Sliding Doors Interior Design Ideas

Doors on rollers or sliding doors interior design ideas are a modern innovation, which is primarily intended to save space, and then for decorative purposes. The problem of a lack of square meters is now very common, considering the rapid growth of the Earth population and the latter prolonged financial crisis, not everyone can afford spacious houses. Therefore, more and more often there are a variety of “tricks” occur to somehow make life easier in small apartments.


Sliding Doors Interior Design Ideas in the calm white interior with vintage styled door

Although it is not necessary to use the sliding doors only in small rooms. They also look good in spacious premises. The door on rollers is the stylish, beautiful, and unusual decor.

Sliding Doors Interior Design Ideas. Aesthetic atmosphere with classic furniture, soothing colors and violin

Advantages of Interior Sliding Doors

  1. Space-saving

When the opened sliding door will not take a whole corner, it just needs a little space along the wall, a little more than the size of the door. At the same time, when placing the furniture, you do not need to leave space for the opened door.

  1. The door handle will not scratch the wall.

This is also a negative but widespread factor when the door handle is spoiling the wallpaper and then the wall itself after you open the door of the cabinet or the room.

  1. Stylishness.

The appearance of the sliding door creates an unusual and interesting atmosphere. The interior becomes exquisite and more refined.

  1. Safety.

Walking in dark you don`t risk to stumble upon the open door and be bumped. Also, the door will not be automatically closed by the draught and will not hurt somebody who accidentally was at the doorway. It is extremely important if you have little kids in the house. Well, we need to mention that after the door hit you can be short of the glass inlays or something else. Anyway, the traumatic factor is almost eliminated by having a sliding door in your home and that`s a big plus.


Sliding Doors Interior Design Ideas can help you make the bedroom more cozy

Disadvantages of Sliding Doors

  1. Insulation

This equally applies to sounds, heat, and odors. The fact is that there is a free space between the door frame and the door leaf so that the door could “go” to and fro. This design feature also leads to poor insulation. An exception is the roto-door and door-coupe, whose box is mounted into the wall. (We`ll talk later about that types of door).

  1. Price.

Of course the sliding doors a slightly more expensive than their swing analogs. It`s because of more complex manufacturing, installation processes, and other factors. Also, you`re not able to use mere findings for such doors.


Now let’s talk individually about the reliability of the sliding doors. Some consider them less reliable than the swing type. Others, however, denoting their strength. Speaking frankly, a lot depends on the quality of the door leaf, that is any door can be either good or bad. Furthermore, the door is installed is very important. If the mechanism of high-quality and properly installed, then the conclusion is obvious.


Two types of Installation of a Door on Rollers

  1. Along the wall

Firstly, upper bearing beam is mounted on the wall. Next, the guide of the sliding mechanism (rollers are moving along it) is fastened to it. Rollers are fixed on the end of the door (atop) by a special bracket. In order to keep the door from fluctuations, the groove for the guide flag is cut in the lower end, which is, in fact, keeps the door. Then the doorway is trimmed by steering trims and transoms.

Sliding Doors Interior Design Ideas. Red and white mix of colors on the folding door

Excellent space saving by opening the door along the wall

With such a setup, we obtain a low sound and thermal insulation, as well as a bad impermeability.

  1. Inside the walls

The fixture in such a case hides inside of either false walls or plasterboard walls. This setup requires redevelopment, ie we need to make the U-shaped groove in the wall. It is much easier to install the necessary groove if you build a new wall. A concealed door can be installed in the finished metal construction as well as a case or cassette. It is installed into the wall first and then plaster or plasterboard is applied. And do not forget that such a door is hidden in the wall, so it is necessary to consider the correct positioning of the handle.

Sliding Doors Interior Design Ideas in the totally white room

This option assumes excellent sound and heat insulation as the door leaf is tightly connected to the opening providing high permeability.

And now let`s review the types of sliding doors in detail.

Kinds of Sliding Doors Interior Design Ideas

  1. Door-Coupe

This type of roller door has standard dimensions. Unlike the cabinet door of the same type, they are not as thin and light, considering their purpose. Handle and lock differ from those of the swing door. It may be one or two doors` leaves. The mechanism involves the movement along the wall or inside it.

sliding doors interior design ideas. Coupe-door to the wardrobe in the bathroom

  1. Roto-door

Many people call these doors a “compromise” among the sliding and swing doors. When opens, the door leaf is slightly rotated, becoming perpendicular to the doorway, then shifted to the side, both the right and the left. Compared with a conventional type, roto-door occupies twice as less space in an open state. On top of this, all such type of roller door has good permeability and sound insulation, as the door leaf has a special seal throughout the perimeter.

sliding doors interior design ideas. Comparatively innovative roto-door mechanism considered as universal for the small spaces

  1. Folding doors (accordion, book)

These doors have two (book) or more (accordion) elements, which are connected by means of movable hinges. The top or bottom end is provided with rollers moving along the rail. A particular advantage of the folding door is that when opened it does not require additional space due to the fact that its flaps are fold. This option is perfect for interior doors. They are highly applicable also for wardrobe or storage rooms.

sliding doors interior design ideas. Folding accordion doors sliding doors interior design ideas. Folding book doors of two flaps for extremely narrow passages

The method of fixation (top or bottom) affects the Choise of doors

Upper (hanging). There are two carriages with rollers and an upper guide stopper (limiter) to fix the door. Mounting from bottom is absent what makes it easy to visual perception. Moreover, there is no possibility of unnecessary items to contact the rails that would cause jamming of the door leaf. However, this method of fastening always allows some backlash, that is the door swings as nothing supports it from below. Of course, you can install a special guide on the floor of the box, it will slightly reduce the door swinging.

sliding doors interior design ideas. Huge folding loft style gates in the large apartment

Bottom (floor). The door leaf moves by means of rollers on rails fixed to the floor. It must have an upper rail, which will support the door. That is how the floor design ensures stability. However, the rail placed on the floor will always be exposed to dust, some small objects, and so on.

sliding doors interior design ideas. Nice bewitching ambience of the pop-art style

Choose for Yourself …

As a rule, one and the same door leaf can be used as a swing and a sliding design. The difference is only in the fastening mechanism. This suggests that the same materials and decorations are available for swing and sliding doors. There is no separate gradation of materials for doors on rollers. They can be swing, panel or frame. For their manufacturing are also used valuable species of wood and MDF, laminating, an array of coniferous species; It can be plastered on fabric, interlaced, with extra glass insertion or without it, and so on.

sliding doors interior design ideas. Nice austere Scandinavian style with colorful picture accent

How to Strengthen the Sliding Door Wall

When installing doors on the rollers, be aware that if the wall is made of the drywall or aircrete blocks, it is a little difficult process. The fact is that this type of wall is not strong enough to install such structures into them. To solve this problem it is necessary to use a fitting element, which will play the role of carrier support and thereby strengthen the wall. This may be a metal rail or wooden beams. Better, of course, to use a special box of a minimum thickness and a high strength.

A Few Words about the Door Frame …

Many people are worried about the sliding door will nor not fit into the interior because of the box. The fact that the finish can be whatever you prefer, selected for any style and design. So you will have absolutely no problems with this. Because the box joints are closed by casing after installation, which can be trimmed, for example, with fine wood veneer and so on. The decoration is chosen in accordance with the door and the surroundings. As for the glass doors, they can apply the aluminum design of the opening, profiles can be anodized or painted with enamel. Of course, the opening can be unframed, just plastered and then wallpapered or painted. Every man to his own taste, as they say.

sliding doors interior design ideas. Opened ceiling beams in the experimental youth eclectic atmospere sliding doors interior design ideas. A pair of doors in the rustic styled bedroom sliding doors interior design ideas. Latticed glass of the wide living room gates

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