Modern Interior of Small Living Room

Construction of the living room of 18 square meters or less is a process that requires the maximum manifestation of fantasy, imagination, and creativity. This size of the room we considered as typical. However, often deal with some nuances, because the non-standard configuration of space complicates the process of resettlement. It is not easy to create an exclusive interior in rooms with asymmetric angles or in the form of an elongated rectangle where the window is located opposite to the door.  The door to the adjacent rooms also complicates the process of designing.

Such problems can be solved by means of a skilled design and location of suitable furniture.


Small hall design with horizontal lines as a decoration element Nice living room in purple style, full of light Real Modern Interior of Small Living Room

18 m2 is a relatively small area for the multipurpose room where you want to place a lot of useful things. The living room compared to other rooms has the biggest load in the apartment. It is a place where the whole family comes together, joint activities take place, you receive guests. This is an owners` card of the house in some sense. It is important to look cozy and comfortable, be spacious enough, and modern for the room.

Basic Rules of Design of the 18 sq.m. Hall

Considering some of the features of visual perception and arrangement of furniture, you can create an unusual and unique interior, even in a small room. What should I pay particular attention to:

  1. the most appropriate styles – classic and minimalism, because in such directions preference clear geometric lines, the minimum amount of furniture and accessories simplicity;
  2. colors of the walls and the ceiling should be pale or bright cool colors: it creates the illusion of spaciousness;
  3. the floor is better to choose a gloss;
  4. Furniture modules transformers – the best option for a small room;
  5. multi-level lighting will help visually expand the space;
  6. Decor elements are important to be of simple forms, they should not be excessive.

The Color Palette is an Ability to Change the Room Visually

White or cream-colored shades, of course, create an atmosphere of spaciousness, tranquility, and comfort. It is more suited to people who need peace and appeasement:

White sedative master design of the living room Plain and impressive angular design

But such monotony may cause drowsiness and a sad state of the owner. In this case, you should pick up a few bright accents that do not violate the stylistic unity but will bring variety. This can be textile accessories, vases, furniture, paintings, or books:

The dark hall with bright accents Cheerful orange mix in a living room design

Do not be afraid of the darker, faded, or bright colors in the living room of a small space. The main thing is to distribute the color shades correctly. To beige, brown or gray walls white ceiling fits perfectly: it does not allow to reduce the area visually and make it easier to perceive:

Small living room original idea Pictures and plasterboard as a design know how Mere chandelier and white ceiling in the interior of the living room

Dark upholstery is very easy to use, but these chairs and sofas should be placed in a small living room with caution: they give the impression of limited free space:

Black upholstery master living design

Properly Chosen Furniture can Solve the Problem of a Modern Interior of Small Living Room

Classic pieces of furniture will look somewhat cumbersome in a small room, so you should pay attention to the lightweight design. The ideal solution for the 18-meter room is furniture in high-tech style:

High-tech furniture in living room Furniture as a centerpiece of hall design

Coffee tables made of glass make the interior easier and do not clutter up the room:

tiny living room with effective glass coffee table

The sofa is the main and central component of interior decoration. You should pay special attention to its strength and comfort. The best option for the living room is corner sofas transformers, consisting of several mobile units. They can easily simulate the space and create additional sleeping places or destinations.

The oblong-shaped ottoman can be transformed into a table if you put a stand or original tray on it:

Soft ottoman as a table in living room

If the distance from the wall to the window is insignificant, in such a peculiar niche you can locate a shelve in the wall long. You can arrange numerous books or souvenirs there:

Wallwide shelf in the living room

Suspended bookshelves without vertical partitions will not clutter up the hall:

suspended shelves as a way to economize space in living room

If it is impossible to avoid the placement of cabinets, it is best to place them in a niche:

Living room closet in a niche

Hall Zoning

When there is a need for modification of the space, you can choose several ways to create zones for different needs. This is one of the last trends in modern design ideas, so you`ll keep your living room up with the times. Even in the hall area of 18 square meters, you can pick out the area of the organization of the workplace. For this enough to place countertop for computer and put a comfortable chair between the tables and bookshelves:

computer workplace in a living room

For the separation of the hall into a dining area and a place of rest, glass tables (dining and coffee) would suit perfectly. They create the impression of lightness of an interior form and create a stylistic unity:

Glass tables in a studio apartment

The Impact of Accessories in the Visual Expansion of the Room

Decor can also make the interior more spacious. If you want to increase the height of the room, use the accessories in the vertical direction. Long, narrow curtains or mirrors in the shape of an elongated rectangle would suit perfectly in this case:

Vetical venetian blinds for creation of ambient

And if you need to make the room look wider, the decoration should be placed horizontally. Triple of horizontal prints will harmoniously fit into the interior:

Three paintings in living room with complex lighting

Lighting also plays an important role in modeling space. Multilevel lighting can fill a room with different light and thus make it more spacious:

quintessence of the main advices and design ideas

All of the above methods related to the problem of increasing the space of a modern interior of a small living room. In case you do not have space for a priority, and you are cozy and comfortable in a small living room, you may not bother yourself with a careful selection of methods to expand its area.

Originally decorated room of 18 m2 in ecological style carries a huge charge of natural heat. Combine perfectly in the interior various natural materials: stone, wood, metal, glass. Here is a little space, but the identity of interior decoration makes the room very beautiful and extraordinary.

The most important in the design of the 18-meter room is a sense of style and the ability to allocate functional areas.

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