Effective Ways To Maximize The Light Flow Into Your House

The importance of natural light in a home is hard to overestimate. It’s no secret, people depend on natural light to maintain their circadian rhythm, navigate the environment around us, and, what’s most important to be in a good mood and feel happy. But not all homes get an adequate amount of that precious gift of mother nature, and when that happens it can get pretty depressing, not to mention the fact, it can make your home look much less cozy and attractive. Luckily, even if you are in that uncanny situation, you do not have to say goodbye to your dream home because there are effective ways to maximize the light flow into your house.

Effective Ways To Maximize The Light Flow Into Your House. Casual with Marine style for the bedroom

Take Advantage Of A Roof Lantern

Chances are, your classy house has a roof lantern or even more of those great architectural elements, but you just do not use them properly to generate an abundance of daylight. Indeed, to serve the purpose, lanterns need a bespoke solution to open up your ceiling to the sky and at the same time, prevent heat loss. Well, innovative roof lantern blinds are real game-changers when it comes to helping to reduce glare and delivering a sleek aesthetic. The most advanced models can be remotely controlled or even fully integrated into a smart home automation system offering the ultimate in contemporary living, and, of course, plenty of light flow for a bigger and brighter room.

Opt For White Walls

Despite what you may think, white is not “ordinary” or “boring”. If your home needs more light, white is your best friend able to turn a dull place into a bright classy space, also turning your bad mood into the best possible one. There is no dilemma: white is the brightest of all the conceivable and inconceivable shades and hues you can find on the most comprehensive color wheel.

The whole thing is down to LRV, which is short for Light Reflectance Value. The latter ranges from nearly 100% for pure white to almost 0% for black, meaning that all colors in-between have greater or lesser LRV. In case, you do not want to create a kind of “hospital” atmosphere, consider adding another color to highlight some details. However, furniture and decorative elements are usually enough to disrupt the endless whiteness you strive to avoid.

White Ceilings Have no Alternative

Most ceilings are white and not because the majority of homeowners lack creativity, but because white reflects light. Do not experiment and go for a standard flat white because it is always your best bet regardless of the size of the room and the height of the ceilings. Whatever you have read or heard before, rest assured, white is the perfect color for a ceiling. It makes the space look pure and clean without any distractions. Just imagine how cool it would be to stand above an empty space and look down at the items above you, all floating on a clean white surface. Plus, a lot of light!

Play With Mirrors

It’s common knowledge, nothing reflects light better than mirrors. Well, this is not to say you have to cover every inch with a mirror but consider incorporating them into your interior, all the more so, they are a beautiful and affordable way to increase natural light throughout your home. Mirrors are perfect for smaller spaces where windows do not let much light in. By the way, reflectivity also allows light to travel where it cannot go otherwise due to the specificities of a building’s structure, for instance, across hallways and other areas without the source of natural light.

Decorate Walls With Glass Tiles

Even though tiles are reserved for kitchens and bathrooms, they can nicely complement the design of every room in your home. Glass tiles deserve your special attention due to their incredible ability to reflect light – did you know, they are second only to mirrors when it comes to reflection capacity? In addition to that, they can become that unique touch to produce a truly exclusive look of the otherwise usual interior. In certain cases and areas, high gloss ceramic tiles can also serve the purpose, just keep in mind that if you are looking for the most affordable solution, an ordinary subway tile is unrivaled in terms of light reflection.

Effective Ways To Maximize The Light Flow Into Your House. Wooden frame of the window in the totally white interior

In these days and age, everyone enjoys a well-lit home full of natural light. If your house needs more light, follow these tips to maximize the light flow into your property and brighten up not only the entire space but also your life.

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