Top Ways to Design an Easy-Clean Home

There is sometimes an emphasis on cleaning your home. There could be an outbreak of a virus, and cleanliness will be advantageous. However, if you live in a large home, organizing your cleaning task could be quite comprehensive. If you have family members that can help, this can speed up the process, but it is still a large amount of work. Scouring every surface in your home could take hours. That’s why you need to design a proper cleaning system in order to have an easy clean home. Here are the steps that you need to take to clean your house properly, and how to design and build your easy-clean home or you can also hire the JCD Cleaners to do the work for you.

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How to Start Cleaning Your Home

The first thing that you will want to do is get your supplies ready. If you are cleaning your walls, you will need to wear gloves, preferably latex, and use a bucket with a rag. In that water will be soap, and potentially a hint of ammonia or bleach. You must always avoid mixing bleach and ammonia which could lead to toxic fumes developing. You will begin with the highest points possible because everything eventually makes it to the floor. Clean your walls, staircase railings if you have them, tables, chairs, and bookshelves. By starting in one room, and working your way down, you can complete this cleaning project rapidly.

Overview of The Process

This is a product that is simply a duster. The difference is that, instead of knocking the dust into the air, it can actually capture most of it. You will want to use this on your ceiling fans, curtain blinds, and later on your floors when you are almost done. Once that is complete, you will take your soapy rag with Clorox and begin to wipe everything down. You must wear your latex gloves, or non-latex waterproof gloves, to protect your hands at all times. Once you have wiped down your walls, you will then move to your furniture. From that point, you will then use the duster again. This will be followed up with cleansing the floor with a mop or something similar. Make sure that you are using a cleanser that will not affect your floors. Linoleum will likely not be damaged, but hardwood floors must be cleaned with a much gentler cleanser.

Why Cleaning from The Top Down Is the Best

The reason that this works in the most efficient manner is that you will always miss something. Eventually, it will make it to the floor. Once you have cleaned your hardwood floors with a mop or vacuumed your carpet, all that dusty material will be extracted. One way to augment this process, and speed up, is to only focus on your furniture. This could be your desk, tables, end tables, and then move directly to the floor. If done in this manner, it may only take a maximum of 15 minutes per room. Now that you know how to clean a home efficiently, what if you want to build one? Constructing an easy-clean home is very easy to accomplish.

What If You Are Designing Your Easy-Clean Home?

If you are designing your home, and want to create an easy-clean home, this will require some forethought. For example, the floors in your house should be made of wood or a composite material that can quickly be cleaned within minutes. Hardwood floors are perfect for hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, and even in the kitchen. By using the same material, and not using a carpet, you can expedite the cleaning process. Easy clean homes will also use materials that do not get dirty very easily. You should also paint inside your home using semi-gloss. This will make wiping the dirt off very fast. Finally, an easy clean home will have one specific closet that will have all of your cleaning supplies. By doing so, you can easily access them, use them, and complete the cleaning project.

Other Tips for Creating An Easy-Clean Home

A few final tips for producing this type of home will include planning your storage carefully. This would include the shelves for your pantry, linens, and also putting drawers under your tables. A laundry room can be exceptionally easy to clean when using linoleum and having designated areas for cleaning supplies. Vinyl wall coverings can also contribute to saving time when you are cleaning.

If you have not built your home yet, consider installing these easy-clean options. This will help you save what could be thousands of hours of cleaning time in the future. By making sure everything is easy to wipe down, and that your materials can be quickly placed on shelves, that is even more time that you will save. Best of all, since it is easier to clean, you will do so more often and potentially avoid potential illnesses from germs in your home.

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