Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Design Ideas

Modern bedroom furniture manufacturers offer a so-called “ready-made solutions”. If before the ear of our compatriot was familiar with such term as “bedroom set”, then today is increasingly heard “program of furniture for the bedroom”, “furniture from one collection to the sleeping room.” But in any case we are talking about a necessary set of furniture, which is not only needed for a comfortable sleep, but also required for the storage of clothes, bed linen and other accessories. We`ve collected some actual bedroom interior furniture set design ideas which can fit your unique home atmosphere.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas on the example of the contrasting bedroom with picture of dandelion

Some homeowners need chairs and a coffee table, someone content with pouf, somebody dreams about a dresser. That is why many furniture collections are based on a modular principle – manufacturers create typical blocks from which you can collect cabinet furniture in the bedroom of almost any size, purpose, capacity and configuration. Thus you can create a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table and complement them with a bed (from the same collection, or on your discretion). As a result, you will ensure the harmonious appearance of the whole atmosphere in the bedroom that looks like a single set.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. White calming interior and the wooden bed with hanged storage systems

The selection and purchase of individual items of furniture and decor for the bedroom is a difficult and lengthy process. But those who are not satisfied with “turnkey solutions” from the manufacturers and market chains will have to try to create an organic set of furniture for the bedroom by himself. In order to fully incarnate  your ideas and choose a practical, reliable furniture ensemble, which will last many years and will please you with its appearance, it is necessary to correlate your own desires, the size of the room (its form) and financial opportunities.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas with wall height cabinets with backlight and a fan in the center

It is important to adapt your wishes to the size of the room. If the bedroom is small, do not overdo with a pieces of furniture to avoid cluttering up the space. If the bedroom is very spacious – on the contrary, it small bedside tables or small racks, modest size open shelves will look ridiculously.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Premises with soft headboard and niche for bed


If you choose the bed from the collection of ready-made solutions, you`ll likely  the small selection. As a rule, manufacturers offer one embodiment of the bed, but in different size within one program for a bedroom. The maximum upgrade here is to order special drawers in the bottom of the bed. Adjusting the height of the head and legs is available only in companies of premium class.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Orange linen and white wall trimming

Whether you choose the bed of the whole range, which can offer modern furniture showrooms, so get ready for a serious dilemma. The variety of models and options of the manufacturing, headboards upholstery, sizes and shapes of beds can spin your head round. Relate the area for sleep and rest size with the your own priorities, your budget for bed purchasing and do not forget to take into account the characteristics of strength, reliability and durability of the central piece of furniture of your bedroom.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Naturalistic picture creates the atmosphere

Everybody knows that we spend one third of our lives in a dream. It is during sleep our body rests after a hard day and gaining strength for the next one. To make sleep strong, deep and safe in terms of health, the choice of the bed must be taken seriously. In this case, it is better not to chase the cheap, because you are investing in your own health.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Bed with wooden frame for the canopy

The durability and strength of the bed will depend largely on the production quality and carcass material. Not to mention the fact that the size of the frame should exactly match the parameters of the mattress, so that the latter should not slip and bristle.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Nice decorative black wood headboard frame to the ceiling helps zone the apartment

The most widespread among the average priced furniture now is a bed with a frame made of MDF or hardboard. Unfortunately, these materials can not boast with high durability and reliability. But the frame of solid wood or metal structure will serve you faithfully for many years (assuming proper operation).


The amount of overlaps (jumpers) that are stacked at the frame of the bed base also affects the strength of the bed, they will support the mattress. As a rule, the number of jumpers in the double bed is close to 30. The distance between them should not be greater than their width. Recently, metal mesh or lattice as a mattress support are rarely used. This is due to the technological characteristics of the structure – the grid become flex, deformed with time.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Dog likes the royal bed with gray covering

To select the size of the bed, there are some ergonomic canons, which compliance can not only make your life easier, but also to integrate the bed harmoniously into the size of your room. Standard double beds are usually manufactured 160-180cm, but there are options up to 2m wide. Buying a bed and installing it, note that the minimum distance from the wall to the side of your bed should be at least 70cm.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Classy example of the soft headboard and big nice functional bed in the very tight space

It is advisable not to set the bed up against the wall with its lateral part. This option is acceptable only if you have no choice and the bedroom space is very small.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Nice black hanging fixtures with soft light and painted wallpaper at the headboard

Take into account its height when choosing a bed to sleep. It is believed that the height of the bed to be changed in accordance with the growth of the individual. For adults, the ideal is considered the height of the bed in the level of human knees.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Rustic lush bed with lace and white cabinet in the center of the furniture set

Bedroom interior furniture set programme ideas. Bedside tables

Bedside table is the common name for a group of disparate pieces of furniture for the bedroom, from low tables to small racks with drawers. Typically, manufacturers offer a “hotel”  version of a bed with two tables on each side.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. high-tech example with dark wooden bench

But not all homeowners like similar designs. Many people prefer superstructure and niches, located at the head of the bed. Spacious shelves allow to keep “at hand” all the necessary detail.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Brown and grey mix in the ambience of convenient homey premise with white cloth blinds on the wide window

Design, material and method of manufacturing the bedsides no less affects the appearance of the entire bedroom. They are capable both as to decorate the interior, so as to nullify all the efforts of its accomplishment.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. White ceiling with built-in fixtures and fan, pictures at the hradboard and light laminate on the floor make this atmosphere gorgeous

As a rule, the availability of bedside table “pulls” with it a table lamp, less often a wall lamp. If the lamp and nightstand create the union of harmonious shape and color, the entire interior of a bedroom only  wins.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Black fan and frame of the TV-set are the only contrasting spots of the vivid appearance

Mirrored nightstands have literally exploded design world with their appearance recently. In the interior of almost any style you could see similar designs. Through reflective surfaces of the cabinets, they seemed to dissolve in the space, blurring the lines of a pieces of furniture. But such items of furniture not only bring originality in interior design, but also require extra care from the owners. Fingerprints, smudges and any contamination double on the mirror surface.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Dark minimalistic style with figurines and panoramic window

The original design of the bedsides can increase the status of the bedroom`s interior. The unusual shape or material, color or decor bring originality and flavor to the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Round full of light room design and the white bed

An unusual alternative to a bedside table or low table can become a medium-sized racks with combined storage in the form of open shelves and drawers with doors.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Ideal white atmosphere with contrasting headboard latticeBedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Unusual chandelier with thin sticks and lined matress; wooden cubes for sitting at the bedBedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Ideal white atmosphere with contrasting headboard lattice

For saving space and bringing the effect of surprise in a fairly traditional interior designers recommend the use of so-called “false” thumbs on either side of the bed. Constructions look as if hung in the air, but the tables are roomy and strong enough to keep a decent load.


Low tables, made of transparent plastic are simply “dissolve” in the air. Weightless, lightweight design is suitable for an equally elegant interior full of light and purity.


Cabinets and chests of drawers

Storage in a bedroom is essential, especially for apartments and houses that do not have a separate dressing room for accommodation of clothes, shoes and accessories. If your bedroom is large enough, then you might consider the purchase of a modular cabinet manufacturers offer “turnkey solutions” for the bedroom.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Black high wooden cabinet in the predominantly white bedroom interior

Typically, these storage systems have impressive size and are designed for rooms with standard parameters. But in this case, you will not need to worry about the material accordance to the color palette, because it is what is called “in set”.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Creamy atmosphere of the premise diluted with soft becklight an upholstered furniture

If the modular storage option does not satisfy you for whatever reasons, you can turn to the built-in furnishings. In this case, it will be possible to take into account all the features of size and shape of your room, the nuances of the location of the other furniture, and save a significant portion of usable space.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Functional wall in the room

Budget furniture manufacturers try to stick to the strategy of producing roomy closets with lots of doors. It is ideal storage for family clothes, bedding and more for apartments and houses with no wardrobe.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Finctional storage wall for the small cabinets and shelves made monolith

Ordering the storage system, you can go the original way where the cabinet fronts are upholstered with textiles that is repeated in the interior of the bedroom. This original storage system can perform the role of screens for zoning space.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Soft wall and the white shelving in the bedroom

Storage systems can be placed on the both sides of the bed (instead of bedside tables), unless the space of the sleeping room doesn`t allow. As a result, the bed is located in a shallow niche, which creates additional comfort, a cozy place to sleep and brings originality to the interior. In order to storage, filling all the space from floor to ceiling, does not look too bulky, the part of shelves made open or provide with a door (or their parts) with glass inserts.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. nice painted bed cover and wooden low-key furniture

Not always the shape and design of the room allows you to create a symmetrical arrangement of the storage relative to central element – bed. But that is no reason to deny yourself the possibility of installation the closet-wardrobe or conventional small wardrobe in a bedroom.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Light blue textile bed cover in the classic room interior

On the look of your cabinets` facades` depends the mood in the bedroom. Plain smooth door with closers but without handles are perfect for the minimalist interior in modern style. To create a classical interior or bedroom in country-style (such as Provence) it makes sense to look at the carved surface, on the door with friezes, cornices and original decorated handles.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Patterns all over the classic place design

Premium-class companies offer miniature cabinets, travel bags, which can`t be used as a complete wardrobe, and rather perform a role of capacious chest. These models are perfect for bedrooms in a classic style, Baroque and Rococo. It is believed that the owner of this bedroom suite has a full walk-in closet, and a mini-cabinet is needed to accommodate the little things which you need to have “at hand”.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Well lit white bedroom with loggia and striped matress with the color of luster

Miniature handmade cabinets, low storage decorated with carvings can transform even the hackneyed interior. Sometimes a fine piece of furniture is enough to change the character of the room.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Classic contrsting bedroom atmosphere with orange cloth on the bed

Chest can replace the closet in the small sizes bedroom if the apartment has a dressing room and there is no need for a large storage system. Chest takes up less space, but it is able to accommodate a lot of important things, garments and underwear.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. bewitching and matchless creamy interior with the modular glance storage system in front of the royal white bed

An interesting alternative to the usual structure of the chest of drawers can be a low vanity-cabinet in two or three sections. Of course, this piece of furniture will increase the degree of originality of the room, bring a fresh approach to the traditional scope of the situation.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Glass partitions of the high located wall storage in the gray bedroom

If the size of the bedroom is less than modest and not allow to place even a small closet, in this case you can consider the option of setting the suspension tape storage systems. Small lockers are arranged one after another, almost under the ceiling. However, a small chest of drawers in this case will be necessary – for the laundry and other things for daily use.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Panoramic window with the typical urban landscape and the functional city styled room

Tape storage systems can be placed not only in the upper part of the room, but in the room bottom. In this case, all communications are successfully hiding behind the facades of cabinets, but it is important to consider the possibility of free ventilation of the space near the walls.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Original solution of making one monolithic wooden stand with decorative hearth on it

If your bedroom has a fireplace, the arrangement of storage space around it would be logical. In these rooms a bed, as a central piece of furniture, is not always the center of the attention. If the fireplace is zest of interior concept, the storage system must play the role of the suite and create the proper atmosphere.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Suspended glossy brown ceiling with hanging fixtures and original chandelier in the classic style

Dressing table

Often in kits of ready programs for the bedroom there is also a dressing table, which is usually supplemented with poof or lightweight chair. In this case you will left only to take care of the mirror and lighting system. Will the mirror wall-mounted or installed on the surface of the table – it`s up to your decision. As for the lighting, the best possible option both a bright light for applying or removing make-up and dim lights for repose just before bedtime.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Minimalistic decoration with a little bit childish bed covering with toy

If a ready-made solution is not your choice, you can order the production of the dressing table, which will be a continuation of the storage system. In fact, console, couple of drawers for storage of various details and mirrors with lighting would be enough for the organization of space for hostess of the bedroom.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Soft headboard in the dark classic tyled ambience with double bed

Often, a dressing table is part of the ensemble of furniture created from storage. In this case, it is possible not only to save bedrooms` space, but also to create a balanced environment where all elements of the environment are in harmony. In addition, the placement of storage systems in the vicinity of the table (at arm’s length) is convenient for creation of the overall image.

Bedroom bench

Typically, we mean a small soft bench, which is set at the foot of the bed. It is much easier to undress and take off your shoes sitting on the bench (if you’re sitting on the edge of the mattress, creating a point load, you are shortening its service life).

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Turquoise bed bench in the classic style

Most benches are provided with an internal cavity for storing extra blankets or pajamas. Not to mention the fact that the unusual, interesting design of this small piece of furniture is able to decorate the interior of the bedroom by bringing originality and brightness.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Two neat ottomans near the classic bed with two bedside tables

An alternative of the bedroom bench can be a big poof (frameless or framed) or a pair of ottomans, standing one next to other. The main functions they will perform as regularly, and each one may contain a small cavity for storage of spare linen or off-season blankets.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Ledge of the bed base

You will need no bench if your bed has a projection regarding the mattress. In this case, you can change clothes, sitting on that ledge and do not worry about the deterioration of the mattress.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Striped bed bench in the premise with sloped ceiling

Bedroom + study

Despite the fact that feng shui experts do not recommend to locate any other areas, especially work-related in the bedroom, home office in the bedroom for some homeowners is a necessity. In this case, you will need to consider furnishing for a home office. Its desk and chair should harmonize with the general concept of the room.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Nice calming atmosphere in derk blue tones

For the organization of the workplace in the bedroom, in fact, you need a little – it may be a console table and a place to sit. If the bedroom is small, it is best to choose a lightweight model of the desk. When the space is enough you can choose a more massive structure with drawers.

Bedroom Interior Furniture Set Programme Ideas. Hi-tech dark realization with the workplace in the bedroom

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