Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element

Modern houses and apartments are already inconceivable without living flowers and plants. There is a variety of decorative items made for their placement. And the most obvious of them are, of course, flower stands. The most popular among them are table-, wall- and floor option that allow not only to place pots with flowers, but also to fill the interior with beauty. Choosing a flower stand as functional & interior decorating element for yourself, first of all, you need to decide how you want to place the vases on the stands.

Two cute flower beds made of steel rods Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element. Unusual form for the metal construction in the futuristic style Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element. Green painted bicycle as the flower bed Simple twine woven pot for the flower bouquet Glass jar for the field flower bouquet Wooden stand on metal base

Undoubtedly, the most economical option in terms of area is wall mounts. They will not clutter the space and at the same time allow filling large voids on the walls. Compositions with flowery smooth lines in the form of plant patterns have especially elegant look.

White forged bed stand hanging at the house' facade

Table stands require the presence of additional furniture – flooring, tables, pedestals or other items. For this you’ll need to allocate such a section of the room, where they will look the most harmoniously. This option is more suitable for spacious halls.

Three tier basis for the flowers in the form of multileveled cake stand

Floor models have very solid look. With their help, you can create a completely nontrivial, special interior style. Such supports are quite massive; they are both horizontal and vertical and require the allocation of a large area. This should be remembered when planning interior design.

An imitations of a coach to place the flowers Ottoman looking forged flower dtands Indoor usage of the flower stand Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element. Forged bicycle at the entrance to the private house Airy black flower stand in the open layout Classic dining room

Types of structures and varieties of fabrication materials

Forged Stands

Forged products are perhaps the most common version of the stands. And it’s not surprising, because their unusual design solutions ennobling the interior, giving individuality and a special charm to it, and also perfectly fit into almost any situation.

Swing-like metal framed stand for the plants

To make decorative forged products, use different types of materials and blanks:

Strips and a rod of a square cross-section are made of elements with even, clear edges. Look at such items very massive, solid and thorough, so they often make floor large stands for strict classical rooms.

Forged stands for the outdoor use

The round rod is a more elegant material, from which products with an abundance of bent elements are created. Visually, such things are perceived easier, their style is freer and better suited for romantic interior design.

Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element. Forged stools and table base as well as the flower bed composition

Thick wire and complicated elements from it are an excellent material for wall mounted models, because they look very refined and exquisite. Author’s work of the finest details can appear unique and decorative, the composition of drawings and various styles seem, at times, almost alive.

Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element. Strong steel wire woven basis for the plants

Additional elements – flowers, balls, leaves, rosettes, peaks, spirals and even forged animals and insects can be used by the master to give maximum decorativeity to the stands.

Forged metal construction for the outdoor usage to grow plants The egg-like forged flower standBlack forged construction for flower support for three pots

Wooden Stands

They’re ideal for eco, country and other rustic styled interiors with natural motifs. Such stands can not only be purchased in the store, but you can try to make absolutely stunning products with your own hands. The raw materials for the latter can be untreated twigs and tree trunks. For fans of working with wood there are lots of ideas for these masterpieces. Examples of some of them are presented in the following photos.

Simple and concise design of white metal flower stand Totally unusual naturalistic design of the flower stand of tree branches Tree trunks as the cacti stands

Multi-storey floor structures

Depending on the number of vases available, the stands can be single, double, multiple. Moreover, the flowers on them can be placed on one or different levels.

A real bunch of flowerbeds at one place in the basis Strict lines for the forged green flower stand in futuristic design for geometry lovers Staircase looking forged metal flower stands

Pendant constructions

If you are an admirer of free spaces, a sense of lightness and weightlessness in the interior, pendant stands are just what you need.

Wooden plant stand on the metall frame The metall installation with the frames for flower bed placement as the space saving idea Suspended wooden plate on the rope to place a flowerbed

Creative solutions for your interior

A little bit of creative imagination, inspiration, creative approach and you can get your own spectacular and unusual products, for example, like the following.

DIY floristics with the metal and wooden wall suspending flower stand incandescent lamp shell as successful example of flower bed Withe woven stand for torn flowers Mere bulbs suspnded at the tree with flowers Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element. Stork nest looking design DIY metal flower stand in the form of fawn Peculiar metal rod as the basement for the glass jar as flower vase Chemical flask as the vase for the flower Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element. You and me made of steel in the garden

How to evaluate the quality of products when buying?

Determined with the model of the stand, it is important to evaluate the quality of the product (at least superficially). Generally, the manufacturers make the surfaces perfectly smooth during manufacture. However, they prefer to intentionally leave traces of a hammer and other tools on some models of forged stands.

All joints, as well as additional fastening parts, should provide excellent strength and reliability. Check that the stand does not stagger. Forged models should not have irregularities, sharp edges and burrs in all places of welding.

Ac ouple of levels in the pleasant looking flower bed of metal The bench looking metal construstion with two surfaces for flowers

The next step is the quality of the coating. Metal products are covered with special compounds, preventing the appearance of rust. Wood can also be painted or varnished. Often manufacturers use enamels and paints of various colors: traditional black, luxurious gold, restrained white, stylish silver. Of course, the colors can be completely of any kind – it’s all a matter of taste of the customer and the author.

Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element. White metal forged tricyle Cloroful tiny frames of the flower stands

The paint layer should be smooth, without swelling and chipping. All parts and joints must also be perfectly painted.

It is very important to assess the balance of the stand – note that it rests securely on the surface and does not tip over even with a slight jolt.

Forged stand looking like BBQ Outdoor exquisite flower stand

Maintenance of such products is trite – it is enough to ensure the dryness of all surfaces. Be sure to wipe the shelves after watering the flowers, and the stand will serve you for many more years.

Original, tastefully selected stands are able to give the interior refinement and unique individuality, so be sure to take care of a worthy support for your plants.

Flower Stand as Functional & Interior Decorating Element. Lantern looking high black metal forged construction for the garden Nice looking metal forged wall flower stand resembling the top of medieval gate Porch forged flower stand


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