Choosing Best Tile for Amazing Interior Design

Ceramic tile is a great invention of the mankind. It always comes to the rescue when we deal with complex interior conditions: high load, humidity, dirt etc. Moreover, this is very affordable, cute and easy option to finish your interior. But of course it should be laid by professional in order to achieve maximum aesthetic effect.  Also, it is irrelevant for some rooms being rather cold material. By far, tiling is the most common option for entrance hall, mood room, corridors, kitchen and bathroom. Besides that in the latter it is popular for all kinds of surfaces except ceiling. So, we have determined the most acceptable places for lying tile and now ready for choosing best tile for amazing interior design. And the hint is not in big price of the tile or its size and surface. The best tile for successful interior is the most suitable one for given space.

Hallway tiling. Different styles and sizes

The hallway meets anyone coming in. So, let’s start our tile finishing review with this essential space of any house or apartment. This is the space with high passability and therefore high load on the floor. In addition, entrance hall is the place which contacts with water. Especially, during fall and winter. That’s why we need to pick up universal coating for this zone.

Classic interiors are tending for painted tile with pattern. This is justified by reviving the interior atmosphere of the whole room and longer term of exploitation without visible cracks, scratches and attritions. Optical illusion allows such tile to hide possible slight color difference and traces of use.

Neat light private house's entrance with Classic pattern ceramic tile and whitewashed walls Rhomb designed classic small tile for the entrance hallNarrow hallway with classic latticed wainscoting panels

Some homeowners are lovers of more diverse options. And the sepia-effect Morroccan style tile with individual patterns is one of the bright examples how to make the simple flooring more interesting.

Light gray entrance with large cabinet and vase on it

Of course, no extended review can do without stone tile or its imitation. The noble natural material is always welcome to any apartment and any time. Its only big drawback is comparatively high price and respectively higher cost of installation. However, in big scale interiors you can use large sized tiles or opt for full-sized stone or marble slabs which always look spectacular.

Chess pattern flooring in the Classic styled hallway with matted light wallsUnusual marble imitating black and white large tilesInterior doors of huge artistic glass cases in the grandeur scale corridor

Modern hallways are quite comfortable with concrete imitating monotonic tile. Its main advantage usually its heterogeneous surface imitating the porous structure of concrete-adhesive solution.

Casual modern hallway in white with gray concrete imitating flooring    Nice white hallway ambience near the stairway  Contemporary and Scandinavian notes in the modern white paint and wood mixed corridor

Ethno motiffs are also relevant and even desirable for tile floor finishing. Especially it is true for African, Mediterranean (Greek, Italian) styles. With the help of vintage interior items, recesses and stucco along with artificially aged sand colored tile designers are potent to create mystically attractive interiors.

Beige colored hallway in the modern private house with many rooms

Choosing best tile for amazing interior design in kitchen

Kitchen tile trends are slightly similar to the mentioned above relevant for hallways. Here we have monochromatic compositions of ceramic tile for the cooking zone…

Island limited kitchen zone in minimalsitic style with black and white shallow tile

The innovation is the emergence of mosaic tile on the floor. If the entrance can’t afford mosaic due to its high load exposure, kitchen can boast with spectacular mosaic floor.

Functional galley kitchen interior with loft styled ceiling and steel appliances

Another novelty in comparison to hallway is the use of same type of tile both at the walls and floor thus creating maximally unique atmosphere. Along with mirror ceiling tile, the ambience is perceived as continuous ornamented area.

Solid tile trimming of the whole kitchen space

Moroccan tile can be colorful. Take a look to the decorated kitchen island in the modern hi-tech interior with speckles glossy plastic surfaces of the furniture. The stylistic compatibility of of design ideas is the key to successfully decorated interior.

Creative idea to decorate kitchen island stand with drawing Simple classic interior with bright Moroccan drawed tile around the hob backsplash

Monochromatic gray concrete imitating wall tile removes the need for placing a splashback. Granite countertop and light gray tile in pair can easily turn the kitchen into hi-tech minimalistic place.

Hi-tech styled kitchen with black chairs at the long island Amazing modern design of the kitchen with light floor, walls and ceiling and with dark island and furniture

Black tile is the win-win option to make an accent in light room. Designers usually choose another elements to place an accent. But still, we can see the neutrality of black floor which helps to emphasize other informative pieces of interior.

Skilfully designed wooden kitchen island with storage for useful trifles

Ethno styles are probably the most relevant for kitchens. Provence, Russian or any other style is easy-going and fast deploying scenario for any size of the kitchen. So, the tile is the essential part of overall composition.

Ethno Mediterranean style for interior decoration of kitchen with sandstone imitating floor tiles Kitchen and laundry common room with bright beige ethno figured tile

Best tile for bathroom decoration

As tile is the best friend for bathroom, we can see the biggest diversity of tile forms, colors and styles here. It’s almost impossible to do bathroom finishing without tile, therefore be ready for combination of tiles depending on specific zone.

Modern hi-tech, Scandinavian and minimalistic interiors tend to marble tile or its imitation. The nobility of natural material can be repeated in mosaic and subway tile.

Nice shower design with glass separated cabin and wooden cabinet

Granite imitation is another trend of Modern styles.

Gray tile imitating of granite in the modern styled bathroom with stone bathtub and glass shower zone

Feel free to try color combination when composing unique design of the bathroom. Modern interior can successfully bear mix of colors and combination of materials.

Modern toilet design with unusual plumbing and yellow tiles stripe between functional zones Laundry and bathroom combination with white glossy surfaces and concrete imitating floor tile

But mosaic tile is the probably the top choice for any homeowner who plan bathroom renovation. The small tiles allows making whole compositions and finish even curved and uneven walls.

Unusual decoration of the large bathroom in form of gray pattern wall tile Reviving white bathroom interior with turquoise drawed tile and mosaic of same color Semicircle wall design in the bathroom with uniform bluish tile and classic bathtub

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