Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas

We can use a loft style design motifs not only for the areas that were once industrial warehouses or factory shops. Especially if you have free attic space. Bring the industrial aesthetics of the dwelling, located under the roof of an apartment building is not big problem. But it is important when using the loft elements for decoration of living space not to forget about the warmth and comfort, about visual appeal, about the warmth of home furnishings, about a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We would like to show you exactly such a difficult style mix on example of the loft studio apartment interior design ideas. Let`s begin our review of this attic apartment moving from one room to another starting, as usual, with an entrance hall – a visiting card of any home.

Hallway of the loft apartment

According to the classics of the genre of loft studio apartment interior design ideas, it should actively involve following design techniques:

  • concrete surfaces without finishing;
  • brick wall as an accent or as a primary way to design vertical surfaces;
  • paraded communications and engineering systems;
  • the use of bright colors (mostly white) to create accents in decoration or as a pitch;
  • open layout of the main premises.

Masonry is one of the key elements in the use of style loft at arrangement of premises. Wall decor looks spectacular against the background of the brick walls, and the furniture looks more expressive.

Long corridor with masonry walls decorated with empty picture frames

Passing the hall, we find ourselves in a space that serves as a living room, kitchen and dining room in one. Due to the location directly under the roof of the building, most of the rooms have a strong slant of the ceiling, which affects the possibility of placing a functional segment in available space. Logically, storage system and a soft seating areas of the living room are arranged in the area with the lowest ceiling height.

Skylight of the loft industrial apartment interior

Enough daylight permeates through a window in the roof in a recreation area living room to be able to not only be in the room without turning on the lighting in the daytime, but also to read while sitting on the couch. The ceiling of the room was left without finishing not by chance. Concrete surfaces is one of the main features of the space design in an industrial manner.

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in real photos

Another feature of the loft studio apartment interior design ideas is the effect used in the design of living spaces – a brick wall, which has become an excellent backdrop for showcasing collectibles of the homeowner.

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in real photos. Decorative wall with cigarette packs

TV video area and storage is located In the front of roomy corner sofa. Using only the concrete surfaces as a finishing (or rather lack of it) is hard enough to reside in a room, a visual space seems colder than it actually is. In order to bring a bit of natural heat into the situation in the living room is best to use a wooden board (or its qualitative counterpart) as a floor covering.

224 Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in real photos. Decorative wall with cigarette packs. Playzone with TV and countertop for personal things and trifles

Living plants are actively used in the space of this loft apartment. Lush green not only helps to create a fresh and attractive atmosphere of the premises, but also looks spectacular against the backdrop of concrete surfaces, or brick walls.

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in real photos do not devoid of natural greenery

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in the kitchen and bath areas

Then we get into the kitchen segment area where the furniture ensemble is located in the corner lay with the peninsula on the one side and the bar in the other. The eclecticism of this functional area contributes as a stylistic and variety of colors in the overall image of the entire room.

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in real photos. Sloped ceiling in the studio kitchen zone

The use of ceramic tiles for finishing kitchen backsplash is a practical and attractive design solution. A white “Metro” tile with beveled rims is one of those win-win design ideas that integrate seamlessly into any interior.

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in real photos. Original DIY kitchen utensils are good decorative items

The open plan makes it possible not only to maintain a sense of freedom and space in a single room, but also to create zones with different functional contents in close proximity to each other. For example, a peninsula kitchen area, which is due to the extension of countertops became a place for short meals, and a bookcase in the living room area. Placing floor lamp tripod next to the books storage, you can easily organize place for reading which can be attributed to both the living room and the kitchen.

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in real photos. Overall glance at the apartment all in one

A narrow bar, leaning against the back of the lower tier of the kitchen cabinets is a simple interior element, consisting of two boards. But the functionality of this segment is truly great. Here you can organize a place for breakfast and other short meals. Here owners can do business, considering the presence of outlets and the ability to connect laptops. If there is a party in apartment, the bar can be used at its direct purpose and to serve as stand for snacks.

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in real photos. Small kitchen with wooden top and eclectic notes in finishing Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas in real photos. Unique kitchen bar of wood for additional activity

In the bathroom, which is located next to the kitchen space, finishing of one of the walls repeats bright shade, which has already been allocated to the back of the kitchen. Finishing utilitarian premises made using ceramic tiles of various modifications – granite mimics concrete surfaces and tiles “metro” in a glossy scarlet variant acts as an accent.

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Kitchen and bath tilesLoft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Creative elements for real artists

There is also a shower, decorated with the help of porcelain with a matte and glossy surfaces, mimicking concrete finish.

Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Bathroom in silver painted large tile

The bedroom is a separate room with a complicated shape, sloping ceiling and skylight. Not only the asymmetrical shape of the room, but that presence of only one window pushes designers and homeowners to use lighter palette for finishing the sleeping space. White color for decoration of the ceiling, walls and bed stands textiles, almost the only winning goal. Wooden floor boards, live plants and wicker baskets bring a bit of the natural warmth into the atmosphere of the room to sleep and rest, creating a variety of color and texture in the image of the apparently ascetic mens bedroom.Loft Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Men`s design of the bedroom

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