Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room

A transitional style in the interior is the optimal balance between traditional and modern design trends.

Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room. Dark wall panels to accent the mild beige wall paint in the master bedroom

We welcome everyone who is fond of changing their own or someone else’s interior! Today we will talk about the transitional style, about creating a balance between different directions in design.

Cool modernity or traditional elegance? How to combine these two styles so as not to lose the harmony of any of them? It all depends on a sense of proportion and your taste. Moreover, it is possible to combine not just two, but several directions.

The transitional style combines the warmth and comfort of a traditional school with the clean crisp lines of modern design. The result of mixing styles, with a reasonable approach, will be a room filled with light, comfort, and harmony.

An attractive feature of the transitional style is the ability to have modern comfort in an elegant and restrained frame of traditional (classic) design. There is no need to step away from the usual perception of the interior, and, at the same time, it can be updated and supplemented with new elements. Using a transitional style, you can become a creator and designer, diplomat and artist.

Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room. Gray idyll with whitewashed oak chest of drawers and sash window

Secrets of Style: the Use of Several Tones of the Same Color Scheme and Simple Silhouettes

Restrained, and, at the same time, saturated will be the use of the earth’s palette. These are khaki, light chocolate, tan, milk cream colors. Such shades soothe, give a feeling of confidence and security.

You can apply several color accents to the theme of the main palette: a bright pillow thrown on a cream sofa; transparent green vases set on a mocha table.

Thanks to several bright strokes, the interior designed in soothing colors do not seem boring and monotonous. On the contrary, the atmosphere of the room radiates warmth, tranquility, and soulfulness. The combination of trenchant straight lines of the sofa and curved, melodic silhouettes of a chair and a semicircular table creates the energy of harmony and positive.

Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room. Contrasting rug for casual living room with round ottoman

Using a Neutral Background

Light neutral tones can be used in a variety of finishing materials. It can be tile, stone, wood, carpet. The spectacular vibrancy of such a palette is relevant as long as it is within the framework of restrained subtle shades.

In the bathroom, shown in the photo below, you can see how to avoid the hospital white color and at the same time stay in an atmosphere of cleanliness and comfort. A little variegation in the patterns of wall and floor tiles of muted gray tones gives the room coziness and a share of “informality”.

Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room. White Classic designed bathroom with vanity for two and classic simple mirrors

Apply a Variety of Textures

The use of various textures in the decoration of the room helps to “play” with classic neutral colors. For example, let’s look at the design of a bedroom in this photo: a combination of a natural curtain canvas with a matte wall finish and a glossy surface of the ceiling allow neutral shades of gray and white to merge into a single harmonious picture.

The main problem of such a design solution is to maintain a balance between the gloss and other textures used in the design of the room.

Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room. Glossy ceiling planks and beige painted walls at the bedroom with king size bed

Minimize Accents

No need to use a lot of color and subject accents when designing a room in a transitional style. This can cause an imbalance and break the charm brought by the traditional design direction.

A great solution for creating a quiet but bright accent is to use black-and-white sketches in the interior in a strict framework emphasized by directional lighting. It would look strictly, gracefully and with dignity. A large chandelier with a lampshade over a classic dining table complements the space with comfort, without weighing down the overall impression.

Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room. Linear kitchen design with large hob and mosaic splashback

Strict Lines of Kitchen Space

The kitchen in the interior of the transitional style is, first of all, the cleanliness of the lines and minimalism of design. You can use various textures: stone, wood, and tile. The main thing is to prevent a roll in the direction of the rustic style: you should not use a variety of decorative carpentry, bright tiles and other elements foreign to the classical direction of the design.

The photo shows how white wood furniture, a stainless steel hood, a mosaic wall panel and a stone countertop can be combined perfectly.

Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room. Typical casual dining room with large chandelier and gray furniture group

Clear Lines of Window Openings

When applying the transitional style in the design of living spaces, you can not leave windows without a decent frame. It is only necessary to observe the balance: do not drape the window in the style of a disfigured coquette and do not leave it completely without decoration.

The ideal option for drapery is bamboo blinds, Roman curtains in neutral colors.

Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room. Bamboo blinds to bring rustic touch to the light bedroom

The Secret of Style: “Be Calm Whatever Happens”

The main advantage of using a transitional style in home design is the atmosphere of calmness and comfort. The absence of sharp corners, flashy colors is the main basis of the design of the room.

Transitional Style Interior Decoration Ideas for Different Room. White and chocolate combination in the spacious bedroom

Each design element should neatly fit into a single whole. Clear lines, restrained shades of the color scheme and simple elegant interior elements fill the atmosphere of the living space with peace, warm light, and goodness.

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