Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas

The bar table is a godsend for the kitchen interior. It can replace the usual table in a small room. And in a large kitchen, it can divide the space into cooking and relaxing areas​​. It creates a relaxed atmosphere for chatting with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and looks original and stylish. Worktop, color, texture, and shape looks great and they can significantly vary too. Chromed columns and consoles have a very impressive look either. It is a wonderful railing system for modern bar counter kitchen design ideas. The design of the tube and movable hooks is very user-friendly. They can hang all kitchen items, which will be at hand all the time. These can be glasses, wine glasses, coffee cups, ice tongs, straws, bottles of beer, or wine, which at the top illumination shimmer in different lights. Create a festive mood. Friends will be happy to come and look at the juicy interior and have some fun drinking cocktails.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas with yellow decorating panels

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas

Bar counters for the kitchen can be purchased as part of the kitchen set. Single table top and rack of absolutely identical color looks very impressive. Yellow countertops may be a bright accent in the background of gray-blue room surfaces in a minimalist style. However, in terms of design, it is better to make a rack by separate order. Then it is possible to take into account all features of the interior and the configuration space and to create a model in any style.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas real photo example

For the manufacture of the bar for the kitchen modern professionals use different materials. Plastic and metal, stone, tile, laminate. Corian is often chosen as lining. You can put a glass structure in any kitchen, which will not only decorate the room but also will create a sense of airy weightlessness of visually increased space.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas. Corian usage for manufacturing the kitchen set

Racks differ in form and design. With straight and rounded edges, single-leveled and multileveled, they can fit any room. The task of the stands (racks) is to relieve a horizontal surface as much as possible and to draw attention to the vertical space. Cabinets and shelves are convenient, but they should not be too much. A high rack to the ceiling is improper in a standard small apartment.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas. Black and white interior with medium rack

When selecting the bar the most important thing is to sustain a harmonious interior, taking into account the materials, colors, and shapes of all the furniture. The model of juicy flavor will be a brighten accent the interior, while the reception of light tones creates an atmosphere of airy space.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas. Soothing light green surfaces of the kitchen furniture

kitchen interior

The color scheme of bar stools for the kitchen and table tops is usually the same. Surfaces of the table and counters in one color theme have harmonious look and create a single ensemble. It can be interesting and sharp combinations when black countertop and racks look stylishly in the white kitchen.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas. Contrasting color palette in the interior

Model selection depends on the size and configuration of the room. If the kitchen has an uncomfortable corner layout, so the bar will adjust this shortcoming. The stand will fence off part of the room so that you`ll get a more comfortable functional area bounded by an additional work surface. In the tiny kitchen, you can use different design methods. To put a small rack with chrome legs and without shelves. This will increase the surface of the corner kitchen units and save space at the expense of the retracted dinner table. A full high bar with numerous cupboards, shelves will clutter the already small space. But the lightweight, compact mini-rack is perceived as something weightless, giving the impression of spaciousness.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas. Wooden multifunctional kitchen furniture

The тear-wall model will be the best option for the small kitchen with a standard placement of objects. The design consists of a wall-mounted tabletop, sliding into the room. It can also go directly along the wall. Meanwhile, the stand will continue the work surface. The space becomes uncongested, you win some space. Worktop height will depend on the height of your chairs. If the chairs are of standard size, the rack should be slightly lowered then. For bar stools with high legs the bar should be lifted a little bit.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas. Double countertop in strict corresponding with bar stools height

Functional areas are usually allocated in a large space. It is easy to make delineation of zones with the help of the bar too. Often the kitchen area is allocated in the center of a large room using an open bar. Here emerges some island where you can cook, wash dishes while guests can watch the cooking of meals and cocktails. The closed design is more functional, has a plurality of compartments, but it looks massive and slightly overloads the room. Usually, island-stand has a working area at the height of floor cabinets, which is the first level of the bar. Its second level is located above, where is actually a bar.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas. Island layout of the kitchen with bar counter

Bar counter allows economical and functional use of every inch of the small narrow galley kitchen. This can be achieved using a parallel arrangement of kitchen furnishings. It forms two rows of objects as the bar and the work surface. Enclosed design with a variety of cabinets and shelves will be appropriate here. The color and style of the rack must match the overall design of the kitchen furniture. The stand replaces the table and will save space.

Modern Bar Counter Kitchen Design Ideas. Unusual wooden solution for the kitchen interior with rounded bar countertop

The elaborated design of the bar helps to create home comfort and coziness in the kitchen.

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