Electrical Safety Tutorial for Your Summer Time Pool Side or Garden Party

Summers are much awaited time of the year when you can finally drag out all summer pool stuff, and barbeque party equipment; garden chairs, etc. and enjoy some sunlight. However, while the party outdoors is seamless fun it requires a lot of precaution as well when you are using electrical devices, appliances or connections and have pools, patio, and driveways around. Many times, planning a party in the garden area or beside the pool requires an extended electric connection, and in such cases, you need to take extra care. Primarily it is best to call for an expert electrician instead of applying the self mastered tricks and tips. Secondly, you need to keep in mind a list of precautionary moves to ensure the safety of your family and guests from any electrical hazards.

Electrical Safety Tutorial for Your Summer Time Pool Side or Garden Party. Gathering with your geusts at the open air

Garden and Backyard Electrical Safety

  • If you are using a power extension cord near the poolside or in the open air where is a risk of water coming in touch with the cord, make sure of taking enough protection.
  • For secured use, it is best to avoid short cuts like using the indoor extension in the outdoor area for a while. There are outdoor extension cords easily available in the market. These cords are weather-resistant with added coatings, thicker to withstand abrasion and wear.
  • It is best not to position your barbeque grills, or sound systems and other electrical appliances near the pool side. It is better to maintain a safe distance of at least 10 feet or more than that from the pool.
  • In order to safeguard electrical shocks and hazards while using electrical appliances outdoor, an expert electrician advice should be taken for the installation of a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
  • Even though if you have a GFCI, it is essential to make sure that all electrical appliances are well grounded.
  • Without the supervision of a professional electrician, it is not recommended to arrange electrical operations starting from lighting fixtures to sound systems, balloon inflators to grills in open outdoor.
  • Never handle an electrical appliance with wet hands.

Why You Need An Electrician

Outdoor spaces may have pools, spa, trees, bushes, etc. near the place where you need to plan an electrical circuit board to manage a party or maybe to decorate your backyard or garden with new light fixtures. Extending electrical lines from interior to outside, creating a circuit, offering adequate protection from the weather, etc. requires abundant knowledge and tools. This can only be managed by a proficient licensed electrician.

Electrical Safety Tutorial for Your Summer Time Pool Side or Garden Party. The delimiting fence

Electrical Safety Measure for Kids

  • Teach your children to read instructions like ‘high voltage’, ‘danger’, etc which indicate electrical dangers in most sites.
  • Never allow children to climb on trees or set a tent house or games corner near power cords or electrical substations.
  • Make sure you keep a safe distance of your kids from transmission boxes, extension cords, and plug points to maintain safety.
  • You must never allow kids to play in the open air when it’s thundering and raining or even the weather is stormy. Even more, it is also not safe to be near electrical poles or wires in open space when it’s raining.

In order to make sure you can avoid any electrical hazards in summertime parties, pool time fun, kid’s party, etc., you can arrange an educative tutorial for your kids, family, and friends before starting a party. It only needs to arrange for a screen where you can play any online short tutorial on safety measures to avoid electrical hazards, by an expert electrician, and then you can delve into fun. Knowledge is power and equipping everyone with the right safety knowledge can help to avoid electrical accidents and damages.

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