Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia

Window glazing of balconies always brought significant advantages to the owner. Because apart from the isolation from dust and lint in the summer, you also have excellent sound insulation and extra square meters of housing. In the winter you will not get rainfall, different cigarette butts from the neighboring balconies or loggias, and if a loggia on the ground floor, glazing prevents the penetration of robbers into the home. Besides, modern window glazing for balcony or loggia has a very aesthetically pleasing look from both outside and inside. So it will give comfortable look to the appearance of a balcony or loggia. There are two types of glazing: cold and warm.


Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Spectacular solution for rounded balcony of the modern block of flats

Modern Window Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Warm Glazing

If you want to make an extra room from the balcony, it is better to choose a warm version of the glazing and insert the double panes. You`ll get extra meters of housing almost free with such a design of the balcony or loggia. Loggia receives good insulation, additional lighting, and heat source. In addition, it is equipped with plastic or wood panels. Also, you can assemble the “warm floor” if necessary.

Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. One whole room with the balcony equipped with warm floor technology

You can combine such a loggia with a flat or make it an independent lounge, study, or even arrange a winter garden there. If you have a balcony, you can also insulate it and make take-out frames to enlarge its area. It also produces an additional strengthening of the balcony, so it becomes a cozy corner for your vacation in any season.

Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Nice place to rest

You can choose different frames for plastic glazing: folding, sliding, turning. The design of the balcony depends on your preferences. With such glazing, you`ll get protection from dust, rain, drafts, and excellent sound insulation, fire safety, and cleanliness, which is especially important in the big city. It will be much warmer in the apartment because of the quality glazing, so you can not feel the temperature changes due to frost.

Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. plastic frame for the window panes in the finished balcony

Cold Window Glazing

This method provides an installation aluminum profile, which is most often mounted with rails for sliding panes aside. This is a very convenient option, which saves space on the balcony and enables its protection from dust, rain. It also creates a harmonious appearance.

Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Cold glazing technology without frame and fence

Such cold loggia or balcony can be used as a storeroom for various pickles and comfortable rest in the summer. If there is a balcony on the top floor, you can Install a roof additionally. The aluminum profile is durable and does not require painting, so do not take the extra hassle.

Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Wall-height frame of the window panes

Methods for Glazing

Protrusion glazing. This glazing option allows a small expansion of space because in the process of the installation window profile is set a little further than the main fence.

Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Metal frame of the protrusion balcony  Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Original form of the balcony for the conveneint apartmentBalkony_s_set-off


  • increase in the area of ​​living space;
  • possible installation of a window sill, which allows place things compactly and makes the room more comfortable and functional;
  • strengthening of the parapet and the upper plate, which is important for old houses;
  • beautiful exterior loggia or balcony;

Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Cutaway view of the functional parts of the balcony

Frameless glazing is a more modern way, which allows you to get a solid glass wall without frames and vertical racks. Space visually expands thanks to it.

Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Nice form of the balcony frame Modern Glazing for Balcony or Loggia. Frameless construction for exquisite exterioe design


  • the robust modern structure, resistant to rain, wind, and other environmental influences;
  • ease of use;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • a visual extension of the space;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • more natural lighting;

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