Functional Sitting Room Interior Design Photo Examples

Living room in context of relaxing and gathering with friends for chatting can be very different. It can be classic layout with coffee table and rug in the center and sofas at its sides. Or it can be a small nook with furniture for seating and accentual wall with TV. As time passes, we can see the sitting room in its basic meaning (separate room for chatting) less and less. More often it is a zone in the open layout which can be bordered with furniture or zoning partition, shelving. However, even if we don’t strictly tied to architectural forms and layout, we are ready to depict the main design trends that make living room so special. Reviewing and describing functional sitting room interior design photo examples we will try to pick up the main trends in arranging the living.

Sitting room in bright colors

Let’s start with most extravagant and motley designs that will definitely catch your eye. Speaking about the design stylistic that most organically accepts bright color mix, there is no univocal answer. It can be Classic, Vintage, Rustic, Modern and even ethno interior. Bright colors in their successful combination fit any style.

Functional Sitting Room Interior Design Photo Examples. Sectional yellow relaxing chair in the unexpectedly styled red sitting room Library type of the living room with high ceiling, bookshelves and soft zoneArtificial hearth for the white colored sitting room in minimalistic style

Zoning is the key

As we mentioned before, the lack of space or open layout pushes home owners and designers find new ways to organize space of the sitting zone. Minimalistic interior in the modern Casual style is fully up to it.

Modern English interior with fireplace, dark chairs and accent wallGray classic room theme with angular upholstered sofa

If the space is very cramped and you need to locate bedroom in one room with sitting zone, it also can be realized exquisitely.

Milky chocolate floor and dark gray upholstered sofas

Classic setting is also acceptable for using zoning. Furniture and carpet easily forms the relaxing zone within sitting room or home theater. Fireplace in this case will be luxurious add-on.

Classic styled gray room with ottoman and fireplace Vintage room with living and dining zones in mild beige

Scandinavian style in original forms and places also take its niche among successful design options. This is true for the small nook or angle in the room. The sitting room is located even at the platform of the broad hallway.

Unusual multilevel area with ultramodern set leisure zone

Pay attention to the seating places. These are comfortable Eames chairs and other modern leisure chairs. However, there is no special design trick about the seats. The point is they should be as much as possible without cluttering up space.

White color scheme for the sitting room with accentual dark glancing floor

Except of original chair and coffee table, the following interior boasts with glancing wall of drywall coated with plastic wall panels. Built-in firewood storage and fireplace transfers us to coziness of suburban houses.

Round glass table on original formed legs in the Scandi style minimalistic room

Zoning with sliding doors is also known way to separate two stylistically different areas.

White interior with black accents

Design tricks for sitting room

In order to transform your sitting room into masterpiece of modern idea, there are several cute options. Some of them are really cheap and don’t require much skills to implement while the others need scale and thoughtful planning.

Quilted gray wall and the long sofa is unexpected design solution

Loft and Industrial styles has come as cheap and easy solution of renovating the dwelling after industrial premises. It is all changed now. Modern loft living space can show the utter adherence of the owner to modern trends in design. And all this can’t be cheap and affordable option.

Industrial styled room with open ceiling beams and scaffolds right in the room

Use platform to emphasize the living zone. This is surely not easy and budget solution. However, it will make your sitting room absolutely original and authentic. Zoning with platform and accent wall is very unusual but rapidly gaining popularity approach.

White and gray classic setting of the large open layout room with modular upholstered furniture

Sunroom at the top level of the house is also great idea to arrange the sitting room. Such atmosphere will naturally fit the gathering with friends as well as business negotiations.

Classic setting of the large and light sitting room with two coffee tables and passage between them

Classic design also has its advantages. For example, it can be considered as fairly affordable design solution. The Classic styled interior implies reserved well-known types of wall finishing and decoration, abundance of furniture, curtains and accessories. You can show the belonging of the room to the Classicism just through furniture or decorative elements.

Classic styled studio layout of the private house's first floor Classic setting of the room with black upholstered furniture on natural wooden frames and with large lamp all over the living zone

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