Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice

The color of ivory is relevant at all times. Fashion for tender milky-white shades does not pass with an endless succession of trend changes. The fact is that a noble and yet laconic shade of white color is relevant in any room – in the bedroom or living room, kitchen or hallway, in a nursery or bathroom. At the same time, it does not matter what style of design you choose – the ivory color will look organic both in the luxury of the classical environment and in the ultramodern variations of the design of living quarters. Another important advantage of ivory is associated with its compatibility – you can combine a noble shade with any colors – from gentle pastel tones to bright and dark shades. If you decide to use the color ivory while designing the interior of any room of your home, then our impressive selection of 50 design projects of rooms with a variety of functional loads can inspire you.


Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Classic American styled living with fireplace and dark wooden coffee table

Ivory Shades and Its Combinations With Other Colors

Before deciding whether the ivory in your room will be a backdrop for brightly colored decisions or it must be combined with other colors from the palette of pastel shades, you need to understand the color itself. Only at first glance, it may seem that the color of ivory is unambiguous. However, it has many shades.

Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. gray and beige combination with small ivory addition for casual styled living Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Coffered ceiling for American styled large living room with black metal and glass coffee table

Beige ivory is similar to the natural color of light skin (not for a reason such a name is used in the production of various cosmetics). The most favorable shades for combination with it will be the following:

  • mocha;
  • light beige with warm notes;
  • chocolate shade (dark brown with a light yolk);
  • gray-violet;
  • anthracite gray;
  • terracotta;
  • light orange;
  • “Dirty”-lilac or with an admixture of leaden hue;
  • blue hydrangea.

Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Gray color tints palette in the mid-century styled living Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Large open space dining room with gray-beige background

Ivory which is also called “paper” (such a shade is accepted for use in printed products) has a cool white hue. It is great for creating contrasting combinations with the following colors:

  • black;
  • gray;
  • yellow-green (rich pistachio);
  • lead-lilac;
  • deep shades of purple.

Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Dark gray wall in the noble looking large bedroom Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Gorgeous murals in the doorway arch of the light finished bedroom Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Simple classic design of the dining room

Cream-brown ivory can be combined with the hints of the khaki group as well as:

  • dark brown;
  • gray-green;
  • gray-blue;
  • a cold shade of pink;
  • pure yellow;
  • lavender.

Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Forged black chandelier as an accent in Classic designed living with red round coffee table Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Gray decorated kitchen with monolith furniture

Peach ivory has a very pleasant shade and is perfectly combined with group of shades of:

Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Light decoration and complex lighting of the open layout living with different zones Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Classic interior style with vintage furniture and impressionistic picture over the fireplace

Pinkish Ivory blends harmoniously with different shades of fairly common colors:

  • brown (chocolate tones);
  • gray;
  • pink.

Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Impressionism styled colorful picture to decorate the living

If we talk about the combination of ivory with wooden surfaces (or its spectacular imitation), then bleached oak is ideal for creating light, pastel images, and for contrasting interior design. The ivory can be effectively combined with dark walnut and wenge varieties.

Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. First floor of the private house with gray finished walls and built-in lighting Artificial stone trimmed accent wall with TV-set in front of the white upholstered sofa Ivory Interior Decoration Ideas, Photos, Advice. Light decorated kitchen with big zoning island

Use Ivory in Different Rooms

The main advantage of ivory lays in its unobtrusiveness. Whatever you use this color for interior decoration it will not bother you for many years. The color of ivory serves as an excellent background for bright or contrasting furnishings as wall decoration. It can be chosen in the form of a color for the execution of furniture (cabinet, upholstered) or decor, textile decoration of windows, or a berth – much will depend on the encirclement of the ivory, its color companions. By itself, the shade is neutral, noble, capable of creating an easy relaxed atmosphere of the room which at the same time looks luxurious and fresh.

 Black colored chest of drawers in the dining room with turquoise set of chairs Accent wall with fireplace and LCD-screen with different backdrop finishings

Living Room

The color of ivory as a background for the creation of the interior of the living room is suitable for conservative lovers of classics and those whose priorities are constantly changing. For those people who want to often update the appearance of the home, place new accents. Ivory as the paint of the walls is suitable for any interior stylistic direction. Choose a durable ivory finishing material and you will need to only periodically change the color of the textile (curtains or sofa cushions), carpet, or decorative elements to create a completely new mood and character of the living room.

Pictures at the beige wall Granite decoration of the accent wall with TV

Milky-white shades look noble, but at the same time unobtrusively. But it is not worthwhile to perform the entire interior of the living room in light colors, even in a very modest room. Ivory perfectly combines with natural materials (or their analogs with a high level of imitation). Use dark wood for decorating floors or highlighting structural elements – door and window openers, interior doors or partitions, ceiling beams, skirting boards, and moldings.

Wooden constructed zoning partition Dark walnut wall parquet and ceiling beams in the open layout designed cottage Open ceiling beams of dark noble woo in CLassic designed living

Another way to add brightness to the interior, where the finish of the main surfaces is made in ivory, is the upholstery of soft furniture or colorful decorative pillows. In case the seating area of ​​the living room is represented by a large corner sofa or in addition to an ordinary sofa there are a couple of chairs then they will have a big impact on the formation of the color palette of the room.

White designed living room in pop-art style with colorful painted wall inlays Turquoise curtains and decorative items, upholstering of furniture of the casual designed living room

The palette of ivory shades is excellent for those who are not yet sure of their design abilities, especially the ability to harmoniously select the tones and their combinations. By choosing the color of ivory as the main background for the living room and choosing neutral colors for furniture and decor, you will never lose it. A calm and balanced design will be durable and relevant. Let no one call this drawing room creative or bold in design, but the main thing is that it is comfortable for everyone – the color palette does not tire, bright and colorful combinations do not excite the nervous system, allowing you to relax from the city noise and advertising illuminations.

Picture of different size collection in the neat ivory finished living with carpeting


In the bedroom, where the main goal of the majority of the owners is to create the most relaxing atmosphere, ivory will be more than appropriate. It is great for finishing surfaces of walls or ceiling. Against this backdrop, it is easy to make the central piece of furniture (a bed) the main interior element. Even the soft shades of textiles as the decoration of windows and bed will look accentuated.

Casual designed gray bedroom with king sized bed and quilted ottoman Pale blue finished walls and crystal chandelier in the Classic bedroom

If you are afraid to overdo with light shades so that the bedroom does not turn into one solid foggy spot without clear boundaries and dark inlays to focus the look, use the color in the elements that are easiest to replace – the textile design of the sleeper and the window openings.

Unexpectedly lime colored ceiling in white bedroom Small bedroom with colorful carpeting

If your bedroom has a sufficient area and a large window (and, perhaps, there are more than one), then you can use deep dark shades to combine with the ivory. The contrasting interior looks respectable and modern at the same time. Saturated colors perfectly set off a noble milky-white shade, giving the entire room a touch of refinement and luxury even with the most modest choice of furniture and decoration.

Dark blue wall decoration in the classic bedroom with dark wooden bed

The color of ivory is an excellent background for any bright elements. But also it is good as a companion for creating accent surfaces too. In the bedroom, such a surface is most often the wall behind the head of the bed. Both the interior of the room can be diversified and you will not have a bright spot in front of your eyes that interferes with relaxation and falling asleep.

Orange finished wall in the bedroom with low bed and fluffy soft ottoman

If your bedroom is located on the south or south-west side of the building and most of the time the room is well illuminated by the sun’s rays, then the combination of ivory and light blue tones is perfect for decorating the walls. It can be both pure blue color, and a gentle shade with an admixture of gray. It all depends on the size of the room and the shade of milky white, which can be present on the ceiling, partly on the walls, emphasize the main tone, and also be the color of the furniture, textiles.

Coffered ceiling in the typical classic interior design of the bedroom with pale blue walls Modern design is also possible with light blue walls

Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen area of ​​ivory looks not just light, but sterile clean, fresh, and even weightless. Considering that the main color of the kitchen is determined by the shade of the facades occupying most of the space, the selection of the ivory for the execution of the furniture set becomes decisive in the formation of a bright image of the room. The kitchen looks noble and luxurious, regardless of whether you have chosen a modern style of smooth facades or the classic execution of doors for storage systems with respective design of the entire room.

Yellow low chairs in the classic set kitchen with large island dark island Green chairs in the light decorated kitchen with planked ceiling Charming ivory colored classic kitchen furniture set in American classic style

In order to shade the noble milky-white shades of ivory, the dark execution of the kitchen countertops is perfect. Wenge or walnut can be used to create island countertops or bar counter, as well as the entire lower tier of kitchen cabinets. The entire dining group or just the table or chairs in the dining area can be performed of ​​these dark wood sorts.

White top and dark bottom decorated classic kitchen Light kitchen finish with blue painted walls

The opposite approach is related to the fact that the color of the ivory in the kitchen with the dark or bright facades of the cabinets should be dosed. In this case, ivory can be used for the execution of tabletops or a dining table, the facade of a kitchen island or a peninsula and, of course, as a background for a furniture ensemble – the decoration of walls, ceiling, and even a backsplash.

Light wooden classic kitchen decoration with glossy floor

In the spacious kitchen, you can use a rich color finish in order to emphasize the nobility of milky white shades of ivory. Some contrast will only benefit the image of the room.


The bathroom in milky-white colors is a symbol of cleanliness and freshness, nobility and luxury. In a small room for water procedures, the color of the ivory helps to visually increase the space. In a large-sized bathroom, the ivory will help to create a truly aristocratic look of an incredibly comfortable room with a relaxing atmosphere. If the ivory is used as the color of the walls, then for the floor covering it is better to choose a darker tile and the dark wood-trimmed facades of the storage systems (vanity under the sink). But in some cases, the ivory is used almost entirely: mainly for the design of small utilitarian spaces.

White classic open layout space with modular furniture Arched passway into the bathroom

If the area of ​​the bathroom allows, you can use the reverse contrast combination: choose dark or saturated bright color of the walls, and finish the ceiling and the floor in one of the shades of ivory.

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