5 Problems That Can Cause Lasting Damage To Your Home

There are many issues that may not initially look significant but can cause damage to your home and leave you with a large bill for costly renovations later on. Find out more about the problems your home could have and how to overcome them before they become a major issue.

Home is where the heart is, but many homeowners don’t keep on top of renovations leading to issues that can cause larger problems later on. Small damage that may not look significant now can lead to serious issues if left untreated for long periods of time. Before you panic, check out the top issues that can cause problems at your home and find out how you can curb any issues before they cause a catastrophe.

  1. Small Cracks Can Lead To Big Cavities

It can be easy to ignore small cracks in your walls, but these can cause larger issues later, and they could also be a sign of greater damage to your home’s foundations. Depending on where on your property they are located, cracks could cause undue to be a symptom of excess pressure on load-bearing structures. They could also be a sign of less dangerous issues such as shrinkage and shifting, which are both common after construction and are generally completely harmless. Make sure you have a professional investigate any cracks and tell you which can be plastered over easily and which are a real problem so that your home will be safe and look tidy.

5 Problems That Can Cause Lasting Damage To Your Home. Foundation cracks

  1. Mold Is A Danger To You And Your Property

Mold spores can cause lasting health problems, as well as damage to your home. There are many different types of mold, and each needs to be treated quickly to reduce spread. Often a sign of water damage or damp, mold cannot simply be covered up; it needs to be properly treated to ensure that it does not return. Select a certified professional who can work with you to remove your mold and ensure that it doesn’t come back so you and your family are breathing fresh, clean air. If you’re looking for someone to help, there’s this mold remediation service who can evaluate and address the issue for you – they’re certified by the IICRC which is something you should check when selecting a company.

5 Problems That Can Cause Lasting Damage To Your Home. Mold and fungi at the exterior wall

  1. Bubbles In Paint and Wallpaper Are Easily Fixed

Small issues such as bubbles in interior walls can be easily fixed by repainting and properly preparing your walls. These bubbles are often the result of paint or wallpaper being exposed to moisture, so make sure you check that your room is not damp or poorly heated so that you can reduce the chances of bubbles reappearing. Look into the type of paint and coatings you use on your walls also, so that you have not accidentally combined latex and oil-based products, which tend to separate and cause bubbles. Properly cleaned, prepared and painted walls should not bubble, leaving you with a neat and tidy aesthetic that you can be proud of.

  1. Blocked Drains Need To Be Fixed Quickly

Overflowing drains are a sign that there’s a blockage which needs to be treated quickly. If left for any length of time blocked drains can lead to a build-up of water, which can cause significant damage to your property. Be it an outside drain in your yard or an inside drain in your bathroom, any blockage should be investigated and treated swiftly so that it does not become a larger problem and lead to water damage. Stagnant water can also lead to a build-up of bacteria, leaving you and your family susceptible to illness, so making sure you quickly fix blocked drains is incredibly important. Work with an experienced company to ensure that your drain is unblocked safely and that your drains and pipes are not damaged during the process.

5 Problems That Can Cause Lasting Damage To Your Home. Top drain system at the facade

  1. Dripping Faucets Are More Than Just Annoying

The sounds of water dripping from a faucet can be irritating, but it can also cause damage to your fixtures and fittings if left untreated. Often it is the sign that your faucet or sink is under stress caused by a faulty component. Many manufacturers offer support for homeowners to allow them to diagnose their own issues and overcome them without the need to call in a plumber, but if in doubt seek advice from a professional so that you can stop the drip and reduce the risk of water damage to your property. Stopping a drip quickly will leave you with quiet fixtures and safe, clean spaces that are not at risk of water damage.

All of the problems listed here can be easily overcome but proactivity is key. Make sure that you watch out for the signs of damage at your home and take action quickly to avoid lasting issues and keep your home safe and comfortable. Work with professionals where necessary so that your home is always protected and will keep you safe and comfortable for many years to come.

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