Interior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application

If you are at the stage of choosing a door to your home, you probably noticed how incredibly popular glass panels have become in recent years. All-glass doors are rare in homes, which is a pity because they can give truly amazing results. However, sliding glass doors for commercial interiors are absolutely different thing. Their main advantage is a light transmission, which is especially desirable in small apartments, in inaccessible corners. Consider the possibility of installing interior glass doors in your home.


  1. Possible options
  2. Safety features
  3. Thermal insulation models
  4. Glass doors types
  5. Design for different rooms

Interior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application Colorful and spacious hall

Glass Doors in the Interior: Options

Glass doors in the interior look very attractive, so they can be installed as a thin border between spaces. Sliding structures connecting the bedroom with the bathroom will look most impressive. Moisture will remain inside, but a subtle charm will come out. Another widespread name of the sliding doors with couple of static side panes is glass pocket doors that even more accurately describes the essence of this functional and lovely structure.

Interior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application. Great open space studio with the homeoffice

However, the choice of a wooden glazed door, which can take many forms, is much more popular. Some will occupy almost the entire door; other ones will be presented in the form of a square window or more fanciful design. The light still penetrates the interior, although not as well as in the case of all-glass structures.

The flow of natural light is important not only for indoor lighting. The larger it is, the roomier space appears. Glazing helps optically increase area by visually freeing the door leaves.

Interior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application. Laminated floor and planked wall Interior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application. Ultramodern spacious hall with the glass delimited zones

Are Interior Glass Doors Safe?

The answer to this question, which is probably paramount for everyone who is thinking about buying glass doors, can be only one: yes! It is, of course, if you choose good quality doors from a trusted manufacturer. The practical designs of this material are currently made of tempered glass, as is glazing.

Tempering is the exposure of a glass panel to prolonged firing, due to which it acquires an extremely high resistance to deformation and impact. As a result, the material is very durable. You can be calm because even broken tempered glass will not lead to cuts. On impact, it crumbles into crumbs, harmless particles such as a crushed crystal.

Brown glass doors at the dining room

Glass Door Thermal Insulation

The notoriety of old windows can make underestimate modern glass surfaces. Times have changed, technologies have improved since now large glazing is even a guarantee of energy efficiency. When buying glass doors into the interior, you just need to carefully study the heat transfer coefficient U [W / (m2 · K)]. The lower it is, the lower bills you will pay for heating. The heat transfer coefficient of the entire glazing should not exceed 1.3 W / (m2 · K).

Loggia with sectional glass doors

Glass quality will be the key. Currently, double-glazed windows are standard, in which tightly closed chambers are formed between the sheets, filled with dry air or one of the noble gases. However, not only glass is important, but also the heat transfer coefficient of your door.

Glass wall for modern apartment with Oriental minimalistic approach

The human factor will also play a big role. This refers to the assembly of doors. If everything is done incorrectly, this can destroy the installation efforts and cause the heat to actually break-in from the inside. Many door manufacturers are well aware of this, so they extend (even for several years) the warranty period for their product.

Negotiation room zoned with glass wall

Types of Glass for Interior Doors

Transparent  glass

When choosing a clear glass, remember that everything will be visible through such a door. For this reason, it is rarely found in all-glass doors or in panels with large glazing. Clear glass is ideal for charming windows, such as white French doors.

black accent glass doors for white modern interior

Frosted Glass

It provides privacy by allowing sunlight to enter the room. Very often used in the doors of bathrooms and toilets, which, as a rule, are rather small rooms.

Gray living room with the emtrance to the kitchen

Patterned Glass

The texture of the panel is heterogeneous, has a pattern. Although this type of glass may not transmit light enough, especially on cloudy days, but if installed in white doors, it can create an atmosphere of freshness and freedom.

Frosted glass glass foors in the bedroom with gilded picture

Stained Glass Window

When choosing stained glass, you may prefer a frosted or plain option. This will create an atmosphere that cannot be repeated. This is the most expensive, but also the most original idea for decorative glass. The door with a stained-glass window, made by the master, looks luxurious.

Picture on the glass doors at the ethnic Oriental styled interior

Sandblasted Glass with Ornament

A very popular top layer of glass is removed by high-pressure sand, causing tarnishing. You can select any shape, creating a unique pattern.

Peculiar lines on the glass door and green elements as the modern decoration for the light and spacious studio apartment

Glass Sliding Doors Interior

Interior doors in the house perform many important functions and are also a decorative element. Thanks to them, you can remove the sound from the outside and separate the room from other rooms. In addition, they emphasize the character of the interior. Glass sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular. Their great advantage is that they are extremely practical and suitable for any interior, regardless of the style that prevails in it. Interior glass doors will look especially impressive between the kitchen and the living room. Thanks to this, easily divide the space, which will still remain consistent.

Toned glass doors as the entrance to the entertaining room

What Rooms are Glass Doors Suitable for?

Glazed doors will work in dark rooms. Thus, the interior will be additionally lit, and therefore much more pleasant and cozy. They are also often chosen for common rooms, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. In addition, interior glass doors will work wherever you want to put an interesting decorative element.

Matte glass door with dark frame Sash glass wall panel as zoning method

Glass doors are characterized by a diverse design, a wide range of applications and fittings. They are available in both single and double wing designs. You can also find models installed in aluminum sliding systems, i.e. on frames and MDF.

Laminated floor and dark semi-transparent interior glass doorInterior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application. Frosted glass and the heating towel rail at the background of turquoise wallBlack frame of the glass door to the corridorBedroom with the interior glass doors to the bathroomInterior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application. Dark colored roomInterior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application. Nice relaxing zone with the almost invisible sliding panelInterior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application. Sash folding glass panels to zone large living roomInterior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application. Ultramarine door in the modern studio with exclusive furnitrureInterior Glass Doors: Best Design Ideas and Application. Great design of the matte sliding doors with chromed handlesTransparent and frosted glass combined in one door for cozy relaxing living

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