tomorrow? Oval house with wooden trimming

The house form resembling of some UFO, alien spaceship – just think how futuristic can it be? That’s why many designers actively exploit the oval and circle forms of different diameters, interwoven into one another. As well as a combination of traditional materials (wood, stone) with modern ones (glass, plastic, shining steel constructions, etc.) can contribute to the final result.

Futuristic House Exterior Review. What will be Actual Tomorrow? Building on the hill with modular built levels

But you not strictly bound with flowing rounded forms and lines. Modular buildings with sufficient sense of proportions, interchange of different rooms and locations, and different sizes of windows can also look futuristic. Glass balconies and plain roofs used as an elevated platform for looking around – that is pure Futurism.

Oceanside house of unusual form

Introduce a New Vision of Color Palette

It often appears useful to combine your color scheme of the house and highlight some of its parts. As we saw before, futuristic houses can be built of pronounced modules and different levels. You can simply emphasize that structure with a bright accent color.

Combination of materials and colors to implement unique house exterior

And there is no restriction on using colors. It all depends on your discretion. It is your house and you decide its final look. The bold exterior reflects your creativity. In any case, you will be able to repaint the facade over time. In addition, there is also the possibility to make 3D-modelling and try out different colors.

Organize the House Territory

Every completed house is considered with its territory as a whole. That can be utilized to give additional futuristic traits to the building. Add some unique and unusual seats to the backyard, trim grass at the territory in some peculiar way. These and many other options like organizing accentual black pathways of concrete slabs or an unusual designed fireplace outdoor can drastically change the sensation of the house as a whole.

The house territory with original seats of stone

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