Subway Tile Bathroom Design Ideas

Subway tile is classic chic, which has long been recognized as traditional. Amazing coziness, which occurs in the premises decorated with this tile, makes it more and more often to use elongated “bricks” in the lining of premises. Our small photo collection of subway tile bathroom design ideas shows the most practical ways of using tiles in different styles and sizes of the room. It is a great idea if you can not decide the style, because the subway tile combines perfectly with a variety of styles. Here we can attribute the traditional style, Art Deco, Industrial, Scandinavian, Modern, and the middle of the century styles.


Firstly, this tile was applied for walls in the London subway (or underground), that’s why our days almost any glossy tile in the form of small bricks often call “subway”.

Absolutely white situation Elegant bathroom decoration with large vanity Classic bathroom with large vanity and black tile with light grout Light walls and dark floor for modern bathroom White tile with dark grout make amazing accent

Tiles can be cover walls in the vanity or shower area. Hence, if you have a bathtub, you can trim the wall near it. This tile looks cool with lighting in a variety of areas. Moreover, you can make the backlight where the tile is bright, and in the remaining areas use more neutral options. It is an excellent idea for accenting certain zones.

Nice classic white atmosphere in the bathroom with black metal frames Classic design in the bathroom with golden inlays of the furniture Successful decoration of white tile and wooden vanity

Subway Tile Bathroom Design Ideas. Colors

The subway tile in the bathroom can be of different colors and shades. So it’s easy enough to choose. Different colors for the design of specific zones will look cool. How about green and its shades? Or do you prefer blue, sea-blue, light blue? Create your own piece of the sea. For those who like simplicity and neutral options, there is always a classic white and gray color. Black tiles will look great in the men’s bathroom and in Art Deco or Steampunk styles. There is even a mirror tile, which not only creates an accent but also reflects light and visually increases the room. And it looks gorgeous in the style of glamor. Bright colors are suitable for placing accents, and white tints will be a nice background for them. Also, gray, marble, and neutral light colors will create a peaceful mood.

Unusual ceramic tiles in the form of bricks Glass zones shower cabin with dark tap Bluish subway tile in the frameless shower cabin black and white contrast in the shower zone Green and white subway tile sombination of different sizes Blue subway tile with white grout

Applying Technique

Tile Metro can come in various ways: traditional, diagonal, herringbone, offset, modular, and so on. The most popular for the bathroom is the herringbone of various types and vertical offset. Choose a method based on the impression you want to achieve. A contrasting grout will help to stand out even a simple tile.

Herringbone lied subway tile with golden tap in bathroom Gray tile with light grout for the glass zoned shower Classic chic in the bathroom with glass shower cabin and golden tap

In conclusion, we have to mention that subway tile doesn’t cease to be popular all around the wall and is being chosen predominantly by connoisseurs of refined taste and style for Classic spacious bathrooms. You can combine this type of tile with almost any other type. The most striking combination is mosaic and large hexagonal floor tile. We recommend you to complement subway tiles with contrasting grout in order to emphasize the structure and form of every tile. For colored tile, it is better to choose light grout.

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