Interior Decorative Pillows Best Ideas With Photos

Decorative pillows became the integral part of the modern interior. In addition to performing its primary function, cushion in the design of a variety of facilities may become bright accents, indicate affiliation to a particular style of living space decoration. Cushions in modern apartments and houses can be found in the living room, bedroom, children’s room, dining room and even the kitchen. So, let’s overview our small Interior decorative pillows best ideas with photos compilation.

Seaside provate house and its light livign with a lot of decorative cushions on the sofa Zebra rug at the classic stylized living room with a lot of decorative elements

Several appointments of decorative pillows

Beautiful, original, of unusual shape or traditional – decorative pillows are simply irreplaceable at the household. First, you can use them for comfortable accommodation in any recreation area of your home. Secondly, with the help of these inexpensive and easy-to-make interior objects, you can easily change the image of space – give it more brightness or emphasize the accents of other design elements.

Leather angle sofa and a lot of colorful pillows on it fill the space of the living room

It is more comfortable to settle on the sofa or in a chair, if placed comfortable and soft pillow under the back or legs. Such a rest can deliver a real pleasure after a hard day. It is so pleasant to read or chat with people in the household after you`d sprawled with the convenience at a bunch of pillows. You can use pillows even in the kitchen or dining area for more comfortable seating for dining, after-dinner conversations and hosting guests.

Remarkable design for the classic living room full of natural light

A bunch of pillows can serve as a soft backrest for sofas, construction of which do not include headrests and backs itself. Sofa or ottoman without pillows becomes less comfortable place to place in a recreation area.

Nice design for the light trimmed room with the couple of sofas

Cushions as a color accent are a frequently used design method. If the design of your room can be called neutral, the easiest way to bring brightness in its design is the use decorative pillows. The advantage of this method is the fact that it is enough only to change the covers on pillows and the room takes on an entirely different image. So many housewives change the appearance of the room depending on the season, using the warm or cool color palette of textiles, including covers on small decorative pillows.

Abstractionism in the small living full of artistic elements A real paradise of colorful cushions in the large curved living room

Cushions can act as not a bright spot of color, but to “support” the selected design concept of space. Even a neutral color palette can create nice combination with textile decoration of window openings – blinds or curtains. Pillows can serve as bridge a sleeping area and leisure segment – they are arranged with the same covers or made in certain subjects on the bed and in a chair (small sofa, ottoman).

Nice mix of soft colors in the living room for adults Standard cozy minimalsim for the apartment building

Decorative pillows can directly indicate the style of interior decoration in the room. For example, special oriental ornaments, fabrics, the use of certain colors will help to create an interior impregnated with the spirit of the East.

Greek coast and its unforgettable romance of opened terraces Nice intimate atmosphere for the bedroom with the use of bright decorative pillows

Pillows used to decorate the room may indicate not so much on the style of the space, but on the chosen theme. If you can mentally remove all the cushions from a design project and design theme become not so obvious after it, so these decorative elements complete their task in full.

Nice living room decorated with a lot of wall plates and pillows and with the nice wooden coffee table

Cushions in the interior can be not only for sofa, but also for the floor. We are talking namely about pillows and not poufs. Depending on the room design style, floor pillows may provide the opportunity to place the guests on the floor like in the Arabian stylistic directions and represent a part of fashion design space in a minimalist style.

Floor pillows in the a little bit Middle Eastern interior

Pillows’ textile, its coloring, decoration and even the cloth itself (fur, artificial material, thin or thick cloth with a nap or without) can become a connecting element for the rest of the room decor. Combining the wall decor in the form of paintings, photos in frames, pictures and tapestries with pillows’ textile and curtains allows to create a more balanced image of the interior.

Classic setting of angular sofa and a couch Summer interior atmosphere due to the sand color and a lot of decorative truffles like cushions

Among other things, interior decorative pillow is a great gift. There are many available options of pillows with textiles, which would organically fit into any style of interior design and decorate the room. Decorative cushions can be made with your own hands and no significant financial cost. Part of the house interior that keeps the warmth of your hands and your soul many times more expensive gift then some purchased product.

Classic a little bit for show interior with dark sofaDecorative pillows is a nice play for the little kids

Decorative pillows in areas with different functions

Living room

The most common place to put the decorative pillows is sofa and armchair. In the living room as in any other room, pillow becomes a functional element. It will help comfortably accommodate in a recreation area, decorate the interior, indicate the stylistic affiliation or support the selected theme in the design space.

Classic interior furnishing of the large living with the tv-set, mantelshelf, hearth and two couches in fron of each other

You can use pillows of various shapes and sizes in the interior of the living room, with a variety of color options, prints, patterns or plain fabrics. The “set” of cushions made in one color combination but in different variations looks originally and stylish at the same time.

A little bit nautical theme in the large studio apartment with lots of pillows of blue pattern

Pillows can act as a non-color but textural accent. For example, pillows with covers made of fur (or its imitation), “shaggy” products, with a fringe on the entire area.

Nice interior with the concept of wooden and and leather combination

Bring symmetry element into the room interior. Located in a special way pairs of the similar pillows on the chairs and sofas will transform your design and streamline the image of the room.

Modern urban interior with the bright cushions and coffee color of the wall paint Motley anstraction of the picture and pillows selected in its tones low-key design with photo reproductions on the wall and purple and gray pillows on the sofa

In the space of the living room, acting as a library, the pillows on the sofa and chairs are essential. Reading enthusiasts can spend hours of enjoyable occupation and comfortable location in a recreation area plays an important role in this case.

Angled sofa and the nice sandy color Library and the coffee tables for comfort reading and for pleasing the eye


Of course, the bedroom can’t do without pillows. But we are not talking about those elements of sleeping place that would be necessary for a comfortable stay and a good night’s sleep. Decorative pillows that adorn the bed can perform not only the function of the space decoration. For example, the cushion in the form of rollers is very convenient to enclose under legs to restore circulation after a hard day out.

Aristocratic image of the modern bedroom Vinous wallpaper and bold solutions of coverlet and cushions

The bedroom interior bright, colorful pillows can bring not only beauty, but also ordering. Located in a certain way on a bunk, cushions can bring symmetry to the image of the bed and the entire space.

Unusual color of wall paint and the decorative panel above the sofa Nice bed for two with carved headboard and ottoman with roller pillows

Bright decorative pillows can help to reconcile the various interior items in the space of a bedroom. For example, you decide to install the colorful table lamps on the bedside table executed in a color that is nowhere else in use. It would not be difficult to find fabric with similar coloring. As a result the, interior of your bedroom will be more harmonious, ordered, but bright too.

Golden pillows for the chic light bedroom Scandinavian style simulation of the decorative elements in the bedroom

Pillows can be used to tie the overall design concept of the zone in the bedroom – a segment of rest and sleep. Even if your bed (headboard of it) and a sofa or armchair have an excellent color and texture of upholstery, you can connect these separate elements of the interior by means of selection of textiles for both zones.

Yellow elements add piquancy to the interior Blue soft armchair and unique design of the table lamp Soft upholstered and riveted headboard

Kids’s room

Cushions are used as the decor in the nursery exceptionally by parents. Children prefer to arrange pillow fights, jump on “cushion” mountains and throw them. With such a safe subject for the games, parents can be assured of the wholeness of not only children but also the furnishing of the play room. In a child’s room of a little kid, you can use a pillow in the form of animals and image of fairy-tale or cartoon characters. In the bedroom of a teenager you better use more discreet options, but it all depends on the child’s temperament and taste preferences.

Nutical theme and teddy bear in the kids' room

The girl’s room decoration is paying particularly close attention to pillows. Beautiful ruffles, fringe and tassels adorn this piece of furniture. Fur, plush, shiny and with embroidery – a real myriads of variations. On ordinary days cushions adorn the bed; at the time of hosting guests they can be used as an ottoman for gatherings on the floor.

Tender design of the girls' room


Dining room

Pillows can be used even in the dining room for a more comfortable placing of households and possibly guests. If your dining room or kitchen, which includes an eating area, equipped with a small sofa or mini chairs for each family member, soft cushions will be very helpful. Not only the direct purpose of pillows but their bright and original appearance would promote the formation of the unique image of the room.

Olive color of the sofa along with the colorful pillowsStudio apartment with the large angular sofa at the living zone with a lot of cushions

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