Inventive Ways to Make a Small Space More Inviting

Would you like to make the most of every square inch in your home and use space in clever ways? Whatever size your home is, there are always going to be things you can learn about using the space efficiently. An increasing number of people are choosing small space living and if you happen to be one of them and are wondering how you can make the most of a small space keep reading. If you just want to increase the functionality of your home, this article is also for you. Getting creative with a small space can open up new possibilities.

Inventive Ways to Make a Small Space More Inviting. Vertical closet of light wood

  • Make Use of Vertical Space

Look around you, and there are bound to be high spots you can take advantage of. Space above doors wasted space in your closets, or the area above your cabinets can all be put to good use. Vertical spaces can also be used for other things, such as a loft bedroom.

  • Be Smart with Your Room Dividers

It’s possible to make a small space more livable by using a visual divider. Such additions also provide opportunities for more storage space. Rather than just using a thin divider use a bookshelf or some other storage solution.

  • Declutter

Spend enough time online, and you’ll find decluttering the solution for many things. It’s considered good for lowering stress, reducing relationship and family tension, and creating a sense of confidence. It also happens to be one of the best tips if you want more space in your home. If you can’t bear to let go of things it’s time to change your ways. Ask yourself whether you really need certain items. If the honest answer is no, then it’s time to get rid of them.

  • Double-Duty

This involves choosing furniture that has more than one use. A good example is a storage box that doubles as a coffee table. Use a bench instead and you’ve got three items of furniture rolled into one. Another good example is a sofa bed. This can be the perfect choice if you’re considering embracing tiny house living. Take some time to look at tiny homes for sale and you’ll be amazed how many of them are available.

  • Statement Art

This might seem an odd tip but it happens to be one that is popular with interior designers. Choose a large-scale piece of art and it gives a room a more spacious feel. It also acts as a focal point.


If you find yourself living in a small space, see it as an opportunity to put your DIY skills to the test. Being faced with making the most of the space you’ve got means you get to take control of everything that you put in your home. Tiny homes are perfect for customizing to your own needs, and you can let your imagination go wild. You can make use of awkward spaces, the backs of all your doors, and add hidden touches such as skirting, curtains, and other concealing tricks.

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