IKEA Furniture for Modern Apartment

For many years, one of the largest retail chains selling furniture and accessories for home and garden provides homeowners of every income level a wide range of products. The well-known brand stores every year presenting new models of furniture and home accessories. The main difference between the IKEA from other manufacturers in its segment is the ability to purchase, as a whole furniture piece, and components to create your own product.

Ikea indoor furniture for bright bedroom in dark tones

The concept of the company is in production and marketing of practical, but the original furniture, which the buyer can assemble himself after purchase. You can choose the accompanying supplements, accessories and decor for any piece of furniture. All goods produced on the principle of interchangeability and recyclability.

Nice colored and pianted brickwork home interior conplemented by IKEA Furniture for Modern Apartment

IKEA manufactures furniture and accessories for residential, for office and industrial buildings. As for the goods and furniture for the house, you can find the option you want for any room in the stores: bedroom, living room, office, nursery, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and not only.

Light pastel interior of the living room with modest IKEA furniture

The range of the IKEA company’s stores is truly wide. Variety of stylistic designs and colors allows you to find a piece of furniture for any interior, and even for the most modest budget.

Scandinavian furniture style from IKEA arranges the low-key bedroom interior with Venetian blinds

A distinctive feature of the IKEA furniture is that it is able to undergo any transformation, it is possible to “finalize”, to decorate. For example, a rack or locker of light wood can be colored with stickers, varnish or use decoupage technique. Upholstered furniture can be modified using removable covers of various kinds of textiles, colors and textures. With the help of simple manipulation and low-cost available tools, you are able not just change the color palette of a piece of furniture, but also radically change the aesthetics, style of execution.

IKEA Furniture for Modern Apartment in the light and spacious countryside house lounge

Cheap, but good enough furniture designed for the buyer with average incomes. It is with such customers the company constantly hold surveys, briefing on what would like modern homeowners  see the furniture in their homes, what qualities would particularly like to give it. Due to the constant expansion of assortment, IKEA store chain products are always relevant, always go with the times and meet the needs and requirements of the modern buyer.

Nice sofa from IKEA in the modern gray interior of the room

With the help of catalogs printed annually by the company, buyers can choose a ready-made solution for the arrangement of a particular room of their home. Or choose from a range of available individual pieces of furniture, decoration, textiles and accessories and make up the interior of their dreams by themselves.

Unique hi-tech design of the modern home with LCD screen and IKEA Furniture for Modern Apartment

To create a comfortable, convenient and practical interior that will delight you and your family members with its appearance, you need a small effort and financial resources.

Living room in the unique cheerful greenish style with the help of IKEA furniture and accessories

In this publication we would like to acquaint you with the design projects of living rooms and bedrooms, which have been used pieces of furniture, add-ons and accessories for the interior from the famous all over the world IKEA stores. The rooms, decorated in different stylistic directions and colors, are a good example of how with the help of not the most expensive products you can not only practically and efficiently equip your own home, but to make it tasteful, stylish and beautiful.

IKEA Furniture for Modern Apartment. Living room

Common family room, central room in any house or apartment – living collects all households every day, guests, friends and relatives on weekends or holidays. Arrangement of this room is no less important than functional premises equipment such as kitchen or bathroom.

Private house lounge with modest IKEA furniture for rest and business negotiations

In the living room is not only going to the whole family, to discuss the previous day, watch TV or read a book, here you can gather guests, arrange receptions and gatherings for family and friends. The living room should be arranged so as to simultaneously meet the needs of all family members. Someone arrange it as a study, some place library in the common room and for someone living is a play area.

Unique racks at the wall and the white interior with angle sofa from IKEA

Furniture and other products from IKEA can not just help to arrange your living room furniture and accessorize, decor and textiles, but also to offer a turnkey solution for those who are willing to trust the taste of designers and manufacturers. To attention of all other homeowners is proposed a wide range of goods that can be harmoniously combined with furniture and decor of other manufacturers, custom-made, or even their own hands homeowners.

Lots of soft upholstered furniture and cushions in contrasting modern living room interior

Upholstered furniture for the living room

The atmosphere in the living room depends on many aspects: finishing premises, selected colors, textiles and decor. But still, upholstered furniture creates an image of room for the whole family. The living room is designed primarily for rest and relaxation, and thus, it is impossible to do without soft zone. Sofas, chairs and ottomans allow to stay comfortably in the living room for conversation, watching videos or reading.

White interior of the rest room with deer picture and decorative fireplace along with IKEA upholstered furniture looks harmoniously

The concept of creating upholstered furniture sold in retail chain of IKEA, propagates practicality and comfort. Furniture for a comfortable and attractive living room should be ergonomic and user-friendly, attractive and easy to clean. The removable covers that can be washed in a washing machine or a coating, easy to clean at home – are thought out nuances by the creators of upholstered furniture from IKEA.

Unusual design solution in the house with IKEA furniture and hi-tech style

In the assortment of IKEA products you can find simple and concise pieces of furniture that will fit well in many interiors with different stylistic directions. For example, for modern living rooms, decorated with minimalist motifs, perfectly fit simple but comfortable large sofas with removable soft seats and covers.

Red pillows and poufe as a contrasting spots of modern minimalistic interior of the living room with IKEA

Leather upholstery of sofas and chairs lets to use bright colors furniture even in homes with small children. Leather surfaces are easy to clean. Almost unsusceptible to fading when exposed to sunlight, they last a long time without losing aesthetic appeal. The only disadvantage of this upholstery for living room furniture – it is hot in the summer, and cool in winter to seat on such surface. But light to coverlet or cape can easily solve these problems and bring an element of novelty in the completed interior.

Leather upholstered IKEA furniture in bright fresh interior of the living

If your living room, decorated in light, neutral colors and accents needed picturesque spots in the interior, the rich color upholstery will be most welcome.

Decorative hearth and even firewood stock in the modern minimalistic living interior

Concept of furniture manufacturing in IKEA is built on a modular method of assembling. And this applies not only to the body furnishing, but also to upholstered furniture. You can fasten an additional soft block to the ordinary couch, which made in the same color and texture as the main subject of the recreation area. As a result, it is possible not only to expand the number of seats in the seating segment, or to make your stay more comfortable on the couch, but to organize a sleeping place for guests who stay for the night.

Unusual two-levelled apartment with open massive wooden beams and unique IKEA armchair as the focal point

Saving of storage space is one of the key aspects of the interior and components creation for the IKEA company. Corner sofas are able to provide a maximum of space with a soft living zone, while taking up little space in the room. Such method will help zoning family room for spacious areas, separating, for example, a recreation area on the corner for reading or outlining the conventional boundaries between the dining and living segment.

Unique interior of the living room combined with library of the huge space

Storage systems, tables and stands halls

Depending on the size of your living room, it can be filled with a functionally different ways. If, after the organization a soft zone, there is enough space, it is possible to equip it for storage, which is never enough, no matter how great is your household or apartment.

Gray steel and wooden living room interior with IKEA furniture and decorative elements

Storage by IKEA are based on the same principle of modularity. You can compose needed combination of open shelves, racks and cabinets yourself. Typically, storage furniture is available in a light color palette with simple and concise forms, which can fit harmoniously into any interior of modern living room.

IKEA wooden furniture and two gold pendant spheres-lights make this interior unique and unrepeatable

Big poufs, performing several functions at once – seating, footrest and coffee table, – are not just a practical addition to the main furniture ensemble, and can become a focal center, the island of your living room. Leather upholstery enables care to surface pouf-stand with ease, it can never be insured from the fact that some of the guests or household will shed the drink or drop the snack.

Ikea indoor furniture for spacious and stylish dark living room

Light stands and coffee tables will not only carry out its core functions, but also can transform the interior of the living room, or to bring an originality or brightness (depending on the product model), may zone spacious rooms and denote a particular segment of the family room.

IKEA furniture in the country house with lots of decorative accesories and striped laminate on the floor

For more home furnishings, lighting and textiles

The advantage of organizing collections of furniture and accessories in IKEA chain of stores is that you can choose accessories for your furnishings not getting out of a style and color palette. You can immediately pick up the carpet for the living room, curtains and drapes for window openings decoration, lighting devices, starting and finishing from the chandelier table lamps and more.

Paintings in the bright and spacious living room interior with IKEA furniture

Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces of the IKEA company are based on a “omni-applicability” principle. It is believed that a simple and concise form, traditional colors and standard sizes can integrate into almost any interior style. But at the same accessories for the living room, and not only for it, look modern, original and performing well its basic functions.

Yellow warm backlight for the IKEA furniture in the modern hi-tech interior in the apartment

Carpeting in light, neutral colors, not only warm your feet in cold days, but also bring a touch of home comfort into the atmosphere of a minimalist living room, raise the degree of attractiveness and comfort of the room.

IKEA angle sofa for rest in the light living room of the modern apartment


We all need an environment that would soothe and pacify us In the private room, made it possible for body and soul to relax after a difficult day at work and gain strength for new achievements. And if the backdrop for a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere is mainly finishing facilities, so to the quality of our sleep affects the right choice of bed.

Cozy and warm summer atmosphere in the modern apartment interior with painted walls and IKEA bed

European style interior is mainly aimed at the harmonious combination of practicality and comfort. The simple shapes and clean lines, the austerity of the situation and the absence of unnecessary decoration is inherent to European homes and apartments. These motifs could not be avoided in the style of production of furniture from IKEA too. Beds and furniture accessories for the bedroom did not stay aside in this case. Minimalist furnishings, close to the ascetics, is in favor of not only Europeans, but also many of our compatriots. The interiors in bright colors, devoid of unnecessary decoration, including a set of the necessary furniture and accessories that are considered suitable for the organization of the situation in the bedroom.

Vaulted ceiling and IKEA royal sized bed with white pillows

While creating an interior for a children’s bedroom pay special attention to the materials from which the furniture is made of. Ask consultants for quality certificates for each product, check the levels of toxicity, ecological furniture and their accessories.

Nice creamy children`s room with IKEA furniture


The central element of not only furniture but also the entire bedroom interior deserves more time, effort and money for its choice. From materials and how conscientiously bed frame is made, how does base and a mattress on it is constructed, depends on the depth and duration of your sleep, which means this directly affects your health and well-being.

Fresh living room design with IKEA furniture and nice chandelier

The advantage of the acquisition of the IKEA bed is that you can to choose the frame piece of furniture, its base and a mattress for it in one place, as well as provide a central element of the bedroom interior with bed linen, blankets and pillows. With this you will be able to keep not only the matching colors and texture solutions, but also to be sure of ergonomics, safety and usability of selected goods.

Nice Asian interior of the bedroom with green dotted coverlet over the IKEA bed and the pet in the bench near

If you are not satisfied with the standard versions of bed models, you can order necessary supplement  – drawers in the bottom of the product or the rack for installation of the canopy.

Nice IKEA platform bed with gray upholstery and white bed linen

Bed with soft upholstery is not only safe and beautiful thing for sleep and rest, but also a great opportunity to bring to the bedroom interior originality and comfort. If you every time hit your knees on bed angles if children running up your bedroom stumbling on the way to all exposed surfaces, such an alternative design of the central piece of furniture would ease your life.

Grandeur interior design of the spacious bedroom with IKEA furniture

Additions to the interior of the bedroom

We all perfectly understand that to create a harmonious, comfortable and functional bedroom interior for modern homeowner is not enough to put even the most comfortable bed in the middle of the room. He need to take care on the establishment of an effective and multi-level lighting, bedside tables, or buy low-pedestal tables.

White bedroom with stylish modern youngster design and IKEA furniture

For those apartments and houses that do not have the possibility of organizing a separate room for the dressing room, it is necessary to arrange roomy storage systems, which can also be placed in the bedroom.

Unique futuristic bed design in the modern bedroom interior in boudoir stylistic decoration

Some homeowners want to have a TV in the bedroom, the other requires a reading corner. Hostess will argue for the presence of the dressing table, and the hosts may need a mini-office in the room for sleep and rest. Surprisingly, all of these needs can be met through a wide range of products for the home from IKEA.

White interior and green plants with dark IKEA sofa in the modern interior with large window

Simple console that can either be completely attached to the wall, saving a considerable amount of space, or to stand on two legs, have the ability to become a desktop or desk, dressing table or stand, depending on your needs.

Ceramic tile in the study and the IKEA furniture to fit the creamy interior

In the bedroom, you may need not only housing furniture, and a small sofa or ottoman, which can be installed at the foot of the bed to be comfortable dressed or ready for bed or put whole composition at the window to enjoy the views of nature or read.

White folded sofa at the wide windiw and the kingsize IKEA bed of the spacious Asian apartment

If bedroom space allows, you can arrange an entire recreation area or a small boudoir in one corner of the room or at the window (depending on the shape and size of the room). A small sofa or a couple of chairs with an ottoman stool-stand or a low table create a harmonious and comfortable group.

IKEA puffs and bed in the white interior with contrasting spots of pictures

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