Futurism Interior Style: Overview and Examples

What is Futurism?

Futurism style in the interior of your home or office – it’s when a dream about the distant future come true, in the spirit of space science fiction books and movies. Futurism in the interior is a triumph of scientific and technical progress, the beauty of fascinating metal gloss, extraterrestrial geometric shapes and a limited range of colors. This style is popular all over the world: practicality and particularly strict elegance doing the style of Futurism in the interior of modern Kiev or London, or New-York apartment so popular. The features and approach is almost the same around the globe.

Futurism style in the interior of office, apartment, hotel or restaurant is:

  • Metal, plastic, glass, leather;
  • Asymmetry of the walls, corners, niches and clear lines, geometric shapes at the same time;
  • Round door and window openings;
  • Primary colors: gray, black, white, silver, bright accents of red, light green or yellow are permissible;
  • Furniture in the style of Futurism – these are metal chairs, sofas, chairs with leather upholstery and tables made of metal, plastic and glass, fancy (often rounded) shelves and cabinets; built-in house appliances.
  • The triumph of technological progress – Futurism involves the use of the maximum possible number of multifunctional home appliances, touch control of blinds, lighting, interior doors and cabinet doors.
  • Ergonomics, functionality, conciseness – these are the fundamentals of a futuristic design.


Futurism style in the interior of the shop floor, the hotel or apartment house – it’s an atmosphere of a large spaceport or spacecraft: rigor, versatility, minimum of decor. This is a practical and minimalist design, it is a choice of dynamic and progress oriented people. Futurism is strict utilitarian, while the interior is comfortable and even cozy in its own way.

Colorful photos will help you appreciate the special austere beauty of Futurism style in the interior.

The history of the emergence of style

Futurism as a trend in culture (literature, architecture) emerged in the early XX century. Style name comes from the Latin word “futurum”, which means “the future.” The basis of this style is admiration for the achievements of modern civilization and focus on the future through the negation of traditions and norms of the past and present.

Futurism has much in common with such directions in art as symbolism and the avant-garde: they share a rejection of traditional norms and values, freedom of expression and non-classical methods of realization of this freedom. The most interesting among the trends are Italian Futurism and Russian Futurism.

Futurism in the field of interior design is a reflection of the dream of the distant future. Order the design in the style of Futurism means to prove yourself as a progressive and courageous man. Live in an apartment, decorated in a futuristic style means to strive for the future and appreciate the progress.

Futurism Interior Style: Overview and Examples

Order interior design in the style of Futurism is possible as for the dwelling premises so for the office, hotel, bar, restaurant or shop.

Futurism in the hotel interior is a modern apartment with a wide range of home appliances; it`s a rigorous background and bright color accents; it’s practicality and minimalism in a bizarre geometric design.

Design of restaurant in the style of Futurism means ergonomic, clean lines, stylish lighting, original furniture and unusual layout.

The interior design of the mobile communication store according to Futurism style is modern materials, elaborated mix of practicality and elegance, rigor of design and individuality.

The interior design of the exhibition stand in the style of Futurism is a memorable space of the future: glass, plastic and metal, displaying the triumph of scientific progress, captured in the strict lines and clear geometric forms.

Interior design of creative studio-workshop in futurism style creates an atmosphere of unusual places, like it is on another planet or in a parallel world, and will stimulate the creative process. Futurism in the interior of the housing is a practical and concise, combined with originality.

If you do like to use gadgets and cannot live without food processor, coffee machines and multicookers, then you should definitely order the Futurism styled design for your kitchen.

Living room in the style of Futurism – this is unusual, but comfortable furniture, plasma TV, home theater or computer center with several large-screen TVs and original lighting system.

The bedroom in the style of Futurism is a combination of modern comfort apartments with fancy design solutions designed to make human aspiration for the future a reality.

Why Futurism?

Futurism in the interior combines comfort with conciseness, the present with the future, the stringency with the individuality.

Futurism in the apartment is:

  • Minimum decor, – walls can be decorated only with original photos or abstract paintings;
  • The combination of a neutral background with bright accents (accents can be white or black on gray background; green or red on black, etc.);
  • New forms in furniture design, construction of walls, floor and ceiling;
  • The combination of minimalism with creativity;
  • The abundance of home appliances and the ability to control appliances and lighting, climate, doors and windows with the remote or touch panel (“Wise house” technology).

Futuristic living room in the maisonette apartment with red chandelier and ultramodern chair forms

Thoughtful design in the style of Futurism – it is practical, bright, beautiful and unusual ambience. This style is selected by dynamic, self-confident people who look boldly into the future. Skilled professional designers will gladly help you to create an interior office, apartment, bar or shop in the complex, relevant and memorable style of Futurism.

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