20+ Small Design Ideas for Your Dining Room

Familiar to many people not by hearsay word “dining room” can cause two diametrically opposite association: the public canteen or special royal room, exceptionally for blue bloods. In fact, today the dining room in the house is not exotic.

It should be noted that far not all the house owners can afford to have a whole dining room at home. Often a lounge or kitchen plays a role of dining area. However, if the layout and the area allow, these rooms can be combined into one. Home dining should not be considered as a relic of “bourgeoisie”, which refers to the luxury and wealth. Because, after equipping a small dining room in the house, you will be able to fully enjoy with all its advantages. For example, a house dining room is the ideal place for a pleasant having meal together not only with family members, but also with friends.

Design of the dining room should be treated with great trepidation and attention, because this is where you will spend a very long period of free time. What will be the interior of your dining room, depending on the layout of the house. You should determine whether it take a separate room or you`ll combine it with a living room or kitchen. Interior of “united” dining room must be in harmony with the general atmosphere of the room. However, the dining room should stand out. You can, for example, to partition different zones using floor: tile is perfect for kitchen, but for the dining room can be used parquet or laminate.

By the way, the followers of feng shui equip the dining room only in accordance with philosophical system. For example, it is imperative that dining should be placed somewhere near the kitchen. At the same time the presence of a sufficiently large number of furniture is welcome. The main thing is that it should not hamper moves. Regarding the choice of dining table, it is best choice to give preference to round tables. The main rule – no sharp corners! As for the location of the table, it is best to put it between the window and the door. Mirrors in the dining room are also welcome – the more, the merrier! The fact that they satisfy two important functions: firstly, expand the space visually, and secondly, cause a feeling of wellbeing and fertility; visually doubling the amount of food at the table. It is also worth to pay attention to lighting in the dining room – it must be very bright. Hang the life-affirming pictures there with natural motifs, which fill the space with positive energy.

Below you`ll see what we are talking about in 20+ small design ideas for your dining room with pictures and explanation.

Wooden surfaces and panels in the dark noble interior of the dining room

The main emphasis in the interior design of this homey living room was made exactly on the wooden surfaces. Black and brown combination looks rich and bold.

Island bar at the dining zone of combined kitchen with living room

This dining room is combined with living room. In the dining area there is not only a table, but also a small bar with chairs.

Homey dining full of textile and decorations

Homey dining room can be placed in the kitchen space, as it shown at the picture. Table occupies a central place, it is decorated with very beautiful tablecloth and chairs decorated for the latest fashion trends.

Unique minimalistic and technological design style in the dining room

This dining room is sustained in the uniform style – brown parquet and massive wooden table are greatly in tune with each other. There is no tablecloth on the table. I thave a special zoned structure for a lot of people at once.

Columns in the grandiose dining with white ornamentation

This dining room “divides” the space with the living room. The large columns with ornate patterns acts as a dividing line.

Much light and a chandelier in addition make the dining room extrabright

The unusual designed table and original wooden table chairs take central place here.

Wooden furniture in the wide windowed dining room

This room looks very bright and spacious – the whole point is that there are large windows in this room. However, a large chandelier is also a good source of light.

Contrasting design and furniture in the dining room

This dining takes the whole room, the design of which is worked wonderfully. It is made in bright colors, but still there are dark accents.

Neoclassic design style in the interior of dining room with big French windows

This room is made in the style of minimalism: there is a dining table and decorated chairs here. Dining room occupy the space near the French windows that amplify the inflow of natural light.

Calm interior of the dining room with elements of different European design styles looks fresh and bright

This room does not stand out by design refinements, but, nevertheless, it looks very stylish.

dining room combined with kitchen is very convenient

The dining room occupies a separate room. Here is everything you need to have wonderful holiday meal.

20+ Small Design Ideas for Your Dining Room. Nice wooden furniture in combined kitchen/dining-room

Dining room combined with kitchen is a good way out for those who do not have at their disposal a lot of free space.

Dining room in Scandinavian style with fireplace near table

You can not only meet friends or have dinner with the whole family in this dining room, but also to spend time alone in a comfortable chair near the fireplace.

Restaurant-like dining room in modernism style

This home dining room looks more like expensive restaurant. It is tastefully decorated and meets all the rules – bright colors and lots of light bring comfort here.

Combined all in one kitchen and dining room

Dining room, which is located next to the kitchen is the most convenient option. But its realization is possible only if it is allowed by layout of your home.

Ultracombined apartment in classic style with a lot of textiles. Uniform space of living room, dining room and the kitchen blends great

Dining room, kitchen and living room are combined into one common space, so their design is made in the uniform style.

Dining room with a gorgeous royal silk blinds and high backs of chairs and laminate floor

This is the ideal option of what should be the right dining room: pure white, large windows, which allows huge amount of sunlight; and a table in the middle of the room. Eating in suchlike room is a  real pleasure!

High-tech dining room combined with living and kitchen harmonize with uniform design

Even if you are the owner of a small house, but want to get the dining room at the same time, you can simply combine the kitchen, living room and dining room in a perfect hi-tech style.

Blue interior of the classic dining room interior with chandelier, wooden furniture

This sky-blue dining room looks great! Here is enough space, but it is equipped with everything you need as well.

Design of the kithen combined with dining room near wide window

The significant advantage of this dining room is that its basic elements, the table, is located near the window. At dinner, you can enjoy stunning views of the city.

Dining room with a lockers and cupboards

This positive dining room has not only a large dining table, but storage lockers too.

Fireplace at the dining room. Small design idea for your dining

Fireplace in the dining room is a very good move. Still, it is better to enjoy crackling fire having dinner, rather than watching TV.

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