3 Storage Tips to Keep Your Home Chic and Practical

Whether you are living with your family in a larger home or living alone in a smaller flat, storage can often be a problem. As if making sure everything stays tidy is not enough of a task, many people will then wonder how they can keep their home looking chic, too. Being able to do both these things can seem like an impossible task, but worry no more; these top three tips will help with all your storage needs:

Use Baskets and Boxes for those Smaller Items

Although many of your small items can be a great addition to the look of a shelving unit, there are just some smaller items that you don’t want on display. Whatever it might be, from children’s toys to make up accessories, a great way of storing your smaller items is by keeping them in an attractive box or basket.

3 Storage Tips to Keep Your Home Chic and Practical. Walk=in closet with box storage open shelves

Whatever your personal interior style, it won’t be hard to find a basket that compliments your taste. Whether you are more for the Bohemian farmhouse style and looking for that perfect wicker basket or on the more industrial end of the spectrum, you won’t have to look far to find a small storage box to work for your home.

Other than their superior style advantages, small storage boxes and baskets have another advantage: their portability. Most boxes on the market are light and flexible, meaning that you can easily move them to wherever is convenient.

Using Garage Shelving in the Home

For many people, finding shelving for the home can be rather tricky. Everything from the price of a prebuild wardrobe to its installation (or even building it yourself) can be a real hassle. An original way of storing those larger items is by using garage shelving in the home.

Garage shelving is a really chic alternative to the more traditional cupboard. With the industrial look so in vogue, they offer enough space to display books, objects and anything else you might have without looking cluttered or overfilled.

Declutter Your Floor

For this storage idea, you are going to want to focus on some more unexpected storage ideas, such as ceilings and doors. Whether you are low on space, or simply looking for some unconventional storage techniques, it is time to rethink your ceilings. Hang two hooks up in the ceiling, then you will need to attach a strap or cord, which can hold a curtain rod. Once secured, you can then hang towels, clothes or S-hooks which could securely hold anything from kitchen utensils to keys.

For a slightly more common storage technique, it’s time to think about the backs of your doors. A great way of saving some much-needed wardrobe space is to attach a coat rack or hooks to the back of a door. This will enable you not only to save on storage space but have those go-to items such as coats and towels close at hand.

There are many more ways to store your belongings. Just make sure that whatever you do will work best for your lifestyle, as no matter how beautiful it looks, it won’t be used if it isn’t practical.

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