6 Signs It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Old AC Unit

With summer in full swing, that old AC unit is going to be working harder than ever. You may have noticed a decrease in the performance of the unit over the last few years and maintenance costs continue to rise.

6 Signs It's Time to Say Goodbye to Your Old AC Unit. Repairing the AC by specialist at the roof

At which point should you consider getting rid of the old one and replace it?

Here are 6 signs you need to replace your old AC unit.

  1. The Maintenance Company Is Constantly At Your House

If you’re constantly calling in a maintenance crew or technician to fix your AC, it might be time to replace it. Constantly calling them out is going to run up prices for a machine that might not even be worth fixing.

If you find your old AC unit not working at least once a month, it might be time for it to go. Don’t just continue to throw money into a burning fire.

  1. The AC Is Running, But the House Isn’t Getting Cool

One of the reasons that you’re probably calling the repair company out to the house is because the AC is running, but the house still seems to be hot. This is usually a sign that either the refrigerant in the unit has gone bad, run out, or is simply not doing its job.

If you notice you’ve been running it 24/7 and not getting the desired results, it is time to recycle that old AC unit.

  1. The Electric Bill Is Through the Roof

Now that you’re constantly paying for repairs and running the unit all the time, you might notice another hit to your pocket, the electric bill. AC is one of the most consuming pieces of electricity in the entire home. Its why the bill can nearly double in the summer months.

Imagine having to pay even more past that. If you’re living in a big house, this is only going to get worse.

To learn more about a high electric bill, be sure to check out the link.

  1. It Sounds Like a Chainsaw Is Coming From Your Unit

Your AC unit should not sound like a horror movie outside. It should have that normal buzzing and sound of air flowing, but nothing more.

If for whatever reason your AC unit sounds like it’s about to fly away, cut it off immediately and call someone. This could lead to fires if not careful.

  1. Dust Seems to Be Everywhere

Your AC unit also provides the ability to filter the air. If you notice dust collecting more on your furniture, it might be a sign that it is not circulating right.

Try replacing the air filter, and if that doesn’t work this is another sign it is time for your unit to go.

  1. Something Doesn’t Smell Right When You Run the Unit

While an AC unit is meant to filter air, it is not supposed to give you a new smell in the house. This could be happening for a multitude of different reasons.

The first is a burning smell, which can be caused by a piece of wiring or tubing hitting the moving parts of the machine.

The next is a moldy and almost chemical smell. This could mean a leak in the refrigerant and is not supposed to be inhaled.

Don’t Waste Time, Replace Your Old AC Unit Now

Regardless of what may be the problem, an old AC unit can be a money pit faster than you realize. If the problem is not fixed fast after a visit or two, it might be time to realize that it needs to go.

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