Tree Wall Decals and Tree Murals: Some Ideas for Your Interior

Sometimes cities suffer from a lack of trees, especially large ones. Humans gradually crowd out nature, filling cities with modern buildings. Unfortunately, the high pace of life sometimes resembles running at a sprint distance. We “run” without noticing our true desires and needs. Anyway, the body reminds us of the need to rest.  It usually “tells” us to go somewhere closer to nature. However, if you don’t have such possibilities, you can create some peace of nature in your apartment. There are some ideas for your interior using tree wall decals and tree murals to bring everlasting summer to your home.

Tree wall decals and tree murals: some ideas for your interior. Beautiful home tree with a wooden swing

To have such a wonderful tree with a swing at home is not only a beauty, but it’s also entertainment for kids. Moreover, most adults love swings too. It’s great for calming down and transforming some emotions after working day. Without any doubt, people pay special attention to trees at all times. In general, it is a symbol of life strength that everyone needs. For instance, an apple tree is a symbol of fertility. Maybe, you know that green color unites the desire to assert oneself and the confidence that everything will turn out.

Wall Decals

Using decals is the easiest way to put a tree on a wall.  There are lots of different tree wall decals in shops. In particular, it can be spring or autumn trees, trees with leaves or flowers, or just some branches. Of course, you can place it by yourself. Certainly, you can add birds, butterflies, bugs or some pictures to your composition.

Colorful wall decals for your apartment

If you like the classic style, you should choose a black tree. Here you can add pictures of your adventures or photos of lovely people. Maybe, you prefer small changes in your apartment. As an option, you can put different pictures of nature in frames every season. These pictures may inspire you or calm down after a workday.

Tree wall decals to conserve sweet memories in the interior design

A focal wall might contribute to some special atmosphere. For example, you live in a country which isn’t your native. Some kinds of trees on a wall can make your home closer to your native land. Of course, you can create a family album like in the picture below. It will help you to dive into your sweet memories more often.

Tree wall decals and tree murals some beautiful ideas for your interior

If you don’t know which color to paint the kids’ room, you may choose grey. This color is perfectly combined with a white tree wall decal. In addition, you can put some bright details on it, if you have such a desire.

White tree wall decal in a baby room

Masterpiece at home: tree murals

It may happen that you won’t find a desirable tree decal. Don’t be upset! You can find a painter who realizes your dream. Perhaps, it will be a reason to start painting by yourself. A simple black mural on a nude wall looks gorgeous in a study room.

Black tree mural in a study or waiting room

There are some ideas of tree murals for your interior design. Four seasons mural evokes philosophical thoughts and a desire to read some books. At the same time, the blooming tree inspires to dance.  Without any doubt, summer green trees fill a room with calm peace energy. Anyway, a piece of nature will come to your apartment with such murals.

Beautiful pictures on a wall like inspiration

Children’s rooms can be transformed into a magic space by dint of tree murals. Moreover, it can be some story from a favorite cartoon of a kid. Probably you can decorate a tree using some fluffy toys. It will be great to make some decorations with your kid. Thereby, you will bring warm positive energy to a room.

Funny kids room decoration on a wall A sculpture painting looks wonderful, but it is quite difficult to remove it. Thus, it will either please you for a long time or vice versa. Such work of art in interior design causes a feeling of sublimity.

Tree wall sculpture painting as an element of interior design

If you decide to do a sculpture painting by yourself, you can use anything: a pastry bag, a medical syringe, etc. Your imagination is the main instrument.

Process of wall sculpture

In fact, a picture is the easiest way to decorate a plain wall. This painting will give a spark of love to your room. Amazing, it is so simple and so complex at the same time.

Some idea for your interior: a spark of love in a painting

Tree wall decals and tree murals perk your interior up with a touch of nature. Enjoy your space and be free in your desires!

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