Furniture For Your Home Office

If you have decided that you need a home office, the first task is to plan precisely its interior design. Selecting a specific style, color, materials, decoration, and necessary accessories, we turn to the main question: what should be the furniture? Naturally, comfortable, practical, spacious, harmonious, and fitting well into the interior of the premises.

Home office (Cabinet) Furniture in dark tones and minimalism

Now it is important to consider a set of furniture, that is what items you want to see in your home office. In general, to each his own, but we can group all the elements in a way that everyone can choose what he needed.

What could be in Furniture Set?

Luxurious wooden table and leather classic armchairs in the home cabinet

Leather armchairs in home office

Nice open shelvings in the cabinet

Shelves and fireplace in your home cabinet

Glass table in the cabinet

Glass table for modern people

Wall cabinet-transformer in the home office

Wall cabinet-transformer with shelves and lockers















The Table is the Defining Element

This is the most important element for the office. Keep a track of where you are spending the most and what items you should cut back on. Since this room is specifically designed to work at home, then, the workplace must be comfortable and has the necessary size and height, of course. For those who are on the specifics of their work enjoys drawing board or other instruments, as well as more books, the best table size is 140×70 centimeters. Even if you do not use anything of the above, the large size of the table is advisable, – you can perfectly fit the personal computer here and still enough space will remain. In addition, it will be convenient to leaf through large folders, for example. Of course, a large table will require a lot of space, but if the area of the cabinet does not allow, there are two solutions: either to buy a smaller table or, – if you still need more workspace – to reduce the number or size of other furniture.

Solid office table and the window in front - all you need to feel comfortable in the cabinet

The most convenient option is a table with drawers for small and the upright items (folders, books, various documents). This allows you to quickly and easily find the necessary material. Choose a model of table with drawer for keyboard, special shelf under the sink for the system unit, you can even take it with monitor stand to save space. Of course, if you do not have a laptop.

What else is important in relation to the desktop is its location. Spending a lot of time at work or looking at the monitor, you need to remove the load from the eyes even with the help of natural light. That is, put a table near the window, which shall have large size if possible. The sun’s rays have a beneficial effect on vision and overall physical and emotional state. Therefore, you must select the position of the table so that the light fell through the window to the left or in front of you.

Angular table for 2-3 workers in your home office with wide window


The Armchair is Convenience for Health

This piece of furniture in the office also plays an important role, it determines how much you will or will not get tired during work. The size and shape of the chair should be chosen for yourself so that you feel comfortable in it. A soft seat and backrest are desirable, although it depends on the time spent in the chair. For example, it may not be soft or have only a cushion for sitting, design, and shape is selected according to your preferences.

Chair with pillow plaid for home office if you don`t want to buy armchair

But if you do not want to save money on your own health, yet select a soft model, this will ease the strain on your back and spine.

Mere armchair home office design

The range of chair models is wide and limitless. There are stationary, swivel, with or without armrests, wood, plastic, metal chairs and so on. The main thing that you should feel cozy and comfortable in the chair.

Black steel armchair in the home office design

White cabinet design with leather armchair

Nice home cabinet design with wooden furniture and black leather armchair

Shelves: Important, Necessary and Practical

Of course, every working office should have a place where to put documents, folders, books, files, and so on. Suitable racks along the wall are perfect for this purpose.

Shelvings or racks in the home cabinet design

Or open shelves.

Modern cabinet with open shelves and even an aquarium

Pink feminine design of the cabinet

If you do not have too many paper documents and there is no need to equip them for a special space, the shelves can be used for decoration, ie to place some figurines, beautiful things there. As an example, look at the following picture, where the modern style is predominant.

Modern style design in the home office

Here everything is picked up in the common theme, creating an aura of mystery and beauty. The working atmosphere of this room is perfect for lovers of Chinese spirit.

Closet-Wall for the Office

Not everyone likes to store their documents, folders, books, and so on in open shelves. Modular cabinets with doors and drawers are more suitable for different things. It also creates the illusion of order and minimalism in the room: everything is hidden, everything is closed from sight except only a few decorative items – elegant and sophisticated style.

Furniture For Your Home Office. Modular Closet

Everything else: sofa, TV, table lamps, drawing board, printer, furniture for guests and various decor, and accessories are supplementary. If the size of the room allows, there is a need for these things, of course, all or only some of them can supplement your home office. The most important thing is to build design so everything to be in harmony with each other.

Furniture For Your Home Office. Nice armchair, wooden table and closet

Furniture For Your Home Office. Nice armchair, wooden table glass closet

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