Contemporary Style Private House Design Project

Not every homeowner can imagine a comfortable life in a house decorated in a minimalist style. But at the same time the majority would like to see their homes spacious enough, not cluttered with furniture and decor, full of space and freedom of movement. But how to combine these criteria with the concept of “intimate atmosphere”? For all lovers of modern style, advocating “a comfortable minimalist”, contemporary style private house design project in two stories can be inspiring outlook for their own achievements. Interesting designs, skillful selection of the color palette and the ergonomic layout of the furniture will give the ability to look at the traditional functions of living spaces from another view.

Glass coffee table in the large living room with the bent lamp and marble wall with built-in eco fireplace

Living room

The living room shares the ground floor area with kitchen and dining room. The living, located at the panoramic windows, has a very cozy and comfortable (in terms of the layout of furniture) place. Furnishings of the seating segment is laconic, but it is comfortable and convenient for family get-togethers, both as for receiving guests. In the daytime you can sit by the window with a book. In the evening it will let you relax with your family and enjoy the fire in the fireplace.

Kitchen zone decoration and with the floor and ceiling wooden trimming

A comfortable sofa with a low back and a coffee table made up the original furnishings of the living room`s recreation area. Large floor lamp with arc tripod modification and shiny surface of the ceiling rounding out the image of the room.



Kitchen is part of one large room and is bordered on both sides with a living room and dining room. The movement between the functional segments is easy thanks to the open layout. The space of the first floor retains a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. Chatting of households that are located in different areas is also possible. For example, the hostess can take care of a child who watches television in the living room and or eats in the dining room while prepares dinner.

Nice overall perspective of the studio floor

The basis of kitchen space design became the harmony of “cool” and “heat”. The white gloss surfaces and shine of  stainless steel brings a slight chill into the kitchen environment. The natural wooden shades warms up atmosphere of the functional areas. Tabletop material with brownish veins on a white background appears as the “bridge” and the link between the two tones with different color temperatures.

Spectacular wooden design for the kitchen zone of the house

Space in the kitchen area is enough to use complex combinations and arrangements of furniture units. In addition to the kitchen, which is presented as closed cabinets and open shelves, an important place in the kitchen if we speak about setting the storage systems, household appliances and work surfaces, takes a kitchen island. But even with so many furniture units they not only managed to maintain freedom of movement, but also create a comfortable, ergonomic arrangement of functional sectors, in which the hostess (or the owner) will not be tired during the working process.

Contemporary Style Private House Design Project. Wooden ceiling in the kitchen looks amazing

Using the rich, colorful picture of natural wood for cladding the ceiling is a bold design decision which needs to be “supported” in the finishing of other surfaces or furnishings. Open shelves for storage of utensils and elements of the facades of the upper tier of kitchen cabinets made of similar material harmoniously balance the image of kitchen space.

Contemporary Style Private House Design Project. Dark wood and nobility of the white in the kitchen

Dining room

Table segment is a logical continuation of the kitchen and is zoned from it conditionally, only with the boundaries of furniture. The snow-white finish blends with dining furniture and fittings in wood tones. Dining area is separated by interior walls, which is a convenient storage system for dishes, cutlery and other accessories that may be needed to organize meals. Due to the fact that the partition is not a blank one, and the light from the dining area falls into the common space giving the ability to monitor what is happening in other segments of the first floor.

Dining group of colored furniture and racks between couple of zones

The spacious dining table with beautiful natural pattern of tabletop and original designed chairs became a focal center of the dining area. Composition of hanging lamps with clear glass cover, which not only provides the necessary light level dining room in the dark, but also brings the spirit of modernity effectively completes the image of the area for meals.

Wooden table is the central part of the dining group in the white trimmed dining room

Auxiliary facilities

In order to get into your private room, or enjoy your favorite book in the library, you need to climb to the second floor of the dwelling. All support facilities, including corridors and stairs space, are decorated in white tones. This color scheme has created an easy and relaxed atmosphere, has emphasized architectural features utilitarian spaces.

Perspective of the staircase and both floors of the contemporary styled house

The staircase is decorated in American style. On one hand it is simple and laconic, and on the other – it is a reliable and ergonomic construction with a comfortable railings and safe position and shape of the steps. The contrasting colors of the bright finish of the space near the stairs and dark pursuant to its railing allowed to bring some dynamism to the image of this segment of the private dwelling.

Blank white pictures and the spiral staircase in the spacious hallway of the private house

The wall near the stairs is a clean sheet for the creative mind. Many homeowners are trying to make maximum use of space for wall decoration. But at this point the main thing is not to overdo it. Hang off the wall with pictures or family photos is easy way, but to strike a balance between what you really want to contemplate while ascend or descend the stairs and visual appeal of this area apartments, easy.

Another look at the staircase

In the daytime space of the staircase is illuminated naturally through the window opening, located on the roof. And original chandeliers with lots of lights is equipped above the staircase for the dark period. The unusual design of hanging lamp effectively fit into the modern interior of home ownership.

Contemporary Style Private House Design Project. Tiny steel railings of the staircase Spiral staircase of the contemporary styled house


The master bedroom is decorated with home ownership inherent in modern minimalist style. A bright room with a large window is decorated in white tones to create more fresh and easy image. Brickwork has been used only to ornate a small niche. The room is not burdened with a large number of massive furniture, therefore looks roomy, despite its modest size.

Nice fresh bedroom design with the yellow coverlet on the platform bed

Kid`s room

Pleasant for eyes combination of white with yellow mustard hue was used for decoration of a child’s room. These colors were used for the execution of the textile upholstery – comfortable armchair and pouf-stand for the parents. More contrasting combinations have been chosen for the cabinet furniture – dark wood blends perfectly with white elements and the entire pieces of furniture. Bright room, without unnecessary decoration and textiles, collecting a lot of dust, is the perfect place for the little host.

Peach color for the kid`s room with the pattern decorated furniture and rug

Contrasting color combinations for furniture were repeated in the pattern of carpet, creating a harmonious image of this segment of the nursery. One of the main criteria for the selection of furniture for kid`s room is safety. It implies smooth facades with holes instead of pens, guides for drawers and swing stops for door cabinets are an excellent choice for the younger baby room.

White wall finishing is ideas as the background for the white contemporary furniture


It was used the space on the second floor for the organization of a small home library. It is the transition zone between private bathrooms. Steel interior walls with round holes of various sizes were used to zone the functional segment. The original design of the partitions brings some positive mood in the interior and at the same time in perfect harmony with the design of the railing of the stairs.

162 Contemporary Style Private House Design Project. Skylight above the stairs

The library can be surely called the brightest room of a private house. Not only the colorful color of the walls, but also the spines of books, paintings, bright posters bring a positive mood into the interior of the home library. You can comfortably sprawl in a chair or on a soft couch to read the books or magazines.

Lime wall in the library with the paintings


Bathroom, adjacent to the master bedroom, is decorated with contrasting color combinations. Bright finish of the ceiling and floor is effectively combined with dark granite wall cladding. The wooden elements are the link between the contrasts in the finish – countertop under the sink and special pad for anti-slip floor.

Spectacular design of the bedroom with eco notes

People usually give adequate number of square meters for the arrangement of bathrooms in private homes. You should not to save on the location of plumbing, storage systems and other interior items. For example, a pair of washbasins saves owners` time during the morning and evening cleansing ritual before bedtime. And such sinks with mirrors and lighting fixtures take comparatively little space.

Two sinks in the gray trimmed bathroom

Bathroom near the children’s bedroom is decorated in a more positive color palette. Bright yellow tiles for decoration accent wall in a white room was the highlight of the interior. Wall glossy ceramic tiles creates an image of a fresh and summery warm room. Lining the floor using a mosaic with colorful elements – chips brings notes of originality.

Yellow mosaic tiles in the bathroom for kids

We cannot ignore design of the bathrooms, which decoration involved unusual metallic wallpaper with golden-bronze plating. Utilitarian room looks luxurious, original and modern at the same time.

Another washbasin in the beathroom with unusual wallpaper

The unusual frame for the mirror segments has become a decoration for the water treatment zone in the bathroom. Its form perfectly matches the model of shell. And its luxurious execution is the original decoration of a small space.

Nice mirror form and unique wallpaper around

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