10 Design Project Ideas for Students

Being a designer is interesting. Usually, designers are creative and look at the world from a different perspective. If you are the one, you should be very happy to bring brightness to this world. In most cases, designers don’t lack creativity. They are full of ideas and expressive means to make them a reality.

10 Design Project Ideas for Students. The studying process of the designer

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We understand how critical it is to find a good and brand new idea for a new design project. You want to impress the viewers and become better at your skills. But it doesn’t always happen to you. You may be tired or not ready to generate ideas for new projects when it is needed.

For this reason, we decided to create a list of great and working ideas for design projects. If you don’t burst with creative variants, this list may inspire you to make up your ideas.

Creative Ideas for Design Projects for Students

In our list, we will focus on regular but still awesome ideas for every student. This list will be helpful for you when your energy is asking for expert help.

1. Challenge Yourself

To be true, this advice isn’t an actual project idea. But we give you the hint. Have you ever wanted to challenge a complicated idea? So, this time has come. You can try yourself in a difficult and almost impossible task.

You can relate this challenge to your fears or desires. You can work on the emotions and connect them with a difficult project. The options are endless. We want to inspire you to look in the eyes of your fears and enjoy the challenging process. You must have several things you were afraid to work with. But it’s time to overcome your fears.

2. Make Posters

You can express all your creativity in posters. Make them with different materials that are new for you. Express daily issues and social concerns in the posters but make them look interesting. As a designer, you can raise important issues and give them a new vision.

3. Travel to a New Place

Another idea to get inspired and feel the freedom of thought is to travel somewhere. When you feel stuck and need some fresh air in your designer activity, you may want to change the scenery.

Being a student, you don’t have enough time and money to travel to other countries whenever you need inspiration. But you can always travel around your hometown or suburbs. There are always so many places that nature gives us.

Or you can choose a cafe or any other place where you can sit and think about something new. Changing your regular place of work can give you a huge benefit.

4. Make Your Words and Phrases Animated

Don’t you know what a funny thing to do? You can work on the phrases and words. In some cases, it is a great thing to do.

There are so many ways that you can change words and make them look anew. Try this new experience and give new life to regular words and phrases.

5.   Create Logos

It would be a great game. You will practice more and become more professional. If you want to become a more skilled design student, creating a logo a day is a good idea.

6. Do You Have a Style?

If you study design, you should have your vision and style of working with the projects. Try working on the project in your style but make it a little bit spicier. Choose a new medium for work.

If you enjoy graphic design, make the same picture with other regular materials. If you like drawing cartoons, try to create a character with a different material. It will help you think from a different perspective.

7. Introduce Time Limitations

It will help you generate ideas faster. We are usually pressed for time. And where there are limitations, we are forced to work faster.

If you have a task to work on the project, brainstorm the ideas using quite short time frames. It will give you nice results.

8. Work with Shapes

Perhaps, you don’t see new opportunities because you are working with the same shapes. But what if you change shape? If you change geometry, you will make your projects look new. Working on small details and playing with shapes can make it all a completely different style.

9. Make Photos

Don’t you like playing with pictures? It may not be your major, but you should try it. Being a designer means you have a wide imagination. And by taking photos you can reveal a whole new reality for yourself.

10. Try New Styles Regularly

You may have little imagination because you aren’t investigating other styles of design. But you should work with other styles and try new things to stay in the game.

Let’s Conclude

You can be engaged in different design projects each day being a design student. And if you lose interest or need help with projects, turn to this list of ideas, maybe print them to the paper and keep around. They will help you generate new ideas and become better at your daily classes. Good luck and enjoy the process!

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