160 Square Feet Living Room Creative Interior Decoration Ideas

Many are confident that making an interesting interior and implementing design solutions in rooms with a small area is not just difficult, but impossible. It is worth noting that this is an erroneous opinion. Yes, making a high-quality and eye-catching interior in a small living room is rather a difficult task. But if you approach the issue as responsibly as possible, then this is quite realistic. Hopefully, our further photo collection of 160 square feet of living room creative interior decoration Ideas will ignite your imagination.


To create the maximally interesting interior of the room, you need a great desire and ideas. Before you proceed to renovation, you should listen to the opinion of decoration specialists and professional designers. With efforts, you can create an original and interesting living room, even if its area is not more than 160 square feet. The living room can be visually made bigger at the expense of finishing materials, which assortment is stunning on the market, and does not necessarily make an apartment-studio.

Modern design with neutral colored gamma and angular white sofa White and gray minimalistic ambience of the light and spacious room Cute minimalsitic idea of picture and wooden furniture decoration

160 Square Feet Living Room Creative Interior Decoration Ideas. Design Tips

The owners of a small living room should understand that their room should be multifunctional, at the same time is not only a living room but also a bedroom or even a dining room. During the creation of the interior of the room, it is necessary to take into account and, accordingly, to select materials according to how this room will be used.

Ultramodern hi-tech styled space with large window and highlighted accent wall TV-zone Fabulous idea of the central accent partition in the living room with TV-set Light beige decoration in the room with fluffy rug and angular sofaTypical Classic design with blue tissued walppaper Zebra coverlet at the large beige sofa in modern designed living room Wired hanging lamps and the glossy plastic furniture surfaces

Making out the interior, it is necessary to plan everything correctly and carefully think through. For a small living room there are a number of tips that will help in creating the proper design:

  • Refuse from using colors that can visually reduce a small room. Among the unwanted colors are black, blue, and brown.
  • It is necessary to use a spotlight. Due to the light allocation of the living area, the room will seem more.
  • You need to use every centimeter of the square to the maximum, reviewing thousands of options you need to choose the best and most functional.
  • Classic furniture will steal too much space, it is best to use modular or corner furniture.
  • You can use original design ideas (podiums, transformers, etc.).
  • Surface finish. For this, it is best to use a glossy surfacing; the ceilings can be made stretchy.

Cute square-quilted upholstered angular and bright orange original armchair in modern Hi-tech styled living Wooden trimming of the ceiling and light leather upholstered sofa Green curtains for modern joyful designed living room with storage partition

Choosing the Best Style

The number of design styles is amazing for today. However, it is necessary to choose a style taking into account the individual features of the room, the needs of its owners, as well as the size of the windows, and the number of residents.

For a small living room, the style of minimalism is suitable. The emphasis in such a room is on practicality and there is not a lot of furniture here.

Ethno. This style has many variations, one of which is African. A carpet in this style will represent the pelt of some animal. The furniture here should be wicker, and you can also put a fireplace imitation to create home coziness.

In general, you can use other styles, but you need to approach them carefully and correctly. The application of style in the first place depends on the taste of the owners and the professionalism of the designer.

Eco, vintage and boho mix of decoration odeas in the living room's interior Cute white futuristic design idea for large living Dark wooden floor, sofa and picture decorated living room with white walls Gorgeous design idea for the living room of the private house with wooden trimming of the walls and chimney

Choosing the Right Color

When decorating the interior of a small living room, it is best to use colors that visually increase the space of the room. The optimal solution will be minimalism or monochrome as they perfectly cope with this task. When correctly finished the room in white, you can achieve the desired and make it original, the main aspect here will be the selection of the desired decor.

The colors of the wood can make the room more comfortable, and the textile accents will make the design more concise. It is best to use multi-functional pieces of furniture and design, and the correct accents must be placed with the help of the spotlight.

Pompous Classic styled interior with golden walls and fretwork Incredble design idea of wall panelling for modern styled living Boxed minimalistic decorated light colored living room

In a small living room, it is best to use non-contrast colors. The floor and walls must be properly combined. Ceilings can be painted in color, which will be 1-2 shades lighter than the walls. This will make the room more spacious at a glance. The correct decor will deprive the room of monotony and concentrate attention on itself.

The mirror is an obligatory attribute of the living room, as it is capable of visually increasing the space.

It is worth giving your preference to a light color scheme. However, it is better to refuse vertical stripes.

Modern living room theater with planty of seating places Restrained but successful interior decoration for modern living room Original white and gray color combined interior with two pronounced zones and steel-glass coffee table

Uniting the Kitchen with the Living Room

The method of uniting rooms is very actual nowadays, as it is very convenient and elegant. Using sufficient space, you can introduce bold color options, create unusual and amazing interiors, and implement all the design ideas. Furniture in such a variation should be placed around the perimeter, and a large dining table should be placed in the center.

160 Square Feet Living Room Creative Interior Decoration Ideas. Multicolored atmosphere with striped walls and red plastic chair 160 Square Feet Living Room Creative Interior Decoration Ideas. Zoned space with large gray upholstered sofa, and central aquarium as the magnetic spot Modern casual style idea to arrange space with top lighting on railsModern Scandinavian stylistic trends in the light decorated room with contrasting black sofa

Racks and cabinets with a large number of shelves fit here ideally. Also, here you can use special built-in systems. For zoning, it is possible to use screens. But dimensional and massive furniture is not applicable here. The main thing is to remember that the living room should remain functional. Because this room is not only for the rest of all family members but also for the reception of guests.

Furniture for a Small Living Room

This issue must be approached with caution since it is highly undesirable to overload the hallway. When equipping the room with furniture, you must take into account the proportions, according to the size of the room. An important criterion is the color and material of the upholstery.

160 Square Feet Living Room Creative Interior Decoration Ideas. Abundance of souvenirs and memorable things Light wooden laminate and photowallpaper 160 Square Feet Living Room Creative Interior Decoration Ideas. Light pastel colored atmosphere with armchair-ottoman set

Cabinet, armchair or sofa should look here as appropriate items, and therefore should not be too large. If you need a large sofa, it is better to use a variant of corner models. The cabinet and TV should be located near the opposite wall on the sofa, so the center of the room will be completely free. A good, but expensive alternative to an ordinary closet will be a wardrobe with mirrored doors because a mirror can increase space visually.

Shabby Chic boho design for the light interior

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160 Square Feet Living Room Creative Interior Decoration Ideas. Open ceiling beams and blue accent zone on the wall to emphasize TV 160 Square Feet Living Room Creative Interior Decoration Ideas. Gray modern design with square quilted yellow armchair

Floor, Ceiling, and Lighting

For a modern small living room you need to use point light sources, it is better to choose those having the ability to adjust brightness and power.

Zonal lighting is also recommended when only some lamps are lit, but this is difficult, as it will be necessary to build a gypsum plasterboard ceiling. You can also use a cheap, but not cute design option – the use of luminaires on cable systems.

Gray shades for modern minimalistic simple design

There are no requirements for the ceiling, the main condition is only one: it must be as simple as possible, and, most importantly, to have an even surface. You can build stretch ceilings, it’s beautiful and interesting.

The floor can be made of any material: laminate, parquet, linoleum, etc. The only condition is to use materials of light tones since the dark color visually “steals” space and compresses it.

Peculiar black and white pattern of the rug in the Contemporary styled room with accent gray wall Fabulous black and white striped accent wall with TV-panel

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