Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element?

The idea of ​​arranging a berth on a raised platform was born in Japan. In the distant past, the Japanese used space under the mattress for storing clothes, dishes, weapons, various valuables. Nowadays, a podium bed can also be used to equip storage systems. But this does not end its function – the sleeping place on the dais may act as a zoning element, visually change the shape and size of the room, reorganize the space and simply serve as the main element, the highlight of the interior. If you are planning to build a catwalk or purchase a ready-made solution for the arrangement of a sleeping place on a raised platform, then our large selection of catching photos can help you make a decisive choice and be inspired by design ideas. So, let’s dive into the topic and explore what is podium bed. Luxury or functional interior element?

Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? Elaborate alcove near the window for sleeping

Classification of the podium beds

The bed-podium stands alone in its segment of types of cabinet furniture. It drastically differs from typical furniture items. It is a structure created on a special frame supplemented by supporting elements. As a rule, the creation of this skeleton is carried out with the help of logs located at a certain distance from each other. The distance is completely dependent on the supposed load on the podium, because in many ways it will perform the functions of the floor. It will bear the same load. There are lot of options for the execution of the podiums, their shapes and sizes. The functional components of sleeping places created on elevation are also different. Let’s take a closer look at the main variations of the execution of the podium bed for a modern bedroom or other room interior.

Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? Sleeping place in the library Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? Sleeper with the window instead of the headboard Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? Spacious bedroom in Modern style with large platform for the king size bed

In general, all the podium beds can be divided into two large groups:

  • traditional structures in the form of a frame made of wood, trimmed with decorative material (plywood, panels, carpet and even fur), on top of this design is a mattress;
  • The second option is related to the possibility of embedding various niches into the frame, which can be used depending on the needs – storage systems, arrangement of a roll-out bed etc.

Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? Industrial and loft motiffs in the large men's cave Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? Modern constructivism with the palette platform imitation and large picture at the headboard Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? American town style with the fan at the ceiling Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? Light wooden motiffs in the large private mansion Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? Loft style in open layout bedroom with panoramic windows

Regardless of the type of construction of the sleeping place on the dais, such structures have a height of 20 to 50 cm – it all depends on the design and functional background. Such interior items as podium beds can be real complexes of different components – the sleeping place smoothly turns into a working place, combines a rest area and seating areas, the whole construction is equipped with storage systems, lighting is built in, communications inside the box are hidden.

Podium Bed. Luxury or Functional Interior Element? Mere Classics and gary tones in decoration Loft and Scandinavian styles symbiosis in light spacious interior Striking industrial motiffs for the modern studio apartment with the sleeper near window A whole library and storage system for the podium-bed Fresh Classic interior with gray tones in decoration and wooden storage podium under the bed

Also, all podiums for the organization of a sleeping place can be divided in terms of functional accessories for:

  • technical;
  • decorative;
  • combined

Grand loft interior example with white finishing and natural wooden open ceiling beams Open layout livign room with the sleeping in Casual styled condo Simple tranquility of the bedroom in gray neutral tones and the improvised library right at hand

Technical podiums help to hide various communications. They also serve as storage systems of various modifications. Decorative structures are responsible for the zoning of the room and the emphasis on the sleeping place (can distract from the unsuccessful architecture of the room, the irregular shape of the space). Combined constructions assume the connection of not only functions, but also entire segments. For example, the podium can be used as a platform for the arrangement of a workplace or a dressing room, and the bed is located in the bowels of a wooden box and pushed out if necessary. Also, the upper part can serve as a sleeping place, and at the bottom there will be a complex system of places for storage. At the moment, all the options for using a podium bed are quite popular.

Gray tones for the modern designed and decorated bedroom in the cottage Loft urban style for the modern bedroom with silver blackout curtains Real zoning platform for the bed at the window

The choice of the type of construction of the podium and its design will depend on the following criteria:

  • Dimensions, shape of the room and ceiling height;
  • the number and size of the sleeping place that needs to be equipped;
  • need for adjoining of functional zones or vice versa – delimitation of segments;
  • the need for storage systems;
  • need for the arrangement of additional places for rest and sleep, working areas;
  • style of decoration, the chosen color palette;
  • financial budget.

Loft light gray monolithic atmosphere in the studio apartment Light consoles and slabs to decorate the hi-tech styled premise and the sandwich platform bed

All the advantages and functions of sleeping places on the dais

The opinions of designers about the installation of the bed-podium are ambiguous. Half of all specialists belong to those who think that the sleeping place on the dais is suitable only for spacious rooms. After all, a considerable difference in the height of the structures substantially changes the image of the room, it is strikingly evident. Opponents of this position argue that the podium helps to save space and is great for small rooms of irregular shape, for example, for long and narrow rooms with high ceilings. But one thing is obvious – the podium bed is incredibly functional, practical and always becomes the focal point of any interior. In addition, the sleeping place on the dais will always be warmer than its traditional counterpart, located on the floor.

Unusual urban and classic mix of styles for the blue and white decorated bedroom Dark contrasting accent wall and the stairs for the podium bed at the window Podium bunk bed in dark olive color Vintage touch of industrial styled dark bedroom with folding out storage under the bed

So, the advantages of the podium beds include the following points:

  1. Visual correction of the wrong shape of the room. For this purpose, you can use the podiums of various modifications. In some cases, even the use of platforms with rounded edges or in the form of a sector is appropriate.

Salade room decoration Casual styled bedroom in light colors with bright orange armchair

  1. The bed-podium perfectly zoned space. No ambiguity. The zone for sleep and rest will be clearly expressed. With the help of this zoning, you can fix an uncomfortable layout of the room.

Blue and white wall painted kids' room with gray inlays of storage A bit loft in the small dining room with wooden natural trimming

  1. The multifunctionality of the sleeper located on the elevation is due to, first of all, the possibility of arrangement a large number of capacious storage systems. Depending on the size of the sleeping place (single or double mattress is located on the elevation), the podium space can be transformed from a roomy chest of drawers to a full dressing room. In this case, a system with a folding floor (rare) or drawers, swing doors (the most popular option) can be used.

Wooden platform of the bed and the open shelf for the books Unusual loft styled recess with open ceiling beams and wooden sheathing of the walls and podium bed Unusual design of the open layout room with the cyrtain zoned space

  1. The bed-podium helps to save space. In a small room, where there is not enough space for a bulky cabinet, and there is no possibility to arrange a separate sleeping place (bed) and resting zone (sofa), the podium construction will help to perform several functions simultaneously.

Kids' room with posium bed, storage in the staircase and the small wardrobe under the sleeper podium bed with wide steps and shelving for triffles

  1. Wide choice of variations of design execution, both the podium itself and the way to arrange a sleeping place. Podiums of different shapes and sizes (and there are ready-made variants for sale as well), with different fillings and choice of performance material, can satisfy the stylistic needs of any interior.

Gorgeous multilayer platform for light small bedroom Wooden sheathed headboard wall in the large fresh white bedroom Blue suspended ceiling with white circle in the multifunctional modern bedroom with podium

  1. Ability to decorate the platform with a bed at your own discretion. Someone decides to build in the backlight (spot or LED-tape), somebody else needs a soft podium coating (you can use carpet, artificial fur), while others appreciate unique design of the whole design.

A bit of loft and Mediterranean design styled in the suburban house's white painted bedroom with open wooden beams

DIY assembly of a bed-podium

If you have the basic skills of working with wood, free time and some tools, you can build a podium bed without referring to professionals. But only if the implied structure is not too complicated in technical equipment and design. First, you need to determine the height of the podium, based on the height of the ceiling in the room. It is also necessary to determine the location of the future structure (to avoid injuries, the podium should not be located at the entrance; in particular, this refers to the children’s rooms).

Legboard storage, cabinets and many functional space in the bedroom The podium bed with orange PVC curtain Fold out cabinets under the light wooden bed

Next, you should compose a design of the construction (in any convenient way for you – on paper or in a special program-designer). At this stage it is important to finally decide on the podium filling – whether it’s just an elevation for installing the mattress or inside there will be a large storage space or a lot of small drawers.

Original modular idea of the podium bed with storage systems under it Turnkey solution of the ready-made home office with cozy sleeper at the window near the working place

As a rule, manufacturers use sheets of particleboard, wooden beams and finished furniture boards for the construction of the podium. It is important to correctly calculate the thickness of the bar based on the height and weight of the podium. It is generally believed that the total load of the frame and platform should not exceed the value of 400-600 kg (up to 1300 lbs.) per square meter of area.

Bed zone at the catwalk area in the room High bed podium to place wardrobe under it Big podium in the bedroom in Japanese style

Here is an example of making a podium with a length of 2 m, a width of 1.5 m and a height of 0.5 m. It provides three drawers on the front side and niches for organizing storage systems with hinged lids in the area of ​​fastening to one of the walls.

The scheme of installing the podium bed

The algorithm of action will be as follows:

  1. frame, the parameters of which correspond to the dimensions of the bed, is constructed from the bars (logs) with dimensions 50×50 mm;
  2. a gap of 1-2 cm between the wall and the logs is left for the placement of high-quality soundproof material;
  3. the structure is being supplied with vertical support posts;
  4. securing the upper lags and struts;
  5. after the frame of the longitudinal and lateral fins has been finally assembled, proceed to its sheathing with the help of chipboard (or OSB); usually the thickness of the skin sheets is in the range from 15 to 18 mm;
  6. the lining is made on the front and top;
  7. in places where niches are installed, piano loops are mounted for future covers;
  8. the bottom drawers are installed with the help of ball rails (it is necessary to have an ability of full extension);
  9. final design of the podium (many people opt for a carpeting);
  10. installation of a bed.

Folding out shelf under the podium bed White Classic cabinet under the bed Modern sandwich podium bed in the light design of the bedroom Unusual variant of urban style with bricks-and-wood concept

And in conclusion

So, arranging a bed-podium in one of the rooms of your home will be justified in case;

  • you want to create a unique interior with a well-defined coordination center;
  • you need to visually change the wrong shape of the room;
  • you need to zonate the sleeping segment in a combined space;
  • your home is located on the ground floor and the floors are not equipped with a heating function;
  • you do not have the option of installing a roomy storage system in a small bedroom;
  • In the children’s room it is necessary to leave as much free space as possible for active games, but one or two berths and several storage systems must be located.

unusual bunk bed design with the storage systems under the first level Functional zone of the room with the podium bed as the central element Double podium bed Podium bed with the stairs to get to the sleeper

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