Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas

Laundry or utility room are becoming such essential part of the interior as a dressing room for most of people. In this article, we have mentioned that the allocation of a single nook or (if it is possible) room for the dressing room, warehouse, business needs etc. will help to restore order in the house and unload the rest of the room. Free all of your cupboards and corners of the buckets, rags, cleaning products, by locating all this stuff in the laundry room (alcove or closet). Today we are going to review some of the most worthy functional and beatiful laundry interior ideas.

Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Small space doesn't mean you need to deny the laundry corner

The main components of laundry room:

  • Washing machine and tumble dryer if you have enough space and budget. Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Small warking place at the windowlaundry_004
  • Sink: for hand washing, shoes, cloths washing, etc. Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Utilitarian space with nice pictures
  • Clothes dryer. This may be common for many apartments mobile fold-dryer, a stationary dryer fixed on the wall, the individual modules for knitwear, underwear drying, a coat hanger for drying delicate items.
  • Ironing board (mobile or built-in).
  • Baskets for linen: you should a few some that allow you instantly sort the dirty things on the colors and materials, saving time in the future.Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. White color theme for the private houseFunctional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Small utilitarian area with all necessary inclusive
  • Shelves and cabinets for cleaning products, rags, brushes.
  • Niches and cabinets for iron, vacuum cleaner, buckets, cans.
  • Drying cabinet. If space and finances allow, you can install even such miracle of technology in the laundry room. This cabinet dries the clothes and removes odors thanks to the built-in ventilation and air circulation (hot or cold).Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Drying cabinet
  • TV, radio. If laundry is equipped with and ironing board, most likely that you’ll be spending a lot of time here. Take care of your comfort and leisure by placing a small TV in the hosting room.Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Kitchen with island equipped with washing and drying machines


Layout of the laundry room has a special meaning: the functionality and ease of movement of the hostess should be in the first place. Place the laundry detergents and stain removers above the washing machine, and laundry baskets, clothes dryers – in its immediate vicinity. Buckets, rags, mops, detergents should be kept in the other corner of the laundry room, delimiting the washing and cleaning zones.

Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Orange curtains add some emotion to the monotonous space

Where should you place your Laundry room?

If you live in a private house, so heated basement, space under the staircase or attic would be an ideal location for the laundry room. Be sure to take care of good ventilation. The utility room which has a window for easy ventilation is an ideal option.Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Location under the staircase

If you are the owner of a city apartment, which does not have extra square meters, you can equip the corner for the laundry in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In this case, you can hide the washing machine baskets and detergents behind the beautiful facades as the economic unit should not stand out  on the background of the apartment interior. Niches, deep closets and a dressing room would be excellent variant for the same purpose.Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Neat snowy atmosphere in the economic room

At the same time, household accessories can be placed in the doors of the cabinet to save space.Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Nice steel surfaces of the appliances

Few of us experience a lot of pleasure by household chores. It is boring and not a pleasant pastime as a rule. Economic room should be not only convenient, but also beautiful. Consequently, home care will become much more enjoyable for you. Set colorful posters and pictures, paste bright wallpaper over the walls or paint them in your favorite color, pick up a nice laundry baskets, boxes for small items, pour cleaning agents in beautiful bottles. Create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself, and three hours of ironing will fly by =)Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Small warking place at the window

I wish you all the household chores to bring joy and satisfaction. A convenient laundry will necessarily help you with this!Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Nice dark door to hide the appliances or to zone the space Functional and Beatiful Laundry Interior Ideas. Sliding doors for your utilitarian space

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