Cantilever Balcony to Enhance the House Facade Design

If you are now only at the stage of projecting and planning your future house, it is expedient to pay attention to this type of balcony. Almost no house can do without these protruding structures in the modern world. We won’t repeat once again that the balcony is a great way to enhance the house facade, complete the style, and stock up your property with additional storage places. This structure can turn the crucial element in the design approach switching your impression on the whole house design. That’s why it is quite important to define the type of balcony you want to see in the resulting project. Moreover, the cantilever balcony is not the one that you may add after the house building is completed.


Cantilever Balcony to Enhance the House Facade Design. Modern cottage with large open balcony

What is a Cantilever Balcony?

Okay, let’s make it clear with the very concept of a cantilever balcony. What we can call one? This is a very effective structure that represents the continuation of the wall itself if we put it maximally simple. In other words, it is not an additional extension or annex to the building. It is the natural prolongation of the floor level that creates the so-called wall cantilevering. Of course, as it is part of the overlapping slab, the balcony has no need for supporting elements (chains or brackets). Anyway, it can be reinforced with something but this is only the nuance of the building process.

Modern designed cottage with lattice roof and sandy colored facade

We already know about the Juliet balcony, French balcony, hung, stacked balconies, and more. Some of them we already reviewed at And don’t forget about the loggias, top platforms and decks which also able to diversify the exterior of the building. Each form and design of the balcony has its own strengths and weaknesses but let’s find out the pros and cons of the reviewed type of balcony. So, to the obvious pluses of cantilever balcony we can attribute:

  • maximally solid construction and physical reliability;
  • ability to make the large area of the balcony. You can decide on the required square meters you need without being limited to technical possibilities of bearing the carcass of the building;
  • the big number of usage scenarios;
  • great visual appeal as the cantilever balcony can do without any supportive elements;
  • modern design and relevance to the boldest top-notch house designs.

However, we should state some of the slight cons:

  • A cantilever balcony requires planning at the stage of projecting the house. You can’t “add” it to the building when it is already finished;
  • In continuation of the idea above, it would be hard to dismantle the balcony as it is an essential part of the floor structure.

Wooden sheathing of the two-storey classic house with cantilever balcony at the top

Styles of Cantilever Balconies

This paragraph would be better called “what house styles are up to cantilever balconies?” And, of course, the main style that pops up in the mind is a modern or contemporary style of the building. Streamline forms, modern combination of materials, bold decisions and modular solid look of the modern buildings find their logical continuation in such types of protrusions.

Cantilever Balcony to Enhance the House Facade Design. Ultramodern white house in boxed spectacular form

Nevertheless, we can also find cantilever balconies in classic, rather old houses and buildings. The bright example is a classic apartment house with the first-floor cantilever in the form of an elevated porch.

Classic apartment house with cantilever balcony at the first floor in addition to the main stacked balcony

Types of Cantilever Balconies

And here we will go through the main ideas of using the cantilever balcony in your house. Surprisingly, there is a lot of possible options. In addition to the traditional form, you can see the cantilever balcony appears as:

  1. Semi-open loggia;Modular designed house with the pool and cantilever loggia at the top floor
  2. Terrace or deck that girdles the house by perimeter;Slope ceiling for the monolithic frame and wooden sheathed private house in modern style with cantilever platforms
  3. Inner balcony to organize library or creative home office;Cantilever Balcony to Enhance the House Facade Design. Inner protrusion space for library Successful design idea of open top level with cantilever balcony over the first floor Home office in the form of cantilever balcony with black handrails

Cantilever Platform

This is a great idea to adorn your backyard and generally make the logical continuation of the building to your land plot. As it is really great to come out to the balcony in the morning and feast your eye with the outside nature and/or landscape design of your site. In addition, it is comfortable to chat with somebody outside (near the pool or in the backyard).

Cantilever Balcony to Enhance the House Facade Design. Luxuriously designed private house with the combination of artificial stone columns and concrete white colored slabs, intertwined with glass panoramic windows

Regarding the backyard, we should note that a large cantilever balcony can turn into a great canopy for the leisure zone. It can facilitate the pastime during the light rain or wind blows.

Backyard with relaxing chatting zone designed in casual style under the cantilever platform of the second level balconycantilever balcony at the facade of modern brown colored mansion

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