Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design

Each ethnic culture has its own characteristics of country style in the interior, its individual elements, and nuances of the design space. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the atmosphere of the Scottish apartment unusual country interior design which is a shining example of how to arrange a modern home with the help of unusual design decisions in a country-style. This small area apartment is emitting light, cleanliness and comfort of home can become an inspiration for homeowners who are looking for new and fresh ideas of organizing space in a nontraditional way but with comfort.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Rustic experimental design mix within one European living room

We’ll start a small tour of the Scottish housing with the most spacious, principal central room – the living room. The majority of the premises in the apartment have an asymmetrical shape, partly sloping ceilings, so it is no surprise that homeowners have chosen a light color palette for the surface finishing of the space. The white walls and ceiling in company with beige flooring is an excellent solution for visual expanding of the space, giving it a freshness and lightness. In the interior of the living room, as well as in the other rooms, we will see a lot of country elements and furniture made of wood: carved, vintage imitating, really antique, or artificially aged.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Windows and sloping ceiling in the light atmosphere of the room

A harmonious blend of modern Scottish decor items and furniture with antique elements gives the ability to create a unique but extremely comfortable interior space.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Vintage armchair with decorative pillow and a plant on the wooden box

Against the backdrop of a bright living room decoration, carved chairs of dark wood look most advantageous. Particular attention is given to textiles, which helped to create a truly homely, warm atmosphere.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Wall kitchen set with nice stone structure of the backsplash

The living room space is combined with the kitchen area represented with a linear arrangement of working surfaces and storage systems. Thanks to built-in cabinets which successfully incorporated all the necessary appliances, kitchen space takes up very little space. If the living room`s space is illuminated by a chandelier of the original design, the working surfaces of the kitchen are provided with a built-in lighting system.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Steel coffee machine on the counter adds style

The cooker is often replaced with a ceramic hob in the modern kitchens, freeing up a lot of space for storage in the lower tier of the kitchen cabinets. Considering the oven presence, the family can be provided with all necessary appliances for cooking various dishes, with a significant saving of the kitchen area.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Dining zone with nice rustic wooden aged table

The dining zone is moved to separate from the kitchen and living room area. Here we also see a bright finish, so necessary for a small room, and wooden furnishings which became a symbol of Scottish Apartments. Original decorative items not only add variety to the interior of the dining room but also create an individual, personalized atmosphere.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Dining sofa with an old wooden door as backrest

natural materials (cotton and linen) are used as curtains, upholstery, and textiles for pillows here. It is obvious that these cloths are most relevant for country style interior, wooden furniture, and the spirit of antiquity translocated to the modern home.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Unusual bunk bed design in the austere bedroom with creative chair linen covers with prints

Then we proceed to the private rooms and we`ll see the bedroom. Not surprisingly, a bright finish was used for all surfaces in this room with modest dimensions. Even the furniture in a bedroom is made of light wood or painted white.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Bunk bed with gradient crimson curtains at the top level in endearing original minimalistic bedroom

Thanks to the two-tiered arrangement of beds it was managed to save a significant amount of bedroom space without compromising the aesthetics of the room.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Closer look to the bed with hidden niche for personal things

The headboards have shallow niches that allow you to place necessary items right at hand. Owing to wall lights you can read books before going to sleep. And it is not necessary to get out of bed to do this.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Chairs with original covers near the large window

A small sitting area and concurrently reading area is represented by light furniture consisting of a small table and chairs, dressed in funny cases with a painted frame.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Breathtaking royal bathroom decoration with tiles and glass, and steel functional parts.

There is a small bathroom near the bedrooms. With a light finish, the use of glass and mirror surfaces, it was possible to visually expand the space of the room for water procedures. A combination of finish using imitating stone ceramic tiles and waterproof plaster creates an interesting look at the bathroom of Scottish designs.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Gray charming minimalistic and angular design of the sink in the bathroom

Marble countertops and a small shelf for accessories to fit the color of the tiles perfectly completes the image of a bathroom.

Scottish Apartment Unusual Country Interior Design. Multifunctional bath cabin with dark gray marble streaks on the tiles

The luster of modern bathroom attributes required for water treatment looks great on a background of the tile that mimics natural stone.

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