Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas

Arches occupy a special place among the decorative elements of the modern interior. The arched design gives the space, elegance and comfort to the room. You can pick up the arch design that will not only organically fit into the image of the room, but it will be the focal center, the highlight of the chosen area literally in any design style of apartment or home.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Classic wooden design of the hall in the private house with glass door

Translated from the Latin word “Raca” means a bend/arch/vault, and that`s how we imagine the classic version of this structure. But in the modern interior there would be found the space for the arches of various modifications. They can be made of wood, stone, brick and even drywall. There are plenty ways to decorate your home, without sacrificing comfort and a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. In this publication we will try to provide the maximum possible ideas in the design of interior arches.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Brickwork and wood - natural materials brings soldity

Internal arch is a stylish and elegant solution for a modern interior. It is perfect for creating an open design. Arch separates the functional segments of the home, but it does not allow a sense of common space to leave the premises. There are rooms that can dispense with internal doors and only benefit from their absence in every apartment or house. For example, combining the kitchen and dining room or living room and hallway. Some homes can be complemented with arch doorways in utilitarian spaces style. By installing interior arches and removing partitions you expand the space, increase each functional area, but leave it in its place.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Nice white atmosphere with gray inclusion

Interior room arches decoration ideas. Choosing the material

The choice of material for the arch structure directly affects by structures of the walls themselves, their thickness, size and shape of the curved arch. Many materials have limitations not only in terms of the weight of the structure but also the complexity of creating an arch shape. In the construction of interior arches can participate the following materials:

  • stone;
  • brick;
  • drywall;
  • metal profiles;
  • tree;
  • glass;

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Unusual red upholstered furniture continues the smooth forms of the architectural ideas

The easiest, faster and cheaper way is to produce arched structure made of plasterboard. After sewing the curved arch of this material the final finish can be varied. You can trim it with a wood, cover with mosaics or decorative plaster. Even to use a light or artificial stone wall panel imitating brick, marble or wooden surface.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Yellow lighting of the kitchen zone separated by nice vault

Stone arch looks impressive. It gives the whole room a certain way of massive solidity. Depending on the color and texture of the stone arch cover may be relevant in a variety of interior styles.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Zoning arch of brickwork in real cozy house interior photo

The first association of the arch with stone facing are related to the style of country, rural motifs and closeness to nature. But such a structure can be successfully integrated not only in the suburban housing. Classic interior of Provence, some varieties of country style and even modern style rooms look organically with a stone arch.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Sun lit warm ambience of the living room in the house

Brick arch looks great in a modern interior. It does not matter whether you decide to leave the masonry intact by treating a protective spray and varnishes or have painted the surface.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Nice crude design in the kitchen

One of the most traditional way to design an arch is wooden trim. This facility will be important in any environment – from Classic to Contemporary. a wooden arch brings the elegance and comfort into the room design. And the functional of the background of the room has no matter – is it a corridor or living room.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Wooden classic Mediterranean style

The design of the arch. Kaleidoscope of ideas for modern living

From the view of the external appearance of an arches` set, the following types of such facilities can be distinguished:


  1. Classical or Roman arch. The Romans had borrowed a lot from Greek culture and architecture, but this element can be rightly regarded as their invention. The most related to all of us in shape and design arch is a set with the correct radius and a semi-circular shape. This design contains no protruding joints and is known for simplicity and brevity of the external image. Classic arch look great in rooms with high ceilings. If you plan to install the arch in an apartment with a standard ceiling height, this is not the best idea.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Classic plaster Roman design

One option of the use the classical arch is the integration of columns and supports into the construction with a round arch. As a rule, such structures are made of wood or stone, but in a more democratic interior design can be made of drywall.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Roman vault with columns, original idea

  1. British arch or structure in the Art Nouveau style. These structures differ from classical with more elongated part of the body, the arc is straightened and has a truncated radius arch. British arch is an ideal option for rooms with low ceilings.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Restraint design of the British type

  1. Arch with ellipse element do not have rounded corners and are quite popular option in decoration of the premises. The spread of such structures is primarily associated with design flexibility. It can be used with columns, without `em, in rooms with low ceilings and spacious rooms, in combination with arches of another modification.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Elliptic type of the zoning method

A great way to isolate kitchen space without reducing valuable space of the premises is the use of arch-ellipse with columns.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Kitchen with the zoning, decoration and nice upholstered chairs

A similar structure can be used for partial separation of space boudoir, study or dressing room, located within the dormitory.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. british arch and the dog as a contrasting spot of the dark interior

One of the ellipse use variation in the construction of the arch is almost circular shape of the opening. Such structures are often used in areas where in addition to the decorative rationale of “raca”  it still has the functional role. It restricts the recreation area from the workplace, for example.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Eastern or Oriental style of the doorway

  1. Slavic arch (or “romance”) is, in fact, only a rectangular opening with rounded corners. This is one of the universal techniques of zoning spaces that will organically look both in a standard city apartment and in the ambience of a country house.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Slavic type of the vault design in the ncie classic interior atmosphere

  1. Turkish arch reminiscent of designs that adorn palaces and harems of the wealthy residents of a house in the days of the Ottoman Empire. Of course, arches of such a design requires the support of the whole interior – features of the Mediterranean style would create a more harmonious image of the room.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Turkish design in the bath

  1. Gothic arch has a sharp dome. Such structures bring originality to the interior, but are only suitable for rooms with high ceilings. Gothic arches look luxurious and become focal centers of the interior when adorned with mosaics, ceramics or stone.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Gothic sharp form of the design

  1. Arch-transom door looks like a continuation of rectangular or round shape. Typically, in the top parts we can see inserts of transparent or opaque glass. The use of glass windows, translucent plastic with a relief is also possible.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Nice transom arca photo

  1. Thai arch (or half-arch) is a structure for which one of the sides forms the right angle, and the other one is rounded. The radius of the circle can vary.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Thai semi vault design in the modern apartment

The vault itself can be decorated in various ways. The design of the drywall is often carry luminaires or LED lighting, thus ensuring not only the zoning of the premises, but also highlight the functional segment using light.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. Thick arch descoration with additional built-in lighting fixtures

Internal arch, decorated with moldings, cornices and moldings is excellent for both classical interior and for its variations.

Interior Room Arches Decoration Ideas. White plaster structure in the hallway

The combination of arched openings with other interior elements

Internal arch will organically fit into any interior, where the round shapes are already used for other elements of the interior. For example, you can use arched niches as decoration or storage, rounded shapes of glass inserts in the facades of the kitchen cabinets and cupboards also promote a balanced portrayal of space.


A perfect complement to the arched doorway and interior doors are arched structures with semicircular tops. Of course, the door with rounded arches are more expensive than conventional models. But the cost of custom design will justify itself in the form of an original and exquisite interior.


The same can be said of the rooms, where round arches are used in the construction of windows in addition to interior arches. Sleek and elegant appearance of this room is guaranteed.

Horse at the tabe. Private house dining

Arch at the entrance to the living room is perfectly in harmony with semicircular vaults in the open shelves for books. The same technique can be used for closed façades of lockers or in the form of thread or glass inserts in the doors.


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