Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas

Modern kitchen design rarely dispenses with the use of ceramic or stone tiles. It is difficult to imagine a more practical and aesthetic finish for the backsplash either. Some styles of kitchen decoration are characterized by the use of ceramics not only for the surface of the lining between the countertop and the top tier of the kitchen cabinets, but also for floors and even walls completely. To ensure protection for the kitchen surfaces from moisture and temperature changes, but do not turn the room into the bathroom or toilet. Having sustained stylistic, color and texture combinations, you must approach to the choice of ceramic or stone tiles with utmost care. That`s where our small collection can help you learn more about choosing best kitchen tile ideas.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Gray silver tone of the metallic kitchen facades and the checkered backsplash

The benefits of ceramic tiles for cladding kitchen surfaces:

  • high resistance to moisture;
  • heat resistance, resistance to temperature extremes;
  • ease of care, and the use of chemical detergents;
  • resistance to direct sunlight;
  • durability if careful handling;
  • a rich palette of colors, patterns, drawings;
  • the possibility of imitation stone, wood and glass surfaces. Glossy and matte versions.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. White facades of the cabinets, modern utensils and red chairs

But, as any facing material, from tiles have drawbacks:

  • rather high price compared with the wallpaper, paint and wall panels;
  • the impossibility of self-assembly without possessing certain skills, and therefore to the cost of the material will need to add payment professionals facing;
  • cladding process – quite dirty work;
  • if you change your mind after a couple of years, or the color of the tiles is getting bored, it will not be easy change the trim.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Modern low-key kitchen design with wooden table-stand and light finishing with black accent wall at the window

Useful tips on choosing a ceramic tile

  1. One of the basic rules of successful purchase of the decorative material is to go shopping just after you finalize the design of the room. If the interior style, color and texture of kitchen units facades, finishing of other surfaces, except for a backsplash or other planes that will be faced with stone are defined, you can proceed to the next step. Do not forget the choice of material and color of countertops. Their combination with the material of the backsplash will have considerable weight in the whole image of the kitchen. Decide – whether you want backsplash to act as contrast against countertop and facades of kitchen furniture ensemble, or to maintain the overall color scheme?

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Bewitching simple design in the modern Provence style with regular shaped overn and other items with steel surfaces

  1. When choosing a design for a future kitchen, be sure to make a plan (outline). on paper or in digital form. Today it is not difficult to find a photo of any forms of kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, lighting and other kitchen accessories in the Internet. Look how will blend the combination of the colors of furniture and the floor, walls and the backsplash specifically. May be in the process you`ll decide that zone tiling can be extended to other surfaces. It was better to be known in advance, before calculating the required amount of material. If the finishing material is used with a pattern, then no visual image is indispensable.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Fresh simple design in white tones thanks to ceramic tile and wooden parquet on the floor

  1. Never buy a tile that is called the “chock-a-block”. Of course, this material is not cheap, some collections are very expensive. But trying to save money, you can give yourself a disservice. Designers and finishing specialists not without a reason recommend to add to the estimated number of at least 10% of materials. This margin is required in case of accidental deviation, measurement errors. To buy exactly the same tile would be difficult, if the store is out of “your” product item. Color and even texture may differ from the initial estimation.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Linear layout of the contrasting furniture set and stone tile as a backsplash

  1. In order not to make a mistake in the calculation of the required amount of material, do not find yourself with extra packs that store is not going to take back. Do not fully trust the consultants in the store. An experienced salesman and his advice is a great help in the calculations, but not the ultimate truth. If the seller has made a mistake, you would hardly prove it. Since, it will not be easy to make shop accept extra tile back.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Black furniture and white contrasting walls

  1. If your will use the wall with decors, friezes and borders, try to come up with several options for the composition. This how you`ll be able not just consider a new design of the backsplash, but also to produce more accurate calculation of the necessary material.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Classic French Provence style with the mosaic composition under the hood dome

  1. Carefully inspect the entire tiles upon purchase. If, after receipt of the goods you sign the relevant documents on the delivery, later claims about the quality of the tiles would be appealed to nobody.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Futuristic and laconic design

  1. Do not take the first available size of tile that design you`ve liked. Regardless of the surface that you acquire material for, improperly chosen size of the products may spoil the impression. If the tile height or width does not fit into the frames of the backsplash or do not fit the floor space – they need to be cut according the selected image (if any). And in the end you`ll spend more money, time and energy to the surface which could not cause trouble.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Unique island layout in gray tones with all necessary appliances

  1. When measuring the wall – always apply roulette in a straight line. Check the shape and size of the kitchen room. It is enough to measure the diagonals of the room – if they are equal, the corners of your kitchen are at ninety degrees and there is nothing to worry about.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Light wooden Country style design

  1. It is obvious that when choosing tiles for any environment, we look first at the product design – the combination of colors, pattern, texture. But it is important not to forget about the technical characteristics of the coating material. In order to your facing could serve you faithfully for many years, pleasing the eye and not causing trouble, try to choose the tiles with special protection from chemicals exposure. Backsplash is a zone of increased contamination. Not only water, but also the hot oil, fat gets on its surface. Certainly, in the future you will use cleaners to care for this area and it would be better your tile is ready for such action. Tiles with antibacterial effect is marked AA.


  1. When choosing tiles for cladding floors, note the properties of durability (experts recommend to buy the product of the third class on a scale of PEI). It is also important to consider the sliding characteristic of the tiles surface. The friction coefficient should be between 0.5 to 0.8. If you can purchase a tile with a coefficient of more than 0.75 – you will not regret the purchase for years to come. Make sure that the surface of the tiles is not porous – it will be very hard to clean off dirt from the pores.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Solid structured tile finishing with low friction coeffitient brings safety to the atmosphere

The color palette – the key to success in the design of the kitchen

Operational characteristics, size and even the price of the material most likely would interest us in the second place. The first thing we notice is the design of products. The choice of color for ceramic tiles, which will trim backsplash is not easy. First you need to decide what you want from your finish? Should backsplash stand out in the general aesthetics of the kitchen room or this role is assigned to a suite of furniture? Whether you choose a calm colors or you desire for bright accents, because the backsplash can be a major focal point of your kitchen.


Gentle, calm tone of ceramic tiles in harmony with the whole palette of the kitchen facilities. Glossy tiles echoing with the gloss of stainless steel appliances and almost mirror surface of peninsula countertops. The result we have a quiet image of kitchen facilities in natural colors, but not devoid of gloss of modernity and special charm.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Country house modest kitchen with light tone of trimming and good lighting

For black-and-white design kitchen units bright backsplash can become spectacular intermediary. Saturated color of tiles not only brings variety to the palette of the room but also increases the intension of the entire image, adds festive tone.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Green backsplash and floor theme contributes to the optimistic kitchen design

Bright backsplash in combination with a bright kitchen set is a win-win. This is especially true for small rooms where bright surface should be used to increase the visual space, and bright accents are responsible for a variety of palettes and bringing the positive to light colored image of the kitchen.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Blue mosaic of teh backsplash

The combination of green shades in the ceramic lining with natural bright colors of the kitchen fronts creates a good mood. It will always like spring holiday and a positive attitude is present in this kitchen.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Wooden furniture set and the rombic green tile cladding

Tiles with imitation of marble coating will give a touch of luxury and elegance to even a small kitchen. And in a spacious room with a traditional suite it will look more than organically.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. White marble chic design

Metallized coating tiles with a slight sheen and even the patina will look naturally in the modern style of kitchen design. This backsplash would blend perfectly with appliances and shine of lighting fixtures.

Choosing Best Kitchen Tile Ideas. Unusual pendant lamps and the contrasting design with marble structure of the tiles

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