Guide To Buy The Best Evaporative Cooling System

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, use a chemical process that cools down the hot air surrounding you. These cooling systems are ideal for a hot summer day when the wind is pretty hot, and the humidity is low. The evaporative cooler combines the properties of the water with the breeze and reduces the temperatures indoors.

While evaporative coolers are easy to find, there are quite a lot of factors you need to consider before buying one. Some of the elements you need to consider are listed below.

The Best Evaporative Cooling System at the roof of the house

Know The Type Of Evaporative Coolers

Before you go ahead and buy an evaporative cooler, let the requirements pop up in your mind. Let us first start by understanding the types of coolers available.

  • Direct

Direct coolers are the ones that transform the hot air around you cold. Thus, it lowers to scorching temperature and increases the humidity. These coolers also help remove the stagnant air surrounding you.

  • Indirect

These coolers work differently from the earlier one. These coolers use evaporative system to chill the water to a specific temperature. All this process, in turn, helps to cool down the surrounding atmosphere.

  • Up Draft

One can install these coolers on the floor of the house. These coolers blow the air in the upward direction, cooling the surroundings in no time.

  • Down Draft

As the name suggests, these are evaporative coolers placed on the roof. The cold air takes a steep downwards. These kinds of coolers are popular with the homeowners, but they come with high price tags and maintenance.

  • Side Draft

You can guess these cooler units are installed on the side of the house, on a window. It is safe to say this cooling machine works more like a window ac.

  • Portable Units

Portable coolers are perfect for those living in small spaces. The ideal location to install them will be in bedrooms or office spaces.

All the above-mentioned evaporative coolers come with pros and cons. Even the cost of the cooler, the installation and the maintenance vary from one another. Always compare the price and the durability before you decide.

Portable and mobile blue air evaporative cooling system

The Pads Used

A potential buyer always prioritizes the quality of pads while choosing equipment for evaporative coolers. The padding improves the performance of the cooler. You can choose from the two types of pads available: one made up of fiber, and the other one consists of a rigid media pad.

Though the coolers with fiber pad are inexpensive, they demand a lot of maintenance, and the pads too have to be replaced quite often. The rigid media pads, however, are easy to maintain and last longer except the high price — the only factor you need to consider is the minimum maintenance cost.

Fiber pads used for evaporative cooling consist of synthetic material, cellulose fiber, and aspen wood shavings. Most of them include inlets on the sides. If you are going to choose the fiber pads, you can select the ones made using aspen wood as they are more durable compared to the synthetic ones.

The rigid media pads are durable due to corrugated material and equipped with single inlets. If you do not shy away from a good initial investment, you can opt for coolers that have rigid media pads.

If you feel it is challenging to find the best pad, better look up what the reputed manufacturers are offering. Though various brands offer excellent price discounts, make sure to select the one that provides you the best evaporative cooler at the best price.

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