Extra Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms in the apartment of the last century sometimes had an area of ​​less than 4 square meters. there are premises with a total area of less than 2.5 sq.m. Still, it was rather an exception. Currently, most of the apartments from the so-called old housing stock, can “boast” with room for a water treatment area of ​​about 4 square meters And as we all understand, we should be placed not only bath or shower in this modest room but all the attributes of bathrooms – toilet and sink. This is a pretty realistic task while the successful arrangement of plumbing. You can also achieve a free space in the bathroom. Let’s see the details of how you can position the attributes for water and hygiene, to decorate the room, and what accessories to use to achieve not only comfortable accommodation but also the expansion of visual space.


cerulean theme for extra small bath

For bathrooms of extra-small size, there are not so many rules of design that help visually expand the space:

  • Use light colors to finish;
  • the use of the lighting system at several levels (a ceiling lamp is not enough);
  • the use of a mirror;
  • If the glass is used, it is best to choose the transparent option;
  • use the least possible amount of furniture, only the necessary storage.

Attic shower design idea with dark gray and white contrast and mosaic

But there are some constructive ways to use all available space in the bathroom with upper efficiency. For example, you can set the so-called “console” toilet which tank “is recessed into the wall.” Due to such design, you save about 20-30 cm of usable space, and we understand that in an incredibly compact and functional bathroom every centimeter counts.

Glass and marble is classic material combination for any bathroom

Through proper use of niches for water systems can though small, but still the place for storing toilet paper and detergents.

Wooden material in the classic win-win design idea for the bath

Sometimes to increase the usable space of the small bathroom, you must move the doorway to release the whole wall for the installation of the bathtub.

Gray creamy color scheme for the hi-tech modern bathroom design

If you remove the bath that takes up too much space and install it in its place a shower cabin within an alcove bathtub, part of the vacant space can be used for embedded systems storage. Will it is open shelves for storing towels and bathrobes or closed cabinets for washing and cleaning agents – it`s up to your decision.

White dotted wall of the extra small bathroom

Extra Small Bathroom Finishing Ideas

In fact, the bathroom area has virtually no impact on the choice of a way of finishing. It is obvious to everyone that the surface with the highest humidity can`t have a better finish than ceramic tiles and mosaics. It is them we often see in the shower and on the splashback near a bathtub in the design projects throughout the world. The spacious bathrooms of private houses, a bath can be placed even in the middle of the room, and in this case, there are far more features for the walls, including the use of water-resistant wallpaper. In a room for water treatment with an area of ​​4 m, it is obvious that the bath is located at one of the walls and that it will be most loaded in terms of temperature differences and intense moisture.

Old decorative wooden root as in the vrown themed small bath

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the most popular tiles for bathroom surfaces exposed to constant moisture. Ceramic tile is not only high-quality moisture and temperature resistant material. It is durable, reliable, and relatively inexpensive material for finishing any surface. Among the disadvantages of ceramic tiles as bathroom surface finishing can only be admitted complexity of installation and high cost of some tile types.

Original mix of wooden material and green metro tile in the bath

Ceramic tiles “Metro” is rectangular plates, which usually construct brickwork, which is one of the most popular types of tiles for decoration bathrooms for many years. White tiles “Metro” is usually paired by a dark grout to create a contrasting appearance

Extra Small Bathroom Design Ideas with glossy surfaces mix of metal and tile

Porcelain tiles are tiles with high properties of mechanical stability and resistance to cleavage, previously used mainly for floor lining. Now you can find many design projects with walls and floors of a bathroom decorated with tiles of the same color and size. The impressive size of such tiles provide a high rate of installation, but more waste (it all depends on the shape of the room and its design features).

Dark brown design idea for small bath


Mosaic, along with ceramic tile has all the advantages for the possibility of a durable cladding of surfaces exposed to high humidity and temperature extremes. But this material has its own dignity: opportunity of facing complicated surfaces and forms (round, arched niches and ledges). Mosaic can be applied to absolutely any surface material, including tub or sink. Dark blue mosaic fits perfect to furnish this shower cabin in the snow-white bathroom – light, cool image, full of ease and tranquility is comfortable for most homeowners.

Extra Small Bathroom Design Ideas of neat blue mosaic tiles

As a rule, mosaic with small chips (elements) is available in the form of small blocks of square or rectangular shape, which accelerates the installation rate very much. Figure mosaic, called “pixel”, is very popular for the decoration of bathrooms exactly – contrasting, interesting combination of several shades of one color looks very impressive.

Extra Small Bathroom Design Ideas in pixel tile mosaic of the modern minimalistic bath

Mosaic is perfect for decorating the individual elements of the room – edging around the perimeter of the room, allotted space around the mirror or sink, zoning segments of water, and sanitation procedures.

Extra Small Bathroom Design Ideas in the modern premise with mosaic lining

Waterproof Plaster and Painting

This finishing material is most often used in areas with the lowest humidity: sector under the ceiling, space near the toilet, and on the opposite side from the bath. The rich color palette, low cost, and opportunities for self-application are pushing many homeowners to use these decorative materials. Among other advantages may be noted the simplicity of changing the image of the bathroom, which is definitely not the privilege of tiles or mosaics.

Extra Small Bathroom Design Ideas of classic interior

Obviously, in the wettest places, such as a shower and a splashback near a bathtub, the sink can not be used painting and plastering of the surfaces. Such refurbish will not stand even a year.

Extra Small Bathroom Design Ideas of unique modern room with monolithic counter

Vinyl Washable Wallpaper

Until recently, the wallpaper was a rare guest in the bathrooms for obvious reasons for rapid wetting and a very short life. Currently, vinyl washable wallpaper is able to tolerate a low level of humidity very worthy. But even under such conditions, their placing near the work areas is not desirable. And the wall near the toilet or exit is a good place. With motley patterns or bright colors, you can create accents in the interior of even an extra-small bathroom.

Washable wallpaper in the small bathroom with vivid paint

The Color Palette in a Modest-Sized Bathroom

Of course, a light and even snow-white palette is the first thing that comes to our mind when planning the color scheme of the premise with a very small area. White color not only visually expands the space, but also helps to relax, clear your mind, soothe the emotions after a hard day and get ready for bed. But absolutely white bathroom can evoke association with the sterile hospital operating room. To avoid an unfortunate comparison, it`s enough to bring a couple of accents, bright spots into the interior of the bathroom. This may act as part of the trim and also as accessories. You can simply hang bright towels and put a rug next to the sink. Combining these simple “diluents” colors (and doing it with little financial cost), you can bring changes into the image of room for water procedures.

Another built-in design of the toilet tank in the extra small but bright and active bathroom design

Bright accents in the bathroom`s snow-white finish look very impressive, charge you with vivacity in the morning while carrying out the necessary water and hygiene procedures.

Good design idea of lines painted on the wall surface in the bath

Using only the white ceiling and upper wall parts of the bathroom and colorful ceramic tiles for the rest area for decoration leading to the creation of interesting, positive, and even the elegant image of the room.

Yellow and white color combintaion in the small bath

A light beige palette for the design of bathrooms is quite a common option. This is not surprising, because the beige tone affects very beneficial our psyche, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for bathing and relaxation.

Wooden trimming in the light brown bathroom design

Create a contrasting interior bathroom with the classic combination of black and white tones is a snap. It is only important to remember that for small rooms it is better to stick to a snow-white palette and use dark tones dosed, making accents.

White and black dotted wallpaper in the modern extra small bath

Choosing a Compact, Multifunctional Furniture, and Sanitary Ware

Modern sanitary ware manufacturers offer us many interesting options that can not only save valuable space of the small bathrooms but also can perform several functions at once. While planning a compact arrangement of the bathroom, be sure to pay attention to the so-called combined sanitary engineering. For example, a bathroom combined with a shower is a successful embodiment of the at least two functions in the same area. In retail, there are small shell-lilies, which can be installed on the washing machine (if the installation itself is required in your bathroom). It is obvious that such design significantly saves space of the extra-small sized bathroom. It is only necessary to take into account that such shells are suitable for those homeowners whose washing machines are front loading. In addition, existing models of toilets combine the functions of a bidet. This plumbing can be presented in two forms – for the first you will need to install a mini-shower near the toilet, and the second appears as a water supply system built into the lid of the toilet (there are even models with the possibility of heating water). The second model is a win-win variant for small space as it does not require additional facilities and expenses, but the initial cost is quite high.

Modern low-key small bath with white colored glossy design

Shower located in the bath is the most common form of a combination of two useful functions within a small space. It is best to provide a bath with a glass partition in the area of ​​the water attributes. But some models look excellent with a waterproof curtain.

Peculiar image on the wall of the brown bath

If you have a separate room for toilet arrangement, there is no need to integrate it into the bathroom, the installation of a shower and a large tub is possible even in the room with an area of ​​less than 4 sq. meters.

Snow-white tiled bathroom with shower and tub

The only piece of furniture in small bathrooms usually is a cabinet or any other storage system located under the sink. Its main goal is not only the ability of the storage of useful items and accessories for water treatment but also to bring a variety of color and texture to the interior of the room. Not to mention the fact the space of drawers or cabinets hides plumbing.

Good color and material combination in the dark wooden design of the small bathroom

The small space of the bathrooms is pushing the owners to the interesting design techniques. For example, the arrangement of shelves for towels at the ceiling above the toilet area. They do not interfere and can serve as a fairly roomy storage system.

Wooden grate as the countertop under the ceramic sink of the bathroom

Shallow hanging lockers with mirrored doors have two functions of providing you with a mirror and storage for drugs, for example.

Small bathroom of the modern contrasting small bathroom

Unusual plumbing or how to integrate interesting patterns in a small space

An interesting form of a bath can be a highlight of the interior. For most of these models simple, neutral finishes are sufficient. They will still be the focal center of the room.

Modest design of the bright small bath

An unusual sink can decorate a room of small size and even define the way of its design, becoming a focal and coordinating center.

Classic, vintage and even rustic style notes in the modern bathroom design

Decorating a Bathroom with an Area of ​​4 sq. m

Only at first glance, it may seem that the ceiling of modest premises does not need decoration and it can only make `em heavier. If you correctly use embedding plumbing, chose a color palette that visually expands the space, so the slightest decor is always a place. For example, you will still hang a mirror over the sink, so why not use an interesting frame for it? If your tub needs a curtain, then why not make an effort to select it and not to find a non-trivial model?

Tulle Curtain and green rug for the small bath

A living plant, located in the bathroom with a contrasting interior dominated by white, will not just look spectacular and dilute colors of the room, but also will become a bright accent.

Sybarite designed aesthetic bathroom with flowers

Not every bathroom has a window and accordingly there is the need for its decoration. But for the rooms with natural light as the decor of the window opening roller or Roman shades made of waterproof material that looks very similar to conventional textiles are the best option.

Dark and white combination and marble nobility in the extra small bath

The lighting system performs two functions simultaneously: in addition to providing the required level of illumination of the room, also decorates it. Even for the extra small size of the bathroom, as a rule, bare ceiling chandeliers or lamps are not enough. It is also necessary to provide sufficient illumination of mirrors with built-lighting or wall sconces.

Classic and hi-tech mix styles in the modest sized bathroom

It is not customary to use suspended lighting fixtures – chandeliers in the bathrooms. But if the chandelier is not located in an area of ​​high humidity, ie over the bath, such an option may be provided taking into account compliance of the conducting electrical wiring rules in areas with high humidity.

Pendant chandelier in the blue marbled chic small bathroom

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