The Perfect, Eco Friendly Bathroom Should Always Include A Bidet

If you’re living off grid or just looking for a way to help the environment by making an eco friendly bathroom, make a bidet your first investment. Here’s why.

The Perfect, Eco Friendly Bathroom Should Always Include A Bidet. Detergents

Did you know that up to three-quarters of the population don’t use toilet paper?

The western world has become used to toilet paper in bathrooms, but it hasn’t always been the only option. For most people, the idea of using sheet after sheet is just wasteful!

But what’s the alternative?

That’s where the bidet comes in, and it could be the first step to creating your own eco friendly bathroom.

What Is a Bidet?

If you’ve been to some places in Europe or Asia, you might have come across a bidet. You’ve probably looked at this strange, mini-toilet in confusion before shrugging your shoulders and moving on. Don’t feel bad, most people do the same!

The Perfect, Eco Friendly Bathroom Should Always Include A Bidet. Small area with LED backlight and white tiled walls

A bidet in Europe is usually a porcelain bowl, almost like a toilet, but smaller and lower down. It doesn’t have a lid, but it does have a tap. This tap gently releases water so that you can properly clean yourself after using the toilet.

In other places, particularly in Asian countries, the bidet is more of a hose-like spray, also known as a ‘bum gun’. Although it sounds scary, it really isn’t! It’s a very effective way to clean yourself that is used by virtually every native to these countries.

After cleaning yourself, it’s common to use a small towel to dry off, which you then throw into your laundry. It’s a zero-waste, eco-solution, and one of the best toilet paper alternatives out there.

The Problem With Toilet Paper

Just because a lot of people in the US use toilet paper doesn’t mean it’s the best solution. In fact, there is a whole heap of problems that come with it.

The Perfect, Eco Friendly Bathroom Should Always Include A Bidet. Simply clever designing of the toilet

As a country, we use excessive amounts of toilet paper. The average American uses around 57 sheets a day, all of which are chucked down the toilet as waste.

Sourcing toilet paper also makes up 15% of the world’s deforestation, threatening the lives of species around the world by removing their habitats. Our trees are renewable, but not at the rate that we’re cutting them down. Do you really want to be contributing to the extinction of species’ every time you go to the toilet?

With a bidet toilet, your paper savings will be huge. It’s a toilet paper alternative that will help you do your bit for the planet.

Are Bidets Hygienic?

A lot of people are worried about just how hygienic bidets are. It’s a fair question when you’ve been using toilet paper all your life! The simple answer is yes.

The Perfect, Eco Friendly Bathroom Should Always Include A Bidet. Grandeur interior with frosted glass and huge space for creativity

In fact, when you think about it, they’re more hygienic than toilet paper. If you got something nasty on your arm, you wouldn’t just use a few sheets of paper to get it off, would you? You’d rinse it to get the gunk completely off.

Of course, they’re only as sanitary as you keep them. Take a look at this article to find out more about how to clean your bidet and how hygienic they are.

Toilet paper also comes with its own hygiene issues. With toilet paper, you’re more at risk of getting rashes, urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, and other issues. Doesn’t sound so pleasant now!

How to Include a Bidet in Your Bathroom

No toilet paper? No problem. If you’re looking for an eco alternative to toilet paper, the bidet could be your answer.

But, it isn’t always easy adding one into your bathroom. If you’re looking for a separate bidet, make sure you have space available and room to add the necessary plumbing. Choose a stylish bidet that goes with the style of your room and keep a small basket next to it for used towels.

If you don’t have space, don’t panic! You can now get a bidet attachment to fit onto your existing toilet or a handheld bidet that sits beside it.

The bidet attachments usually come in the form of a toilet seat that you use to replace your current one. They have a small tap that sprays a gentle stream of water and often come with a panel of settings so you can choose how hard or soft the water comes out. They connect straight to the water supply of your tank, too, so you won’t need any extra plumbing.

You can also find clip-on nozzles so you don’t even have to replace your toilet seat. Fitting a bidet in your bathroom has never been easier!

Are There Other Alternatives?

If you’re not sold on the idea of a bidet, there are other ways you can help the toilet paper problem. One that’s been gaining more attention recently is switching to bamboo toilet roll.

Bamboo is a much better source than the trees we’re currently using. It grows back very quickly, keeping our planet healthy. The companies using it at the moment are typically using sustainable sources, too,┬ámeaning that they’re not infringing on natural habitats.

Try and find bamboo toilet paper that’s plastic-free for extra eco-friendly points! These rolls come in cute paper wrapping that looks great in the bathroom, too. Display them in a basket near to your toilet for a touch of eco-friendly style.

Build Your Eco Friendly Bathroom

We should all be doing more to make our homes eco friendly and our lives more sustainable. Switching to a bidet may seem like a small step on your journey, but it can have a huge impact on the world! Just think of all the trees that won’t be cut down because you decided to make the switch.

If you’ve enjoyed this article and would like more eco friendly bathroom and home decor tips, be sure to take a look around our website.

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