Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas

Furniture in black (or almost black) is common for modern design projects. But if you talk about the historical roots of black furniture, it was most widely used in the interiors of the imperial palaces located in China. Today any homeowner can create any design at home – from the imperial bedroom to the minimalist living room with a sofa in the spacious room. Black furniture in a wide range of models is presented in the shops. It remains only to create an image of the future interior – how to combine a dark room decorated with furnishings, what decor to choose, and whether to dilute the design with bright accents? We will try to understand the nuances of using black furniture in modern rooms with different functional purposes.


Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Solid dark wooden home office interior

Black furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas for Different Rooms

Living Room

The most popular variant of the integration of black color in the living room interior by means of the furniture is the use of dark upholstery. The black leather furniture looks luxuriously and is practical in terms of the operating soft option to arrange a soft living room recreation area. Typically, such furniture is installed in a room with a light, moreover snowy, finish. To support the “black theme” in the interior of the original model, you can use lighting fixtures of similar color. There is enough of such models in modern stores.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Unusual lamp with black paint and conу form, as well as wooden tabouret and the black leather folding couch in the steel frame hugely impact the overall perception of the premise Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. White trimmed interior with the black furniture and dark cartains looks impressive Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Corner sofa with unusual construction and the ottoman in front create the business image of the interior

The monochrome contrast interior of living has become a classic of the genre for modern homes. Using only two colors for the decoration of the room, slightly diluted with the gloss of mirror and glass surfaces, looks modern, dynamic, and original.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. White room trim and the black furniture is the successful union to make the design look stylish and refined Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Exquisute design of the natural materials and the black furniture makes the interior look more solid

Many designers consider the black color suitable for modern styles of interior decoration, Art Deco, Minimalism, or Asian country. But the classic decorated interior will look too pretentious with black furniture. But what prevents us to use a mix of modern design and traditional furniture models? The resulting image can not be called trivial or boring for sure.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. White wall trimming, dark accent wall with the black upholstered furniture creates unforgetable interior

Not be every homeowner can dare to finish all the walls of the living room in a dark color, and the space of the room must allow such liberties. But to use a wall black surface as an accent is much easier. In combination with white trim for the rest of the walls and support in the form of black-white print, the resulting image will be very harmonious, balanced.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Dark interior with noble wooden floor and the contrasting painted carpet Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Nicely done interior of the maisonette apartment with living plants and black leather sofa Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Black accent wall with the video area and the white rug contrast

Different shades of gray can act as the mediator between black and white in the living room interior. Upholstered furniture with black covering will look contrasting in the living room decorated with white and gray. To create a harmonious interior is better to duplicate these tones in additional furnishings, carpeting, curtains on the windows, or decor.

furniture-modern-living-room-with-black-leather-chaise-lounge-chair-and-black-leather-tufted-loveseat-and-ottoman-coffee-table-elegant-tufted-leather-sofa-for-living-room-furniture-design Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. White interior with wooden trimming and the black touches of the couch and folding armchair Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Nice pop art design of the apartment with some cool figurines Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Dark wallpaper with pattern and the nappy dark gray rug on the canter of the room

The original idea for the living room is the use of embossed black wallpaper and velvet upholstery of chairs with the same pattern. Of course, there must be a serious dilution of light spots for such extensive use of black color in the interior design. Use white trimming for windows and a fireplace, mirrors, light carpeting.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. The fireplace with the white frame in the dark surroundings

If the idea of ​​placing the black furniture in the living room of similar color seems strange to you, take a look at the next design project. The room does not look oppressive, bleak and it is due to the bright wall decor and skillful highlighting of the most winning interior elements.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Black industrial design style with unique impressionistic photos on the walls and intimate lighting

The use of a combination of black modules furniture with objects of more colorful colors can be offered for those people who are not ready for such radical decisions for decoration of the living room. Even within a single ensemble of furniture, you can harmoniously combine two colors. Especially considering that it is easy to choose the company for black.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Black and white interior with the accent on the black upholstery

Upholstered furniture in black is perfect to shade bright interior elements. It can be furniture, decoration items, original light fixtures, or colorful textiles.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Nice Art Deco style for the contrasting area with round mirror modern-living-room_3

Many homeowners do not risk to use upholstered furniture with black leather upholstery, because it is associated with office style, especially if the pieces of furniture have steel elements. But if such furnishings is located in the room with not monochrome walls, but decorated with brightly colored wallpaper with the original pattern, there is no hint on the design office will remain.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Black modern design with contrasting wallpaper with pattern

Again, the association with the design of office space avoids the owners of country houses from using black leather furniture for the living arrangements. But modern design projects show that it can be done very effectively. The interior of the farmhouse can harmoniously blend wooden surface motifs of rural life with ultra-modern models of upholstered furniture.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Nice black armchairs of very urbanistic contemporary design draw all the attention

The Contemporary style often uses a combination of pure white finish and black décor. The black window frames with black sofa and black upholstery with matching bookcase will look unbelievably harmonious as a composition.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Dark thin executed chairs and the black upholstered couch in the interior of the light minimalistic room

Another example of the usage of black furniture in the living room is the storage systems of various modifications. After all, the family room is not just a relaxation area for households and their guests, but also an excellent opportunity to store various items needed for the family – from clothing to pottery. The built-in storage of black color, which seemingly surrounding the fireplace, organically fits only in a spacious room with large windows – such a monolithic structure needs the support of the light decoration.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Black accent wall with the mirror is a bold designer`s solution for the noble classic styled interior with the touch of art deco

If a monolithic storage system in the wall (and if more it`s black) is too cardinal design course for you, so try to use open shelves for storing books and other little things in the living room. Located along both sides of the fireplace (in the design of which is also used black) shelves bring symmetry to the room, not to mention the functional aspect.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Contemporary noir style with lots of decorative elements and statuettes


The black and white bedroom interior looks stylish and modern. The most common version of the combining of these two contrasting colors is black furniture against the white trims` background. However, many contemporary designers and homeowners consider this option rather boring, and there are the black and white ornament and original paint on the textiles, carpeting, and a mix of dark and light in the execution of lighting fixtures and decorative elements.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Cozy classic interior of the bedroom with contrasting black frames of the windows and cushions

The bedroom, where all furnishings and even textile design is represented in black is uncommon. But the interior decoration in a modern, minimalist style is very suitable. It is only necessary to consider that such a design would look organically in the spacious room where the surface will not be “put pressure” on the home dwellers psychologically. To do this, it is important to take care of the lighting system at several levels – not to content yourself only with the central chandelier and a night light but actively use the built-in backlight.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Bed on the nice "hovering" stand and the impressionistic picture at the headboard Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Black accent wall with bright painting and the gray coverlet of the bed blends into nice organic union

Yet another alternative for designing of “black bedroom” is opposite to Minimalism style – the room of collector. An unusual design course, to apply black tone contrary to the common use of white walls to form the background of paintings, photos, and other collectibles. To do this not only for the walls and floor but also for the ceiling is really bold decision.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Mix of styles in the dark finished modern bedroom with lots of decorative elements

Absolutely black bedroom with textile wall coverings with a long nap is not only a unique design but also a great option to increase the sound insulation properties of the room. It seems that in a black room furniture should simply disappear in the space, but because of the difference in surface texture furniture objects stand out against the general background.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. TV area fits ideally to the dark interior

No one will argue with the fact that the main piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. If this focal center of the room is made effectively, practically the whole area`s image would be developed in accordance with its design. A high headboard, fitted by beautiful textured leather, will create intrigue in the design of the room for sleep and rest.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Contemporary style in the bedroom with black leather headboard, same upholstery ottomans and the dark wall finishing

Today in the shops of ready-made solutions for the bedroom it is not difficult to find an option in black. Wenge furniture set consisting of a bed and bedside tables, cabinet, or high chest, looks luxuriously in the room with a light finish. For bringing originality to the design of the room for sleep and rest, you can use wallpaper with black and white patterns for decoration of the accent wall.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Black spots of the bed stand and the wallpaper pattern in the light room

Kitchen and Dining Area

Black color can be easily found in embedded appliances of the modern kitchens` design projects, but the execution of a large suite of furniture in dark colors is a rare highlight of the interior. After all, the kitchen is a room with a high level of pollution, humidity, temperature drops, etc. and it is not easy to take care of a black surface. Even traces of water droplets are visible on it. But the extra time required to clean the kitchen is nothing compared to the modern, original way of kitchen space.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. White and dark combination of the interior of hi-tech styled kitchen Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas in the minimalistic furnished kitchen of the large cottage

A huge black kitchen set, built from floor to ceiling, looks massive and requires dilution with lighter spots. It can be a wooden countertop, white kitchen island, or shine of the stainless steel appliances.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Hi-tech styled tiny all-functional kitchen with dark steel surfaces Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Oriental contemporary style of the kitchen with the black and red mix of colors Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Light wall finishing of the kitchen with the wall-long solid black furniture set with glossy surfaces Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Nice hi-tech eco style mix in the large kitchen with light wooden and black intertwining

Modern dining room with black furniture can be simple and concise – severe forms, practical models of furniture, contrasting combinations. The basis of the concept design of the premises is comfort and convenience for households and their guests, and the alternation of the black and white surface is perfect for a democratic interior.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Oriental minimalism with touches of European pragmatism

And the dining room of our days can be a mix of original stylistic interweaving. Modern finishes using the most advanced materials combined with classical-style furniture looks very impressive. It adds a dynamic image of the dining room and originality of the widespread use of black and white combinations, slightly diluted steel shine, and mirror surfaces.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Private house` dining room with the noble dark wooden furniture set and unique circular chandeliers imtating the ancient candlesticks Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Noble wooden chairs at the dining furniture ensenble in black of contemporary styled interior

The easiest way to diversify a trivial design of the dining room is the use of black designer`s chairs of various modifications for a complete dining group with the most ordinary table for meals. Graceful shapes, flowing lines and original designs bring a patina of modernity and exclusivity to the image of the dining room.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Eclecticism in the modern apartment with light wall trimming


How to integrate the black color in the design of the bathroom with the help of furniture? Of course, the use of storage. Obviously, the furniture made of wood or MDF is impractical to use in the bathroom because of the high humidity, but modern designers find out the solution. They use water-repellent PVC film that can mimic the appearance of any surface.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Bathroom in the contemporary minimalistic style and dark backsplash of the bathtub, black cabinet and the trimming of the accent wall

The black and white bathroom interior looks modern, dynamic, intriguing. Especially, when it is not just black and white combination of matte or glossy tiles is used in the decoration, but we can also meet the spectacular imitation of natural stone, such as marble.

Black Furniture: Interior Design Photo Ideas. Royal luxurious marble trimmed high bathroom with in the black and white color theme and minimalistic style

Black Lacquer Furniture

We could admit the eye-catching gloss of different black surfaces that gives them special charm and magnetism. Let’s put it straight: in many cases, it is because of lacquer covering. Marble, specially treated wood, plastic, – almost any material can achieve luxurious shine and mirroring effect.

Great house interior in successfully blended white and black contrast and royal looking glance

Such light-reflecting pieces of furniture are a godsend for black and white interiors as lacquer possesses great reflecting ability. It’s making the interior rich with patches of reflected light on chic black surfaces that only contribute to exquisite play of light. As we can see above, not only the furniture itself can be a subject for lacquering but the different interior and decorative elements as well. Glossy wooden floor, stairway steps, and railings contribute to the overall well-rounded picture.

Black lacquer furniture and painted top part of the wall for luxuriously looking bathroom

But not the only glossy and shining surfaces can look brilliant. Matte black paint will also add great diversity to the perception of the interior. The unusual combination of such different decorative approaches will shade each other.

Black Patio Furniture

What we didn’t really mention in the article yet is patio furniture. No doubt, such type of furniture should be first of all lightweight (in regard to rearrangement over the site) and very durable (in terms of high wear and tear factors). Teak and other woven materials can all the functional requirements for modern outdoor furniture and even more. Such furniture ensembles look stunningly in black, thus creating a beneficial accent.

Solid teak dining black furniture at the open patio deck

Black wooden furniture on the chromed steel frame is also one of the ways to design your backyard patio zone with a cozy dining set. Glossy frames of the pieces are a great choice for concrete or light tiled ground.

Chromed legs and plastic top for black table and chair group for patio zone

At the other hand, the opposite color distribution with white top and black steel frame of the sofa and table can be a winning solution too.

White cushions and black from for corner sofa at the open patio with low black framed table

Instead of rounding up and trying to say something meaningful, we can just remind once more that there are no “ideal solutions”.  Any black furniture, blacktopped or with chrome frame, lacquered or matte painted, modern or classic style – any piece or set can look advantageously when fit.

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