The KonMari Method for Making Your Home Clean and Tidy

When it comes to cleaning up the house, a majority of people are reluctant. This, however, could change if you take a look at the features of the KonMari Method.

The hectic nature of the modern society makes it a tough challenge to maintain the utmost neatness in homes. Indeed, several surveys have indicated that messy homes are a significant contributor to stress.

Tidiness is known to help with the alleviation of stress. Moreover, it also enhances the quality of sleep as well as eating habits. According to Marie Kondo, the brain behind the KonMari method, cleanliness can elevate your moods.

What is the KonMari Method?

The KonMari method draws its name from its founder, Marie Kondo. It is a revolutionary cleaning method that emphasizes order and tidiness. As mentioned above, Marie firmly believes that observing cleanliness can greatly improve your life.

So far, the KonMari Method has gained widespread adoption. The popularity of her invention earned Kondo a spot in the Time Magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential people in 2015.

How it Works

As a cleaning expert, Marie holds that disorganisation in the home inhibits the mental progress of the homeowner. The first step to removing this barrier is eradicating junk from the house.

Most probably, you have items in your possession that you could do without. The majority of us inexplicably hold on to things that will almost certainly never be useful for any purpose. Such things clutter up your life and Marie recommends that you should get rid.

In addition to consuming lots of space, junk creates a messy surrounding. In this regard, Marie says that people tend to be happier when surrounded by items they like. On the contrary, clutter makes you feel wretched.

The KonMari method of cleaning seeks to improve the orderliness and tidiness of your home while elevating your mood in the process. Instead of cleaning small portions of the house regularly, this technique involves tidying the entire house at one go.  Though dreadful, Marie promises that adopting the KonMari method guarantees a happier and more stress-free way of life.

The following are the steps followed in implementation of the KonMari method of cleaning.

Sort All Items according to Type

Orderliness is among the key principles of the KonMari method. Rather than focusing on space, this technique encourages you to organise your household positions in categories. Essentially, items of the same class are stored in a designated place. This ensures that orderliness is preserved throughout.

Before categorizing the items, it is imperative to clear out everything from the house.  Obviously, the frequently used items should be allocated spaces that are easily accessible whereas junk should be discarded.

Procedural Clean Up

First in line during the cleaning process should be clothes. Most people have a character of keeping clothes in different places, creating messy surrounding in the process. After outfits, you should proceed to clear out unwanted documentation. The last items are usually personal possessions such as photos, souvenirs, mementos and so forth. Due to the sentimentality attached to such items, you might find it hard to discard them.

Clearing Out

The primary objective of the KonMari method is getting rid of redundant possessions. When clearing out, you should ask yourself whether you really need a specific item, if the answer is no, Marie advises you to get rid of it. Furthermore, items that have been idle over the past six months should be automatically added to the discard list.

Organising the Useful Items

After disposing of the junk, the next task is rearranging the useful items in the house. To this end, Marie notes that all items can fit perfectly if arranged in the appropriate manner.

When packing up items, especially clothes, you should avoid stacking. This is because humans have a tendency of neglecting whatever is in the lower levels of a stack.


Having followed the steps mentioned above, you certainly don’t want to go back to a messy home. However, the benefits of the KonMari method should be enough motivation to upholding orderliness in your household.

The KonMari method assists in identifying what you really find appealing and useful. Hence, adopting this technique can improve your future shopping habits and most significantly, the orderliness in your home.

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