Home Sweet Home on the Road: 5 Tips for RV Interior Design

Choosing a life on the road doesn’t have to mean compromising on an attractive interior to call home. Read on for tips on sprucing up your RV interior design.

Today, the RV industry has an economic impact of more than $50 billion. With this in mind, more and more people are choosing to make their RVs their homes.

Additionally, with them spending so much time in their RVs, they’re finding new and exciting ways to make their vehicles homely.

If you own a home on wheels, here are 5 RV interior design ideas you should consider.


  1. Add a Personal Touch to Your RV Interior

When you stay at places like the Stella Mare RV Resort in Galveston, you don’t need to bring anything with you. The resort has all the essential amenities. But, if you want to feel at home in your RV, you’re going to have to add some personal touches.

To decorate your space you could use the following items:

  • Pillows
  • Rugs
  • Pictures
  • Hanging ornaments
  • Colorful plants

You can find out more about Stella Mare RV Resort at www.galveston.com/stella-mare-rv-resort/.


  1. Use Real Glasses

Using plastic cups and crockery on a daily basis can make it feel like you’re camping. But, with real china and glass, you add a sense of home to your RV.

The main reason people tend to avoid glass and China is that they break. Luckily, there are ways you can pack your items to avoid this. Here are some tips:

  • Pack your glass in a wine box lined with padding
  • Use non-slip liners in your cupboards
  • Buy plate separators

You can get these from a variety of stores or buy a whole roll and cut individual pieces yourself.


  1. Make Your RV Smell Nice

If you want to feel at home or entertain guests in your RV you’re going to want it to smell nice. Some of the easiest ways to make your RV smell nice include:

You can also use plugins or a humidifier with essential oils. Alternatively, splash a few drops of essential oil on your pillows.


  1. Get the Lighting Right

The lighting in a room can make or break the atmosphere you want to create. For example, on a gloomy day, you’ll likely want brighter lighting. But, if you’re trying to relax in the evening, you’ll want dimmed lighting.

If you want to choose the color of your light, go for LEDs. Aside from setting the mood you want, these will save you money in the long run. You could also swap your evening lights for candles too.


  1. Add Some Color to Your Space

If you’re into DIY interior decorating, why not splash some color on your walls. Better yet, you could get creative with your wall, floor, and ceiling finishes.

Pick two or three accent colors and use them across your RV. Aside from adding some style to your home, it’ll also feel warmer and more inviting.


Get More Interior Design Tips From Small Design Ideas

With so many people investing in homes on wheels today, there are thousands of unique RV interior design ideas popping. With such a small space, the key is to keep it simple and only choose colors that you love.

If you’re looking for interior elements that will make your RV feel like home, visit Small Design Ideas. We share a wealth of interior design resources for spaces of all kinds.

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