French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration

Having a balcony in a house or apartment does not always mean that you can spend your free time on it. Often, especially in the balcony blocks, space is limited by the presence of windows and balustrades. These are the so-called French balconies, which are found not only in old quarters but also in modern constructions. What really attracts people to the French balcony? Why are they becoming more popular? Read more about this below. Get acquainted with the architectural details that adorn the modern facade of the house.


French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Red facade brickwork French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Semicircular Classic balcony with flowerpots

What is a French balcony? The most important distinctive feature of this architectural detail is that, unlike the traditional protruding platform on the upper floors, there is no balcony slab. The balustraded balcony window is an architectural element that fits perfectly into the modern minimalist design of the building facades.

French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Nice wrought iron fence on two French windows at once

The absence of a balcony slab makes it impossible to arrange a functional recreation area. This type of solution will work if the house has extensive intermediate zones, for example, terraces. Limited functionality can be an advantage. By choosing a French balcony, you do not incur such high costs as a turnkey ledge finish as an additional living area.

French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Futuristic forms of the glass and steel construction

French Balcony Glazing

Today it is quite fashionable to use a French glazed balcony. In this embodiment, the limitations of the traditional balcony with full glazing, that is, from floor to ceiling frame, are voided. Glasses are mounted on the lower part of the balcony should be:

  • transparent;
  • matte;
  • tinted

As well as plastic sandwich panels.

The advantage of the French balcony glazing is not only in enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the facade of the house. The role is much wider than in the case of typical balconies which open room to the environment. Its great advantage is also excellent interior lighting.

French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Internal look at the large loggia with black relaxing chair French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Neat pastel colors and classic design French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Panoramic window in white and the wrought iron fence

French Panoramic Balcony: Relevant Facades

The question of what is a French balcony is worth exploring if you decide to make a modern renovation in an apartment. This architectural detail, which fits perfectly into the minimalist forms of buildings, is very often used in modern implementations. French balconies are readily used in projects of energy-efficient homes since the lack of balcony slabs reduces the risk of thermal bridges. Because of the vertical shape of the glazing, they visually elevate the building and give it a more elegant shape.

French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Modern block of flats with french window French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Gorgeous and modern decision of making the plexiglass fence for the balcony

The French balcony belongs to rather characteristic elements of the external walls. You can get a compact architectural image of the facade if select the window profiles, the appropriate composition and fit them to the balustrade. Their colors should be in harmony with other details of the facade. The structures are often combined, for example, with the color or material from which the roofing was made or the finishing of the facade walls was carried out. Profiles made of aluminum or with metal plates, which give the windows a modern, somewhat industrial character, emphasizing the beauty of large-scale glazing are very fashionable. If the house has a more traditional shape, you can use windows with wooden or PVC profiles with a clear design.

French Balcony in the Modern Interpretation and Decoration. Modern cottage with french balconies at the guest bedrooms

French Balconies Balustrade Fencing

An important aesthetic function is also played by balustrades. They not only protect people from falling out but are also used as mini-gardens since flowerbeds can be hung on them. The balustrade of the French balcony, in contrast to the solutions typical of the classical version, is very closely connected with the window, since the proximity of the glazing in many ways makes it an integral element.

Classic exterior of the house with French balconies and plants

The modern character of the building will be emphasized by large panels of safety glass 8 mm thick or high-quality plexiglass. Glass balustrades must be made of laminated safety glass. Even after a strong blow, it remains linked and causes no injuries. Stainless steel or aluminum railings are also often used. They can be in the form of simple elements due to aluminum or complex structures in the form of wrought iron.

Simple modern decision of th eexterior with briks and massive forging Modern facade of the house with the French balcony Unusual French Balcony design with forged fence and wood imitating window frame

The Advantages of French Balconies

Not everyone can afford to have a large spacious balcony on which he puts clothes dryer, a table, chairs, or even a tanning bed. Residents of apartments have a much more limited design because the appearance of the facade of the block is designed in advance. In particular, you can meet the mentioned French balconies or loggias in old houses. However, more and more people choose this solution in single and multi-family buildings. Why is this so? Everything is simple – the main advantage of the French balconies is their price. The construction of French windows is very simple because they consist of balcony doors or high window frames attached to the facade. The next important advantage, of course, is that they provide much more light in the rooms than traditional balconies. For this reason, full glazing is perfect for narrow and large rooms. The French balcony, as well as the traditional one, if properly fixed with balustrades, will be safe for everyone, especially for children.

Sandy gray walls and wooden designed French balcony for classic exterior Nice contemporary styled facade of bricks and French balcony with flowers

As you can see, the French balcony can also be beautiful. In addition to the advantages mentioned above and the complete absence of defects, a wide range of balustrades is extremely important for balconies of this type. The choice depends only on the taste and needs of the customer.

French balconies are everywhere at the modern residential building Panoramic French windows with forging Classic designed exterior of the house with neat forged French balconies Mediterranean house facade with flowers Plastic fenced French balcony with handrail Panoramic french Balcony interior look Large loggia imitating the French balcony thanks to thу forged fence Modern hotel with sandy facade and French balconies

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