Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas

One of the most valuable breeds of African wood gave the name to the dark shades used for the execution of furniture, decoration materials, doors, and various interior elements. Noble dark shades of wenge can not only effectively emphasize the geometry of the room, but also bring luxury and nobility into the image of the interior. African dark wood is known for its technological qualities – strength, durability, and wear resistance. But its wide popularity is due, first of all, to the original natural pattern, deep dark shades, and original texture. Nowadays, not only residents of Europe and America actively use the “wenge” name for decorating their dwellings. Many people around the world are also able to appreciate the beauty and luxury of African wood. It is difficult to find a manufacturer of cabinet and recessed furniture, in the model-lines of which there would not be Wenge models. But African wood is expensive. Not every average citizen can afford purchasing furniture made of natural material. Imitations of dark wood are performed at a very high level: it is impossible to distinguish between the natural material and the analog. Thanks to this, anyone can decorate the interior of his home with furniture, parquet, doors, beams, or any other architectural or decoration solution of this noble and slightly dramatic color.


Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Calm and relaxing atmosphere with dark accents

Features of Wenge Color

What is the associated color of wenge used for decoration of residential interiors? First of all, they are laconism, strictness, conservatism and restraint luxury, and prestige. If you want to create an image of a room in which stability, rigor, and respectability will not be ambiguous, the wenge color is your choice. You just need to decide how you want to apply this deep and laconic tone. Whether you prefer to create a floor covering or to build furniture, to make a contrast design of the whole room or to single out only one detail?

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Noble dark wood for modern kitchen Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Studio apartment with different by stylistic and color zones

The color of wenge is often called masculine. It really has a lot of brutalities and even stiffnesses. It is hardly suitable for decorating even minor elements of the interior of the maid’s bedroom or boudoir, but it will look luxurious in the living room, kitchen or dining room, office, and even a bathroom. Many of us, with the phrase “Wenge color”, most often associate a dark brown, almost black hue. But African timber is very ambivalent. Its structure is rather complicated. Depending on the lighting and the accompanying colors, the wenge can appear in the form of a shade of bitter chocolate, a coal-ashy tone, or almost black.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Unique designed large studio with multileveled ceiling and large table and with bench Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Large mirror in the bathroom with raw treated wooden vanity Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Casual styled bedroom with dark furniture set in front of it

Wenge color palette has a narrow, but very “dramatic” range of shades – from chocolate (dark brown) to almost black, with a light purple tint. The genuine African timber has even a special slight glow due to the finest golden veins visible only through the magnifying glass.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Hi-tech kitchen with dark wooden facades

But whatever the choice of the shade of the wenge color, one thing is clear: the entire spectrum is represented by rather dark and heavy tones. That’s why designers recommend using this noble color dosed and combined with light colors. For example, if an indoor floor covering is made in one of wenge shades, then the walls and ceiling should be light. This approach not only helps not to “load” the image of the room but also visually increases the height of the ceilings of the room. But the white color also has many shades. If you need to create a warm, albeit contrasted picture of the room, then you need to choose a wenge from the “chocolate palette”, and white from the milk group. If you need a strict, intentionally dynamic interior, then a snow-white tone combined with a dark brown, almost black wenge will be the best combination.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Unusual mix of styles in the dining room with round table and plastic chairs Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Dark wooden frame instead of the headboard

Wenge for the Execution of Cabinet and Built-in Furniture

Most often, wenge color is used in the manufacturing of cabinet- and built-in furniture. Cabinets, kitchen sets and small tables, storage systems of various modifications, dining and writing tables, chairs and mini-chairs, beds, and any other pieces of furniture with a frame – the Wenge color is suitable for all parameters of designing in modern style. Wenge furniture is most logical to use in an interior with a light finish. The dark severity of African wood can be presented most effectively this way. But finally, it is your choice whether to use color accents in such a contrasting image of the room.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Classic styled dining room with wooden chairs Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. All dark brown color palette of the kitchen Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Angular kitchen with dark facades of the lower tier

However, the color of wenge as a shade for the execution of kitchen facades has its own drawbacks. The wenge decorated surfaces will require special care. The fact is that on the dark doors of the cupboards you would see even dried up water drops and fingerprints. Another nuance of using kitchen facades of Wenge color is associated with the use of natural wood. If you are a happy owner of furniture made of natural material, you will have to take care that it does not fall under direct sunlight. Color can be burnt out in the sun and brighten significantly over time.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Beautiful mix of natural materials in the large bathroom with tiled floor and dark wooden furniture set Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Dark wooden shelving in the living room

Furniture Ensembles

One of the most popular options for using wenge colors in modern furniture production is the execution of kitchen sets. Whether it is a ready-made furniture solution or an ensemble of custom-designed storage systems, but the stylish, respectable, and laconic appearance of your kitchen will be provided. Brightness can be added due to the execution of the kitchen splashback in a colorful scheme or by the choice of a color solution for textiles. It can be curtains for windows, tablecloths for a dining table, upholstery of bar stools, etc.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Kitchen island with dark sides in the hi-tech interior Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Hi-tech minimalsitic atmosphere in the suburb private house

Wenge has an incredibly positive effect on the formation of the interior in terms of emphasizing the geometry of the room. Dark shades seem to discipline the overall design, give rigor and orderliness to the picture of the interior. The space looks stylish, laconic, but at the same time, it’s exquisite and respectable.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Hi-tech kitchen

If you use wenge color for the execution of the lower tier of kitchen cabinets and opt for a light tint for a higher level of storage systems, you can achieve a visual increase of the height of the kitchen.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. l-shaped kitchen with darkened low furniture level

Even the lightest shades of wenge color are quite dark for the performance of a large kitchen ensemble. If the furniture set takes most of the room and even occupies space from floor to ceiling, it is necessary to “dilute” the dark facades with fittings, glass inserts on the doors of the upper tier. The kitchen will have a very strict and even gloomy look with absolutely smooth facades.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Ultramodern funriture set for contrasting kitchen Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Successful modern interior of the kitchen with dark noble wooden trimming and furniture Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Unusually set kitchen with dark laminate and long furniture set

But wenge color looks luxuriously as the main tone of storage systems not only in kitchen spaces. For example, the vanities in the bathrooms can be executed in dark tones, thus emphasizing the brightness of the whiteness of the sanitary ware. A dark color can be repeated in the mirror frames or a pair of open shelves next to it in order to create a harmonious image of the utilitarian room.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Bathroom atmosphere with noble stone tile and the dark wooden symmetrically located furniture Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Glass and wood in the richly styled bathroom Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Shower zone and the vanity in the small bathroom

You can choose absolutely smooth storage facades for a modern style of bathroom design. The interior will only benefit if the vanities under the sinks will be the only dark spots in the bright bathroom design.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Shower zone with light marble and rest of the space in dark in the modern bathroom

Another type of furniture ensemble that can be decorated with wenge color is a bedroom set. The composition of the finished furniture solution usually includes a bed, a pair of bedside tables, and a wardrobe. The bulky cabinet is replaced with a compact chest of drawers in some ensembles. It fully depends on the dimensions of the room and its layout. But it is important to understand that this furniture solution can withstand a fairly spacious bedroom with good natural lighting. For smaller rooms, it is better to choose a wenge color furniture as a dark accent. Only a bed, a chest of drawers, or pedestals will be dark spots on a light background of the bedroom.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Dark wooden bed in the large bedroom Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Soft quilted headboard in the bedroom Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Canopy bed

If in most standard apartments there was a possibility of allocating a separate room for the arrangement of a dressing room or it would be enough room in the bedroom for the design of a similar zone, the color of the wenge could be recommended for the execution of numerous storage systems. Furniture ensembles for wardrobe in dark chocolate or ash-black color look respectable, impressive, expensive, but at the same time laconically.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Nice dark wardrobe stylistic

Wenge as an Accent

The wenge color is noble, strict and at the same time refined. But not every owner can use it a lot. Most often, the sizes of rooms in standard apartments do not allow a large number of dark surfaces. The solution is in using furniture or small structures in dark colors as accent elements. For example, this could be the facade of a kitchen island or peninsula in the kitchen.

Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Prominent rustic atmosphere in the private house Wenge Color Modern Interior Design Ideas. Scandinavian notes in the Contemporary styled kitchen

A dark accent can be created by the execution of countertops from African wood (or its spectacular counterparts) in the kitchen space. Against the background of light facades, this accent will look especially impressive.

Two basic colors: Wenge and steel gray for the modern hi-tech kitchen interior Chess floor and dark tabletop in the kitchen

In the dining room or dining area, a dining table can become an accent within the combined space. Any serving looks great on the dark surface of African wood. From the standpoint of choosing chairs for such a table, you can go in two ways. The first one is connected with the choice of chairs or mini-chairs from a similar material, which will create a harmonious dining group. The second way involves a contrasting version of the chairs – light (usually snow-white, looking especially dazzling on the background of the dark table) or colorful – all depends on the design of the whole room.

Dark gray color scheme for the Casual style kitchen Wenge table and colorful chairs Dining room with laternative chandelier in the form of wood branch Dark chairs in the modern interior

Such an accent element can be a coffee table or a small storage system in the living room…

Low large wenge coffe table in the center of the living room with the fireplace Open ceiling beams in the high modern studio living of the private house

A desk or a work console can appear as a dark spot in the home office or in the workplace area within the combined space…

Wenge stairway rails and table Home office with business atmosphere and dark nobility of natural finishing materials

Wenge Shade Decoration for a Modern Home

Another popular direction of using African wood for the design of living spaces is the finishing of various surfaces. Obviously, even the most spacious and bright room can’t take the decoration of the walls in such a dark execution. Therefore, wenge is most often used to create an accent. Designers highlight beams or supports, mount insets from laminate coatings, and use moldings of dark tones. Wenge can be used only for the installation of ceiling beams if we speak about finishing the ceiling. But you can safely use dark colors of a parquet board or laminate for a floor covering.

White funriture facades and wenge laminate in the kitchen Wenge decorated front door wall


As a finishing material, wenge color is most often used to create floor coverings. Bright or colored furniture, any decorative elements looks the most spectacular on a dark background of the floors. In addition, the dark execution of the floors, together with the light walls and the ceiling, gives a visual increase in the height of the room, which is very important for apartments of standard planning.

Classic setting in the large living room with some wenge accents Home office with private zone and office desk

Wenge color is used to create spectacular imitations of African wood. Such flooring can be used in living rooms…

Azure and wenge color mixing creates unusual non-trivial interior atmosphere Absolutely dark African styleis impossible without wenge color decoration

In bedrooms and children’s rooms…

Wenge bed border and the crimson thematic of the bedroom decoration Dark olive accent wall painting and the wenge decoration of the modern bedroom

In kitchens and dining rooms…

Unusual Classic design for the large dining room with starburst chandelier and wooden surfaces

Within the auxiliary premises – hallway, corridors and spaces near the stairs…

wenge floor for the Casual decorated hallway Stone tiling of the walls Modern classic with sparkling white walls and wenge floor

Ceramic granite tiles, imitating not only the color but also the texture of African wood, are used for bathrooms and toilets.

Wenge colored doors to the bathroom

As a wall decoration, wenge color is rarely used even for creating accent surfaces. Not every room can afford such a dark performance – you need not only the broad space of the room itself, but also a high level of illumination (one panoramic or a pair of standard windows, at least). But if such conditions are met, then you can create a truly non-trivial interior of the room, with original decoration and some drama in the atmosphere.

Wenge headboard with streaks in the wood Dark wenge panels for the accent wall in theliving room

Constructive Elements

One of the most popular variants of execution of constructive elements of an interior in dark color is the use of interior doors. Obviously, the wenge colored door on a light background of finishing inevitably becomes an accent element. Beautiful models with moldings and various inserts bring a touch of luxury even to the most neutral design of the room. Solid door sheets in a dark color order space, make it stricter, geometrically stressed, concise.

Accentual dark door in the bedroom

An effective, contrast, dynamic, and at the same time non-trivial way of creating an original ceiling design is the use of ceiling beams in wenge color. Decoration of the ceiling infrequently can become an accent in the interior. But with the help of deep chocolate or brown-black shades of wenge, this design method is easy to apply. But it is important to understand that such a ceiling design is suitable only for spacious rooms with sufficient height, otherwise, the dark beams will visually “press” towards everyone present.

Dark wenge open ceiling beams in the large living Classic calm living room atmosphere with slight dark wooden notes

Another way to introduce contrast and clarity of geometry into the decoration of rooms is to select certain surfaces using skirting boards, moldings, framing windows and doorways (casings), columns, and supports using dark shades of wenge.

Open layout of the private house's living room with dark frames of the windows and doors Modern home entrance with dark laminated floor Dark wooden setting of the entrance and mud zone in the private house

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