How to Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy

You may ask what the difference between a house and a home is. I am sure there is a definition in the dictionary that can give you a proper difference as to what each word means.

How to Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy. Contemporary living room in gray and blue color theme

However, if you ask someone on the street the difference, they will tell you something like this, that a house is a building where you live, and a home is what you make it. It’s the haven that is made to be warm and cozy.

There are many ways of making your house into your warm and cozy home. There are color schemes in every room that will even take the white painted walls and make you feel all cozy inside. And rugs.

Put in Rugs

You can take some throw rugs and put them in a room and change the room’s appearance and the ambiance. Walk into any bedroom, and what is the first thing that catches your eyes?

Add some more Pillows

The colors and styles of the comforter and designer pillows. These things alone bring a warm feeling into your home. Take that to another level with throws. Yes, throw some throw blankets across the back of a couch or on the arm of a chair and you have found the cozy and warm part of your home. There is nothing better than bundling up on a couch or chair with a throw while watching a movie at night.

Let’s talk about pillows a little more. We discussed how a decorative pillow could make a bedroom feel, but what about your living room and den. Have ever walked into someone’s home and felt all warm and cozy, and they’ve not been any pillows on the couches or chairs? Exactly my point. Pillows are a must.

Definitely Add Plants

What about plants? Plants bring color, decor, and life to any house. You can tell if someone is living in a house or a home if they have plants. Plants have a sense of meaning that this is my haven; this is my home; this is where I come for peace and tranquility.

Don’t Forget the Artwork

Artwork can bring a warm feeling into your home. It gives it your unique style. There is art out there for every type of person. With the right style, color, and size of your artwork, it can bring so much appeal and warmth where nothing else can.


Books are fantastic to have in your home. They entertain and teach us, and they are beautiful to look at.  Put them on bookshelves or even on coffee tables. And while we are mentioning coffee, it is great to have a coffee section in your kitchen.

Tiny Things that Make a Difference

Just a spot, big or small, that hosts your coffee pot of choice, whether it is a traditional one or a Keurig. Depending on space, have a few coffee cups and coffee choices, especially if you have a Keurig.

Now every home should have scents. Candles are also perfect, but in those areas of the home where you can’t put candles, then plugins and spray cans that are automatic, cute cases are the next best thing. The one good thing about plugins, they stay going all the time. This leads us straight into the bathroom.

Why? Because the bathroom is one of those places where you want constant scents going all the time.

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, several things can be done. There are simple things that can change the appearance and make it look bigger or have more open space. Just moving the tub and shower location could free up more open floor space or even more room for a double sink. You can change the floor tiles, and they can even give an appearance of the room being bigger. Want to go from plan to different, change the shape of your shower from rectangle to oval.

The moral here is, you can go from a house to a home, from cold to warm, and from uncomfortable to cozy, with just some basic remodeling.

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