Everything You Need to Know About Floor Coverings in Apartment

Today, the building materials market offers a wide range of products for the floor covering in the house. Each of them has its own unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. So what flooring is considered the best? It all depends on the room where the installation will take place. Let us review what are the floor coverings in more detail. We’ve tried to gather everything you need to know about floor coverings in apartment.

Any house or apartment can be divided into several zones:

  1. communicating and utilitarian;
  2. living room;
  3. lounges.

What you need to know when choosing a floor?

Based on this, we can see in the table what parameters should have the material in a particular room:






Self-leveling floor

Possible options to choose among wooden floor coverings

Parquet is considered environmentally friendly covering made of solid wood: walnut, oak, alder, red, ebony and other. The unique texture and charm of valuable wooden species highlight the status of the room. But for all its virtues, this type of finish is not quite appropriate in the bathroom, hallway and kitchen. Continuous chemical and mechanical impact, moisture and possible drop of heavy objects make the material unacceptable for such premises.

Laminate has gained wide popularity these days. Durability, ease of placement, low cost and a variety of colors are the hallmark of this material. Laminate can be found both in the bedroom and in the kitchen, the office or even in the cinema. In choosing the material, you should take into account the load on the floor and passability of the room. In terms of resistance to loads laminate is divided into several classes.

What else can we opt?

Linoleum, despite the influx of new floor coverings, is still very popular material. It has a fairly wide variety of types, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, there are several ways of laying the material.

Tile is highly resistant to moisture, temperature extremes and resistant to aggressive media. It can often be found in the kitchen or in the bathroom, but it is a rarity in the living room. Why is that? It’s simple – the material has a low emissivity. The problem can be solved by installing the “warm floor” system. Even so, it is necessary to take into account certain factors.

Self-leveling floor is a new and rather unusual way to finish the floor in the house. Unique feature is the possibility of a 3D image. Material is used as for alignment so and for finishing. It is sold as a powder. Before buying you need to calculate the floor area and do a few simple calculations. For a reasonable expenditures, you should measure all the irregularities and clearances. Also, there are some tricks to save material during installation.

Carpets we can hardly call a floor covering in the full sense of this word, but it can significantly contribute to comfort and visual appearance of your home. That’s why many owners still choose this material despite of its short operational term, dustiness (which can promote allergic reactions of the household), high contamination level etc.

Everything You Need to Know About Floor Coverings in Apartment. All pros and cons table of the main materials



Finishing the floor in a house is rather complex process that requires expertise and time. It is hard to tell you about all the nuances of each material in one article. For your convenience, we have divided the material into sub-themes and placed them at the top of the site and this article.

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