Bed with Drawers. Modern Design

The rational allocation of premises` space is one of the main tasks to be solved in order to finally get the convenient, comfortable, functional and, at the same time, cozy room. Particular competent decision is needed for compact city apartments, which are problematic not only with placement of favorite furniture set itself, but also to accommodate at least its bigger part. Particularly acute issue concerns the bedroom, because in this room should be set bulky bed with bedside tables, a huge closet and a dresser in the end. Not to mention the fact many people dream of a comfortable chair with a floor lamp, where they could spend some time with favorite book before the bedtime.

Modern design of beds with built-in drawers

Benefits of the bed with drawers

Many would agree with me that even a large chest of drawers is often not enough to accommodate all clothing, bedding, blankets, pillows and other accessories. And this problem is faced almost every woman, even if the family consists of 2-3 people. And to every inch of the room can be used usefully instead of the usual bed on legs choose a model with built-in drawers.

Attic room with with bed with drawers

This solution will provide extra storage space. In these boxes you can easily accommodate extra bedding or store winter clothes in them in the summer, or vice versa. And if you place a bed in the children’s room, you can forget about the problem of toys storage, as niches of these built-in boxes are quite roomy and open so easily that the child will be able to open and close the drawer himself. At the same time placing toys on the shelves of high rack can be a pretty difficult task for the kid.

Space utilizing bed with drawers for kids Pink bed for girl`s teenager room

Bed with drawers for children’s room

Quality sleep on a comfortable bed is the guarantee of health and harmonious development of the child, and therefore is primarily a toddler bed should be the most convenient, eco friendly and safe. However, functionality of this piece of furniture is very important, as kid`s bed could combine several functions, namely to be a comfortable place to sleep and a real cupboard for baby supplies storing. And such a distinct advantage of the bed with built-in drawers will save space small children’s room and it does not limit the room for personal belongings.

Example of the red design of the children room with bunk bed and storage drawers

Most often such drawers of multifunctional bed are arranged at side or end. Of course, such models makes room space heavier a little bit unlike to a regular bed, but this dubious lack is fully compensated with functionality.

Beds with drawers. Modern design in the children room Blue theme for coy`s children room with bed as the main element

Drawers in the bed may be in one or two rows. On some models, you can find even a retractable worktop. It is clear that the more floor boxes under the bed, the higher it becomes itself. That`s why model should be chosen with taking into account the child’s age. For tots is best to give preference to bed with small one-story height drawers to make it less likely to fall from a height and scared. But older kids have to evaluate the so-called loft bed model, which can`t be climbed with no special stairs or stand. Due to the fact that most beds have quite significant height, they equipped with special removable bumpers that will ensure the safety of the kids and which can be removed when the child grows up.

Choosing a bed model with drawers for a child’s room you should define what will be stored in a niche under the bed. After all, even the bed with one tier of boxes divided into sections will be more convenient to store toys, and the model with one large drawer is best used for bedding storing.
Modern children rooms design with bed with drawers

Storage drawers in an unversal bed playground for a child

Multifunctional children room with bed with built-in drawers

The basic rule of choosing the cot should be ease of use, because you should agree the bed was a truly functional and comfortable the child could be able to raise and close the drawers without adult assistance.

Tide and clean lined children bed with easy-to-pull drawers

Features of arrangement of furniture in the nursery

It is also very important to put the bed in relation to other pieces of furniture that nothing prevented access to contents of boxes. And if the layout does not allow to establish a bed model with side drawers, it is better to give preference to opening a niche from the end, in order not to encumber boxes with, for example, a table or cabinet, because it’s heavily clutter the room visually and it would seem that the furniture is simply shoved into the room to a while.

If in the nursery live two children, the arrangement of beds should be given special attention. Boxes of the same bed should not interfere to open another niche. The optimum variant is to put both beds to one wall, but if the room yardage does not allow, they could be arranged opposite to each other, or in the shape of letter “L”.

Another blue themed children room with transforming bed with drawers

Another blue themed children room with transforming bed with drawers

Children room universal beds for two kids

Children room universal beds for two kids

Transforming children beds with built-in drawers

Transforming children beds with built-in drawers



Bed with drawers for the bedroom

Unlike the case of the bed for a child’s room a model for the your bedroom can have a mechanism for the upper opening. It is very convenient if the room is very small and it you can`t open the drawer in it. However, in such a niche will be comfortable to put things, which are not very often in use, because continually raise the mattress is not quite uncomfortable, you see. At the same time the drawers should be permanent access, not cluttered by other elements of furniture. If there is side opening, you should think about how to be with bedside tables and floor lamps. The presence of the sliding side box does not mean a complete rejection of these items, as a bedside table or lamp can be attached to the wall. This decision will give the room a special charm and does not affect the functionality of the bed.

Nice convenient bed with drawers for bedroom

In the case when the area of ​​the room allows you to leave around the bed about one meter of passage, you can choose the model with drawers on three sides of the bed. The presence of several sections in the niche under the sleeper will systematize things. For example, to put pillows and blankets in one box, put warm clothes into second, and store linens in the third.

Bed with Drawers. Modern Design. Nice oriental style of decoration






Bed with Drawers. Modern Design. Bedroom looks perfect with a lot of light and functional beds

Bed with drawers. Modern design

If we talk about the style of decoration of the room which bed with drawers will look most harmoniously, it can be said that such design is pretty universal. The main thing is to choose the right design. So for the colonial style the dark wood furniture with carved panels or textured facades boxes under the weaving of bamboo will fit perfectly.

Bed with Drawers. Modern Design in a Scandinavian style Bed with Drawers. Modern Design needs fresh and bold ideas

For a minimalist style you should select the bed with clean lines and restrained colors without excessive unnecessary decorative elements.

But for the high-tech style ideal way is contrasting combination of matte and glossy surfaces with no less interesting and vivid colors.Bed with Drawers. Modern Design in wooden theme

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