Patchwork (Moroccan) Tiles for Adding Extra Warmness to Interior

Arabic interior design style is very versatile and multifaceted. Occasionally, it is difficult to clearly define whether the interior is meeting or not the whole concept of Arabic style. But one distinctive element we can unmistakably refer to Eastern stylistics. This is a Moroccan tile. And this element has grown so deep into interiors all over the world that many cultures have accepted the tiles as their own. We can say that it represents the style like no other item and gained bigger popularity than the style itself. Among Americans and British people, Moroccan tile is also known as patchwork tile due to its colorful fancy patterns. So, this article will be devoted to reviewing some popular options of how to use patchwork (Moroccan) tiles for adding extra warmness to the interior. We will see which part of the house or apartment is most relevant for finishing with this tile.


Kitchen with Moroccan Tiles

If you decided or just thinking of possibly decorating your kitchen with patchwork tiles, we can say this is a good choice. This tile can revive and warm up any kitchen interior regardless of style. It will add color and thus promote the appetite. Also, it will play in contrast with other kitchen parts. This is especially true to make for backsplash. This middle element will perfectly divide the kitchen into two logical parts.

Modern kitchen with dark low tier and LED lighting of the floor, painted Moroccan tiled splashback and silver coated high tier of the furniture set Monochromatic tile for the modern kitchen's interior Patchwork (Moroccan) Tiles for Adding Extra Warmness to Interior. Beldi tiles for the modern kitchen's splashback

If your kitchen has enough space, you can tile the floor with patchwork tiles. However, you should not only have space for such tile, but also choose the right color and pattern for a successful experiment. Otherwise, it may look inappropriate.

Strict lined pattern of the tile at the modern styled kitchen in whiteKutlu tiles for the loft kitchen's floor

Dining Room

Regarding the dining room, the recommendations are the same. You can add some accent to the walls, making one of them a hallmark of the room. In combination with other items like cushions or bright plates, cutlery, decorative elements you can achieve the amplifying effect.

Colorful painted Moroccan tiles to make small dining area cute and fancifulOriental pattern tile for the floor of the modern American styled studio

Living Room and Hall

It would seem where can we find the possibility to place tiles in the living room? This is the place for a warm hospitable atmosphere. However, in big livings of the private house, it is possible to emphasize one of the functional zones with patchwork tile. It may be even the accent wall above the fireplace. Or use it in the center of the room where your furniture is located, in order to highlight the chatting zone.

Patchwork tile to trim the fireplace accent wall

Entrance and Hallway, Corridor

Hallway, corridors and entrance are exposed to the high passage load and contamination. So, it is not only aesthetical but also a very practical decision to revive the interior with patchwork tile. It can also come in combination with a stained-glass window of the entrance door or decorative elements.

Tangier tile for the entrance of the house  Azulejo Moroccan tile for the hallway in Classic style

Patchwork Tile in Bathroom

The most comfortable place for tile is of course the bathroom. Its humidity, steam, exposure to water prompts to use of tile here by itself. Moroccan tiles are also very organic in this room and we can admit the growing popularity of this tile sort lately.

Tangier tile for exquisite bathroom interior

You can use the tile all over the bathroom depending on the design plan you have. With that, there is now a necessary recommendation on how and where you should lay the tile. It can be just part of the wall, a whole wall, or a wall and floor entirely. But in the latter option, you’ll need to dilute the monotony of the situation with some decorations or appliances.

Near East fantasies in the modern bathroomWhole the bathroom interior in the Moroccan Zellij tiles for unrepeatable atmosphere   Gray and white tangier Oriental tile for the floor of Classic styled bath

Colorful Moroccan mosaic would add a real Eastern charm both to Classic or Modern set bathroom. It has its own romanticism beyond time and fashion. And if you want to complement it with related elements, it can be a mirror in carved frame, domed windows or other painted elements.

Painted blue sink and Zeinah mosaic tiles for accent in the bathroom

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