Why Compact Toilets Are Best for Small Bathrooms

In many homes, the bathroom is perhaps the smallest. The most fascinating thing about is if you ask the owner, that is not how they wanted the room to be. In their view, they wanted a spacious room. Nonetheless, it turned out to be the smallest anyway.

Why Compact Toilets Are Best for Small Bathrooms. Simple casual design of the room with blue colored strip on the wall

While you are wondering if you can fix a toilet in the already smallest room, it is best to ask if there is any toilet that fits in such a small space. Thankfully, the world has options you can explore. One such thing you can think of is installing a small toilet from this list of compact toilets for small bathrooms. The article does not only list five compact toilets but also delves into what you can do to save space.

But, you may ask yourself, why is it important to install a compact toilet in a small space instead of demolishing the bathroom to make it bigger. Others argue that it is better to build a completely new bathroom that can accommodate a bigger toilet.

Whatever you choose to do can work for your family. However, it is imperative to turn your attention to the benefits of installing a compact toilet that can serve all members of your family without necessarily having to demolish your small bathroom.

Here are five reasons why installing a compact toilet is the best decision you can ever make:

It Is The Right Option

The first reason why installing a compact toilet in your small bathroom is, it is the right thing to do. Imagine how long it took you to build your house, leave alone your bathroom. For many people, building a home of whatever size takes time, sometimes their lifetime. They spend thousands of dollars to find a suitable piece of land to build and once they get the site, construction of the house may take longer to start.

If this is what you went through when building your house, you know how hectic the moments were. Besides, when the house was complete, it was a sigh of relief. That is the house your family has. As mentioned at the beginning, you may have wanted a spacious bathroom, but it didn’t turn out to be so.

Rather than demolishing and starting it all over again, installing a compact toilet makes the bathroom complete. Instead of digging the ground for piping and plumbing, consider the Saniflo toilet systems to make things easier. The Saniflo macerator pumps can be attached to your existing compact toilet. The macerator breaks down waste materials from your toilet, shower, or sink. It can even flush everything upward out into your current stack if you have a basement bathroom. This system is easy to install and saves you not only space but also money and energy. If you are wondering if the small room will look nice, check out these design ideas that will make your bathroom beautiful.

Saves Space

You already know your bathroom is small. Any efforts to make it more hospitable to your family members and guests to your house will be welcome. However, you will not achieve this goal if you install any toilet. A compact toilet comes in handy in saving space.

Why Compact Toilets Are Best for Small Bathrooms. Casual style for an area with bathtub shower zone and toilet

In some small bathrooms, it is even hard to pass your feet to sit. Things are different with a compact toilet. In many cases, when a compact toilet is fitted properly, you will have a lot of space left for you to do other things in the bathroom. Besides, if you incorporate a few professional interior designers into your plan, you can turn your small bathroom into a 5-star spa.

Ideal For The Elderly, Children and Those Who Use Wheelchairs

In many homes, there are small children and or elderly people. To some, there could be a person who is confined in a wheelchair or uses a walker. These people need special attention. One ingenious of showing our love for them is to install a compact toilet in our or their bathrooms. Why?

A compact toilet saves space. As such, every left but well-planned space is important to these types of people. Every space matters to such people because they either don’t want to make long moves to access the necessary amenities like a toilet or they simply cannot make much movement because of their state.

Small toilets make it possible for children to use without the help of an older person or a nanny. If this happens all the time the kid wants to use the toilet, the other person can use the time to do other things that are important to the family.

Easy To Clean

There is no doubt that cleaning and maintaining a small room is self-explanatory. When there is large and empty space, people tend to use it the way they want. Haphazard walking in the whole room is the norm. The result is the entire room will be dirt thus making cleaning a huge task.

Why Compact Toilets Are Best for Small Bathrooms. Maintenance

A compact toilet, on the other hand, installed in small bathroom limits one from making any unnecessary movements from one corner to the other. In the end, it becomes easy and quick to clean a toilet and a room that kids or any other person for that matter did not find it easy to walk as they want.

They are Economical

Large machines require a lot of electricity to run. Small machines do not consume a lot of electricity. Using the same argument, stand-size toilets require a lot of electricity to operate as opposed to compact toilets. What is more, is the amount of water these two toilets use to empty the dirty from the basin.

Why Compact Toilets Are Best for Small Bathrooms. Light modern styled room with glass zoned shower

One recent survey on water usage among residents of the United States, says, “Americans use approximately 47% of the water in their bathrooms. More than 24% of this is used to flush their toilets.” From that report alone, it is evident that toilets require a lot of water to function.

An old standard-size toilet, for instance, uses at least 7 gallons per flush. In some incidents, this water is not enough. You may need an additional 7 gallons to complete a single task. Ask yourself; if an ordinary toilet requires more than 7 gallons, will it not be fair to install a compact toilet thus use a little amount of water? It is a prudent idea to do so.


You may be feeling bad and unsatisfied that you have a small bathroom. But, do not let this thing dishearten you and limit your joy. You can do more to improve the quality of your small bathroom. As you have seen, there is no better way to do so that to install a compact toilet. But, even as you contemplate doing that, do not stop there. Continue gathering the secrets of arranging and renovating your small bathroom to make it look more beautiful and captivating.

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